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The market of used luxury cars is saturated with good quality models, and you can get them under 10 lakhs too; Yes, that’s true! Since many people today have stepped into this market either as sellers or buyers, both the demand and the supply has gone up. Interestingly, people have started relying upon used luxury cars as well. 

But one thing that does make them question the worth of the car is the price. What is too cheap for a luxury car? Are cars under 10 lakhs worth it? Or should you go for a variant priced more than that? Does the price define the car’s quality? Today if you go to the market to purchase a brand new luxury car, you would have to pay in crores. And since the used variants are available for cheaper, the consumer segment is often confused as to how much they should lower their budget to get a car that’s good quality and cheap. 

Most people perceive cheap cars as bad quality, and this might be true as well, but at what price can you get a good quality car? At 50 lakhs? Or at 20 lakhs? All of this is just too subjective to narrow down and answer in a few words. But what you can do is not judge the car by the price, but by other factors. By doing so, you know the car you take home is worth no matter whether you pay a lakh or a crore for it. 

A simple formula for this is what you get from the purchase should be equally proportionate to what you pay for it. If any of these sides weighs more than the other, chances are, either you’ve bagged a deal too good or bad enough to curse in a few days. 

So, say you got on a call with someone and enquired to buy a used variant. Would you be surprised if that person told you that they have used luxury cars under 10 lakhs in their lot? You might be if you are new to the industry. But what will be your concern? Would you be sceptical because, ohh this deal just sounds too good to be true? Obviously, you will be because a Mercedes model that’s worth at least 60 lakhs is being sold to you for under Rs.10 lakhs. In such a situation the best thing to do is not back off. Here’s why- 

This car might have been an old variant whose market value has depreciated to this price but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of the car has deteriorated too. Taking a look at it won’t harm anyone, and if you really are interested, you might as well end up with a beneficial deal. Moreover, what matters is- does this car function properly or not? And not the price. 

Here’s what you need to consider while checking out used luxury cars under 10 lakhs-

1. See if you can up your budget a little-

First thing first, see if you can up your budget a little. Let’s be practical here if you can afford to buy a used variant for 25 lakhs, why risk your 10 lakhs? If you’ve got the pocket for it, do it accordingly. Do not decide to go that cheap just to save a few extra bucks. This is because by increasing your budget a little, you can get a younger car, which will obviously be able to function for longer. But if you don’t, you can absolutely keep cars under 10 lakhs as an option. You just have to be a little more conscious. 

2. Consider the purpose- 

Buying a 7-year-old car as your first is not recommended. This is because you expect a lot from a car that you use regularly. That is your only means of commuting, and you can’t park it in your lot and use it occasionally. You will need it for at least half your day, and for that, you either should go for a used variant that is younger or a brand new model. You can definitely buy one if you’ve got a backup!

3. Ask around the car’s market value- 

Check if the car is priced as per the market standards or if the seller is just trying to get rid of it by quoting cheap. If this car is deprecated to 10 lakhs, consider it. But if you can find other similar models of this age being sold at higher prices in the market- the seller is probably trying to dump it over you!

4. Run if that car has been tampered with- 

There’s a whole junkyard of cars with accidental or modification history, and those are the ones that mostly make to the list of used luxury cars under 10 lakhs. Because what else could be the reason? There are not many things that decrease a car’s value. Modifications, depreciation, accidents are a few factors that impact the car’s price which is why a thorough knowledge of the car that you buy is necessary. 

5. Do the groundwork yourself- 

Do not rely upon the dealership to provide you with the history of the car’s inspection report. Request a thorough inspection from a credible third party. Dealerships can try to deceive you if they do not have enough foothold in the market just to get rid of the car and get the money- so ask for help. 

That’s what you can check before buying used luxury cars under 10 lakhs. But the question is, do we recommend them? 

We do, but it all depends on you. How much knowledge do you have in the area to bag a good deal? Or how much research you are willing to do for the same? Sometimes, it is not about the age or the depreciation, sometimes you just need to get a little into it. Spot the problem and get it fixed. Or just prefer a dealership!

That’s our take on this and doesn’t have to be yours. But according to us, if you are paying lakhs for a car it should at least come from a place that’s worthy of faith. It is, after all, a luxury car, and it shouldn’t come from the roadside, right? 

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