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Buying a used luxury cars? Overwhelmed with the variants that are available in the market? It is tedious to find a car that suits your requirements best. Moreover, it shouldn’t only suit your requirements but also your personality. Buying a car isn’t a small thing, you need it to be perfect- a car that reflects your personality as a mirror; a car that turns heads around; a car that gives you lavish feels. And to find all of that in one car is difficult, we agree. But what if we tell you we have a used variant that is just what you want right now. Something that will give you too good to be true experiences while you take it the road. Sounds great, right? Well, it should because today we are going to review the Used Mercedes Benz S63 AMG that is standing in Kings Auto’s lot for you. We bet that by the end of this article, you will be convinced that this is the car that you want to drive home as soon as possible.

So let’s not waste any more time and get into it. 

Specification of Used Mercedes Benz S63-

Mercedes has always stunned the market with its impeccable and state-of-the-art innovations. And the S63 model has done just that through its ultramodern tech. To begin with, the model has a kerb weight of 4806lbs and features a 5.5-litre AMG Biturbo V8 engine under the hood that churns out max power and max torque of 603 bhp @5500 rpm and 900 nm @2750 rpm, respectively. With an automatic multi-clutch technology transmission system, this car can go from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. This car is an absolute steal because this variant offers a fuel economy of 15mpg city estimate and 23 mpg highway estimate. 

The best thing is this variant is a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high-performance tires that ensures a balance of power delivery. Moving on to a few praiseworthy exterior elements of this car, then talking about the headlights and the taillights becomes essential. This beast features exceptional headlights made of 200 mini LED lights and rear LED taillights as well. Moreover, this variant comes with a wheelbase of 2945mm that provides improved steering control and stability on the road. 

 All in all, this car definitely features a few forward-looking and redefined features that’ll provide you with the absolute jim-dandy experience that you are looking for. This is your ideal coupe as it will without a doubt offer over-the-top luxury feels when you drive it. But don’t settle for this variant just now, we have more to bring to your notice about this performance-inspired luxury car. 

Interior features, ambience, comfort and more are offered by Used Mercedes Benz S63

While buying a car a person would have two priorities- performance and comfort. The exterior matters, but after all, which luxury car looks bad? So the question is what all does it provide inside the cabin? Because at the end of the day, you’ll be spending your entire day inside the cabin and not sitting on the hood, right? So let’s enlighten you with a few most luxurious and attractive interior features that this car has to offer to you. 

To begin with, we are blown by the two 12.8 inch huge infotainment screens. They offer a few very practical features- while one screen displays everything that’s going around the car, the other one will display the car’s speed and other essential information. Another feature that we love about this car is the electronically controllable massaging seats. You can literally choose the kind of massage you need while drivng this beast- honestly, we would love to keep our back warm and massaged. It literally takes away the stress, and the best thing is, you don’t get tired while driving. What most used luxury cars are famous for is the storage and space that they offer- because comfort is paramount and a spacious car is a comfortable car, isn’t it? 

This used variant comes with ample storage space near the seats. The rear seats folded down brings forth two storage compartments, one of which can be used to fit a small travel-friendly refrigerator as well. This variant also offers enough legroom and headroom for the passengers and comes with a boot space of 400 litres. In all, a great car with ample space to relish those long drives that you haven’t taken for so long. Moving on to the ambience, first thing first, you wouldn’t feel like you are sitting inside the cabin as this Used Mercedes Benz S63 features a wide windshield and a huge panoramic sunroof that makes it amazingly see-through. 

Moreover, it feels extremely quiet inside the cabin, it’s like sitting inside a closed room, only much more spacious, comfortable, and not away from the world. And while sitting and taking warm massages on the seats, the lighting is the only thing that can elevate your experience at the moment. This is why this used luxury cars that is standing in our lot, provides ambient mood lighting fixed with 300 LEDs that you change as per your colour and mood preferences. What can be more pleasing and calming than what this used Mercedes Benz S63 provides you? 

The overall interior of this car is done with sewed leather upholstery that reflects opulence. Another extremely deluxe feature is the in-built car diffuser, it keeps the car ambience comforting and sweet. Furthermore, with the stereo camera, this car runs smoothly on uneven terrain. We think all of this justifies the price at which we offer this used luxury cars to you, but are you convinced or do you need more insights? 

Even if you do need more insights, we have no issues with it because all that this car can’t be kept from you. We want you to know it all, so let’s go and discover what more this one has to offer to you. 

How does a Used Mercedes Benz S63 look on the outside? 

In short, it looks luxurious and classy. This used variant is available in extraordinary green colour. For starters, this coupe-styled luxury car has an extended hood that goes seamlessly well with its LED headlights. The outsides of this variant showcase true opulence in its purest form. The huge grille of this car gives this car a very lavish finish and keeps the insides including the engine cool on the road. To be honest, words can’t describe the looks of this car, in order to justify what we say and what you picture you need to have a look. So check out the image shown below, and tell us you didn’t fall in love with this beauty. 

Safety features of Mercedes Benz S63 

How can we end a luxury car review without talking about the luxury safety features that it offers? It’s like making pizza without cheese. Most of the people who prefer luxury cars at the moment, choose to do so because of the ultramodern safety features that these cars provide. No one wants to drive unsafely on the road and that is why we think it’s important to discuss a few safety features that this variant has to offer. Firstly, this car comes with 10 airbags that provide extreme safety during a collision or accident on the road- all of the passengers and the driver along with the co-driver are safe while driving in this variant. Furthermore, this variant comes with a 360-degree park assist, cruise control, parking sensors, Overspeed warning system, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring system and a seatbelt warning system too. All of these features will keep you and your family safe from those uncertain accidents that occur on the road, which is why this car is a deal worth it! 

So that’s all that we think you need to know for today about this car. We have covered almost everything that needs to be highlighted here. So have you made up your mind? Do you like what we told you about this used Mercedes Benz S63? We absolutely love this variant because of the features that it provides. Our favourite one is the massaging seats because who doesn’t like massages right? If you loved anything about this car then we think you should check this out once. We have this variant ready to be sold at Kings Auto’s showroom- a brand that merchandises quality assured pre-owned luxury cars. 

So what are you waiting for? Get to the showroom or visit the website and take the first step towards making this one yours today! 

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