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Have you heard of a dipstick? You probably have checked your car’s oil at least once in your life. Used luxury cars require maintenance, and a big part of that is changing your car’s oil on time. Why? Because the functioning of your car depends entirely upon your car oil. If you check your car’s oil properly at regular intervals you can prevent corrosions and proper failure of your vehicle. If you ignore inspecting your car’s oil your car can cease functioning entirely, and this is because oil works like your car’s lubricant. And without good quality or enough lubricant, the friction can cause damage to the internal functioning components of your vehicle. 

If you have an overheating engine we recommend you have a look at your car’s oil. The friction between the functioning components of your car usually tends to heat the car engine which is one of the reasons you must keep a check on it. The oil inspection basically is to figure out if your car oil has burnt; so you can get it changed before any major damage occurs. 

Most people who own used luxury cars are pretty aware that their negligence can cost them big bucks. The reason is their original parts are more expensive. But we know, some people are just too stubborn to put in the work. 

That is why we are here to let you know the significance of the same and how you can do the same in minutes. 

Why is it important to change your car’s oil?

  1. Prevents excessive heating of engine- 

Your car oil is a lubricant for your car engine and other parts that are functioning. The oil reduces the heat by reducing the friction between these functioning parts. Moreover, when you keep a check on your car oil you ensure that your engine stays clean and no metal debris is collected anywhere near your engine. Changing your oil at regular intervals keeps the dirt and other particles away from it. That further increases the life of your car engine. 

  1. Better mileage- 

A good quality lubricant helps reduce stress on your car engine- further helping the engine to perform better and provide better fuel efficiency. On the other hand, if you keep driving used luxury cars with low levels of oil in them- your engine will start consuming more fuel. Another thing is, luxury cars anyways consume more oil compared to standard cars since they provide luxury facilities to the owners. This means your luxury car is already consuming more fuel, and your negligence can further increase that consumption. And you can get rid of all these just by getting your oil changed. 

  1. Better market value- 

If you change your car oil on time the life of your engine increases, and a well-maintained car is always priced better in the market. Contrary to which if you ignore this requirement, the wear and tear that occurs due to it will be a big reason for the depreciation that will be levied on it. 

  1. Prevents corrosion- 

Used luxury cars are too expensive for you to be negligent and get them rusted. It’s easier for the internal components of the car to function if they are being lubricated properly from time to time. The internal functioning components are made of iron, and without oil, moisture reacts with it to form rust. Thus, the oil helps in preventing corrosion- keeps the parts in good health due to less friction. 

  1. Saves you money-

Changing your oil on time means saving more and more money in your bank account. This is because if you change it at a time you will not face issues like rust and engine failures as we talked about previously. Hence, you will not go to a mechanic or the dealership you bought it from to get it fixed. So it is wiser that you keep a check on it instead of ignoring your car’s needs if you don’t want to put extra money into it. 

How to check your car oil? 

First thing first, not all cars today follow the traditional dipstick formula. Yours might have upgraded technology, and if so, you will have to check it from your owner’s manual. 

But if you want to know how you can do it traditionally- read on. 

It’s not maths, it is really simple to check the oil level of used luxury cars without any professional help. Just follow these steps- 

  1. Park your car on levelled ground. Try to avoid sloppy or bumpy roads. We need to do this on even terrain. 
  2. Now, let your car cool down and ensure the engine is turned off before opening the hood. 
  3. Once you open the hood of the car, take the dipstick out and wipe it with a cloth. It should be clean, and the markings should be visible to you clearly. Dipsticks have high/low marks on them, along with a mark that indicates the ideal car oil level; anything below this mark is questionable. However, it’s not a red flag unless it’s too low!
  4. Now put the clear dipstick back and take it out after two or three seconds. Note the level as shown on the dipstick, and that is it. Simple right? 

That is all about changing your car oil. Believe us, it’s extremely important that you do it from time to time. Pro tip- take your car for an oil change every 3 miles. That is what is considered ideal at the moment by professionals. 

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