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Audi Q7 Premium+

The Q7 comes with 2.0L I-4 engine that puts out 252 bhp @ 5000 rpm and 273 Nm @ 1600 rpm of maximum power and maximum torque respectively.

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Introducing The

Mercedes Benz S63

A performance inspired car, engineered to provide the rider with a memorable drive. This used Mercedes S63 AMG is a dream come true for any person; featuring a 5.5- litre twin-turbo V8 engine putting out max power and max torque of 577 @ 5,500 rpm and 664 lb-ft @ 2250, respectively. This variant comes with a 7-speed sport automatic transmission system and different driving modes, so it's easy to drive. Moreover, this coupe is a four-wheel-drive car for improved traction on different terrains

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Kings Auto- A Palace Of Used Luxury Cars In India

KINGS AUTO is a pioneer in buying and selling well-crafted, contemporary styled, pre-owned premium luxury cars in India. Our layout includes providing all the relevant information on the financing policy & plans of the vehicle model along with the powertrain warranty. Each car that we take under our wings goes through 21+ rigorous quality checks for a 100% satisfaction rate.

Our collection includes the latest and the rarest plush beasts that are sure to make the eyes roll, while our dependable officials who are proficient, skilled, and empathetic enough to understand your needs, deliver you in the most effective and efficient manner. Our tailored delivery experience and aftercare services have hooked up more than 10,000 customers already who look forward to an extended relationship with the royal team of Kings Auto.

WE KNOW OUR CARS and with the latest gears & qualified technicians at hand, Kings Auto enhances the aura of your best luxury car in India through bespoke modifications, unique body kits, and extensive repairs. The joyride doesn't end here. Kings Auto also helps car owners find suitable buyers too. Just walk-in with a dream and race out with the car of your dreams hassle-free!

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Why Kings Auto is known as The Best Second hand Luxury Cars Dealer?

We believe that there are no compromises and no substitutes when it comes to finding your fantasy luxury car in India. Which is why, we tend to customize your experience at Kings Auto with all the last-minute particularizations and additions so that our patrons race out of the showroom beyond-satisfied. Our used luxury cars are maintained and looked-after by the experts who follow the world-class standards in keeping the racing beasts intact and excellent-performing to the core. Regularised machinery check with high-profile equipment and enginery keeps the turbo beasts fresh and hunky-dory. We procure only the best in condition luxury cars from PAN India. Every pre owned car comes with KINGS AUTO ASSURANCE that gives us a customer for lifetime.

The exclusive KINGS AUTO ASSURANCE includes –

  • settings Assured buy back value
  • tick Easy finance options available.
  • emi Quality Assured Vehicles. - All our cars are inspected and technically checked with 90 check points.
  • approval Hassle free procurement & sales process under one roof.
  • DELIVERY Easy and transparent paperwork & documentation.

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We offer exclusive pieces to take your favourite pick from.

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Get the best exchange value for your old luxury car today.

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3 steps to own the best second hand luxury car


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used luxury car

It all begins with a selection from our hand-picked premium lot. Take time in strolling through our fancy outlet, feasting your eyes on some of the most atypical models, feeling the lustre of the classy varnish, smelling the grandeur of plush interiors, or hearing the powerful roar of the engine. Once you are done with the pleasurable process of selecting your best second hand luxury car, take the beast out for a test drive just to be extra sure. We take pride in helping you check all the boxes on your checklist and make the best decision ever.


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for a Loan

Selection is just one part. Kings Auto professionals take you by the hand through the complete process of owning your perfect used luxury car. From auto loans to easy financing options from a myriad of banks, we give you a freehold of choices that you can’t say no to. Your dream car has never been more accessible.


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Turning dreams into reality is the foremost motive of Kings Auto which is why all our pre-approved best second hand luxury cars go through 21+ hair-splitting quality tests right in-front of your eyes. You can ask for details, check the car for yourself, or even take it out for a spin to put a ring on it. Because we believe that a little extra assurance goes a long way!

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