ultimate guide for buying your used luxury car

Imagine that you have bought a wonderful house with a sweet parking spot and your neighbours have lined up the swankiest of luxury cars. You’ve definitely zeroed on the next purchase. And that will be your new luxury car. 

Luxury cars are awesome. They carry a unique charisma. Owning and controlling a beast is a fun process in itself. It becomes a hobby and the thrill of racing the wind on-road and off-road is unmatched. Nothing matches the unparalleled speedsters who can go from 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds. These are cars which have won traditional racing competitions. These are cars which have limited manufacturing and only a select few get a chance to own them. There is a distinct joy in owning an exclusive luxury car. 

You must have been looking through catalogues and making up a budget in your mind. After a while, certain thoughts are sure to crop up in your mind. You see, your desired car is a bit out of reach right now. Or, you are just thinking of buying multiple cars and don’t wish to invest in only one of them. If you are confused between different kinds of top brands, buying all of them sounds a wonderful idea indeed! 

The process of selection also comes with the process of rejection. You might have to let go of some models to add the others in your sweet spot. The whole crucial process can feel like a burden if you have no one to guide you through it. That is why, we are here for you!

If you’ve come here, you are definitely having these thoughts in your mind. In the back of your head, you’re also wondering if second hand luxury cars could be worth it. The dilemma can drag your car purchasing process while the purchasing intent can wane. On the other hand, you might not want to take a rash decision because as soon as you step out of the showroom with your new and fancy luxury car, the car would have depreciated by a significant margin already.

That is where the beauty of used luxury cars comes in. There are many advantages and benefits to owning your own used luxury cars in delhi. If you are looking to get more clarity, read below for the ultimate guide which will not only help you in making a quicker decision but also provide you with helpful tips from choosing your desired brand to taking care of your luxury second hand cars after you have made the purchase. 

Should you buy a brand new luxury car or a used luxury car?

Nobody can convince you to choose one over the other. Brand new luxury car or a used luxury car? It totally depends on your situation, needs and desires. Buying used luxury cars has certainly more advantages than going with the brand new luxury cars. Let’s have a look at some of these little facts:

  • As soon as the car gets out of the showroom, its value will depreciate a lot. In the first few years, the depreciation rate grows quickly as it’s an exponential curve. When you are looking for used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr, you can rest assured that the first owner would have dealt with most of the depreciation issue. So, don’t hesitate and think about driving away with your sweet ride and more financial independence. 
  • Depending on the dealership, you can avail different types of financing options. You can get an auto-loan or settle for Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs). With new luxury cars, you might get limited financing options and much less negotiation window. So, exploring options for used luxury cars might turn out to be a better call for you. 
  • Second hand luxury cars come with upgraded technology. You won’t need to run around adding more expenses to your budget. The budget is important. The cost of extra accessories and other additions will lead you to take a budget cut. In case of a brand new luxury car, it’ll mean settling on a lesser car brand than you aspired to own. 
  • If we’re talking about budget, let’s go on to talk about how much money you would be saving up while fulfilling your essential desires. Used luxury cars are more affordable, hence you can invest in multiple cars or think about upgrading your car with much more ease. 
  • Insurance of the cars are calculated on the basis of their current market value, hence it would lead to cheaper rates of insurance. This is correlated to the depreciation point we have discussed previously. Owning your used luxury cars is such an advantage. Why wouldn’t you try owning one?
  • Used luxury cars will come with more advanced safety features than the usual extra airbags, keyless entry, cruise control and more. Again, you won’t have to worry about upgrading and can go for your desired car. That is another reason why, buying second hand luxury cars is a fruitful decision. 

What type of car should you pick?

Buying used luxury cars is a long process. More than desire, it is about the needs that need to be fulfilled. Apart from them, we might need to consider the roads we are racing on. Indian roads are tough and the traffic can additionally make it hard to speed your car on. Apart from that, you might be passionate about the doors. Partaking in such adventures require you to own a different type of car. (Pssh…we’re talking about SUVs). We’re here to help you narrow down your choices. Let’s have a look at the different types of luxury cars. 


These cars might seem to be the smallest cars on the road but they sure do pack a punch and are easy to drive. Once you have a look at Audi A1 and Audi A3, you’ll know what we are talking about. Audi has been preferred to other brands for compact luxury cars. 


If you love to travel or like to keep everything near you to be used at any time then the Sedan cars would suit you best. Sedan luxury cars provide comfortable space inside so that you can stretch your legs comfortably. They have an extended boot space which makes carrying the luggage easy. 


Sport Utility Vehicle, or SUV, are amazing beasts which are able to dominate roads. They have high ground clearance. They can be used for any purpose, be it driving on the highway or going for an adventurous off-roading. The space inside is huge. In most SUVs, up to 7-8 people can sit comfortably. 


These are lighter than the SUVs but provide a similar ground clearance. The full form of MUV is multi-utility vehicles. Mercedes Benz V-Class might be a good pick if you think an MUV can suit your needs. 


These are the sports cars and they only have two doors. From styling to the performance – everything is extreme and in order. Speed enthusiasts tend to pick up these cars for their high performance and almost silent engine. We’re talking about the infamous Porsche 911 and Ferrari LaFerrari. 


It’s simple. They can be converted. These open top cars provide one enough clear sky to enjoy the wind. Convertibles are not seen much in India. The most famous and highest selling convertible in the world is Ford Mustang. 

Which luxury car brand to choose?

Be it German engineering or Italian designs, there are plenty of used luxury cars to choose from. According to your preferences, you can choose the brand that you wish to drive. Let’s have a look at the multiple super brands which have cars worth buying. 


Porsche is a leader in competitive sports competition. If you love to keep yourself in a high-paced environment and possess a competitive spirit then Porsche would be a great choice. It is known for producing speedsters. Have a look at the Porsche 911 which is a legendary speedster. 


Owners of Mercedes-Benz are known to keep good company and enjoy all things classic. Along with the high performance, the style of Mercedes Benz is known around the globe. Used luxury cars offer a great opportunity for you when you can’t wait for the right time to buy a luxury car. When the right time is now, the right place is Kings Auto. 


Owning an Audi shows to the world that you are a confident leader. Audi is known for manufacturing cars that have distinct exterior features and stellar head-turning headlights. If you walk into a room and all eyes are following you, that means that somewhere in the world, an Audi car is waiting for you to grab it by its steering wheel. It’s your time to lead the pack instead of still searching for used luxury cars in Delhi. When you have owned an Audi, you have truly arrived. 


Bentley is one of the world’s oldest cars and has a special history of innovation and purpose which has led it towards working on new sustainability models. The brand is driven by curiosity and so are its custodians. For this brand, there’s no limit to what one can achieve and endeavour to become. While you must have been looking hard for used luxury cars in Delhi, that one dream car for you, that can truly match your passionate life, is just a call away. 


Owners of BMW know that their motto is simply ‘quality over quantity’. The brand has a dominance in the air as well with its range of aircrafts. Did you know that BMW’s first product was an aircraft engine? Truly, the most versatile luxury car brand! Amongst luxury second hand cars, BMW is one of the most sought after. At Kings Auto, we have a range of BMW cars that buyers just can’t wait to own.  


If you’re looking for second-hand luxury cars, you must be someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Jaguar cars are known for being uber-stylish. The engine is also high-end and its speciality is the engaging dynamics. It packs an awesome power and highly-effective brakes. Jaguar owners are also risk-takers, out-of-the-box thinkers and utterly dislike boredom of any kind. If you want a unique and reliable experience like that, KingsAuto is the perfect place to buy used luxury cars at an affordable rate.

Range Rover

Range Rovers are known for their exceptional performance. They have a range of engines to suit the specific needs of their customers. They are built tough and rugged and can be driven through all kinds of terrains. If you fancy the style of the brand and its outdoorsy touch, you can also buy their additional accessories and add it to your kitty. 

You don’t have to be limited to this list and can go for any desirable brand. Going for a specific category of car would prove to be more helpful if you are not worried about the choice of brand. There are many luxury cars to choose from and a good dealership car can also provide you a variety of options as well as the much needed help in getting enough clarity for your choice. 

Three reasons to buy from a used car dealership

When looking to buy from a second hand luxury car, you might consider going for a used car dealership or look for a private deal. There are plenty of advantages of going for a used car dealership than settling for a private deal. Let’s look at the top three reasons you should buy a car from a used car dealership. 

Offering a variety of financing options

Buying second hand luxury cars helps you in securing a car at a much lesser price with added features. Compared to an individual, when you buy through a dealership, you can also enjoy the benefit of owning your car with multiple financing options that help you manage your budgets better. Kings Auto provides you with the option to buy used luxury cars in Delhi with auto loans and other easy financing options from a myriad of banks. 

Guarantee and assurance of quality deliverance

Luxury second hand cars bought directly from an individual can suffer from a lack of oversight. Even with your best interests in mind, the person who you are buying the car directly from might not know about a hidden issue in the car. Our used luxury cars are maintained and looked after by experts who follow world-class standards in keeping the features intact and keep it excellent-performing to the core. All of our pre-approved best second hand luxury cars go through 21+ hair-splitting quality tests right in front of your eyes. You can ask for details, check the car for yourself, or even take it out for a spin to put a ring on it. We believe that a little extra assurance goes a long way!

Hassle-free process and wide variety:

Looking and searching for used luxury cars in Delhi is a stressful process in itself. All used luxury cars need to be registered with the transport office under a new owner. Along with the legal documentation, there’s a lot of paperwork that you will need to fill out on your own if you wish to buy your car through anyone directly instead of going to a dealership. From procurement to the sales process, a good dealership makes every process completely hassle-free. Not only this, instead of just getting one car from an individual, you can divulge into the wide variety of premium luxury brands that a dealership offers. At Kings Auto, we offer multiple exclusive pieces to take your favourite pick from.

The next quantified steps to find your second hand luxury car

Research and read reviews

Read about the engine, mileage, model-type and car rankings of luxury second hand cars that you have listed to buy. Blog sites such as Team BHP are known for their trustworthy non-promoted car reviews. You can even ask experts at car dealerships that you visit to help gain sufficient information on luxury car reviews. 

Take test drives

Take as many test drives as you would like. At Kings Auto, second hand luxury cars go through 21+ hair-splitting quality tests to ensure that you get your hands on a steering wheel that gets the job done perfectly and stays in top shape. Bring someone with your family too to test the front and back seats. Each one of the luxury second hand cars has different features and different amounts of space inside. Taking a test drive is not only about how great it feels for the driver to take the beast for a spin. It’s also about the convenience that the car can provide in everyday life. 

Consider your budget

Second hand luxury cars are a huge investment even though buying used luxury cars offer greater affordability options and lower depreciation rates to buyers. When you are a first-time buyer, you’ll need more time to understand the needs of your family and your own. There can be additional accessories that you’ll want and maybe some body modifications. So, while calculating the final budget, keep this extra amount in mind too. Don’t compromise on any deal. If you want anything extra, ask for it from your dealership. 

Get details about the past

As a first-time buyer, it would be helpful to gather a list of all the questions you would want to ask to know about the history of the car. Some general questions consist of queries around previous owners, reasons for selling and maintenance records. Dealerships that have used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr can help you with this as they have a trained fleet of staff. 

Visit the best dealership

Finally, as a first-time buyer, you should consider going to the best dealership for used luxury cars in delhi. Kings Auto keeps up with the promise of offering the best services which can turn a loyal customer into part of our family. ‘Premium’ is the oath we’ve sworn by since 2017. Proud to make a mark in a short span of just three years, we have sold more than 100 cars to date! As a first-time buyer, a dealership with expertise like this can immensely alleviate all of your worries. 

Know more about Kings Auto

Kings Auto is a luxury car dealership brand which is a part of the K2 Group India. We are the major sellers of used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr and other several regions from all over India. We have sold more than a hundred second hand luxury cars, starting with the first branch in Britannia Chowk, now expanded to Naraina Vihar, with a luxury showroom having all kinds of used luxury cars in delhi.

When searching for used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR, you can comfortably rely on Kings Auto. We are a pioneer in buying and selling well-crafted, contemporary styled, premium second hand luxury cars all over India. We have a collection of the finest and the latest beasts and beauties which are head-turning and exhilarating to look at. Be it any luxury car, we aim to make the process of you owning it completely hassle-free. 

Our staff is extremely careful, proficient and skilled in all manners related to the handling of luxury cars and other customer service duties. At Kings Auto, each luxury car goes through 21+ rigorous quality checks. We also have the latest gears and qualified technicians at hand. The in-house experts follow world-class standards, keeping used luxury cars maintained to perform in the best of conditions. Our staff is extremely careful, proficient and skilled in all manners related to the handling of luxury cars and other customer service duties. We also offer a delivery service experience and after your purchase, an aftercare service, which has led to us having a family of more than 10,000 happily satisfied customers.

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