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Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 40 Lakhs At Kings Auto


Who doesn’t dream of owning a luxury car? 

Now, what if we tell you that we can make this dream of yours come true under your budget. 

Yes, buying used luxury cars can be a quite hefty deal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t own one and still not blast a hole in your pocket. 

While buying used luxury cars can make you a little skeptical because of the market’s stereotypes-the benefits they bring are evident and indispensable. 

Does 40 lakhs sound like a good budget to you for a second-hand luxury car? 

If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place because we’ve curated a list of the best pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto just for you.

And along with the car’s details we’ll throw light on some of the most interesting and practical features of these luxury variants. 

So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Mercedes Benz C220D 

Mercedes Benz C220D is our first luxury variant under 40 lakhs. This used luxury car is your best bet if you like to showcase class. 


Our special underpriced variant has a 2143cc 4 cylinder inline engine type. This variant comes with an engine putting out 203 bhp @ 4200 rpm and 500 nm @ 1800 rpm with max power and max torque respectively. With an automatic 7 gear transmission system and 2960mm speed wheelbase, the car has a sports mode to satisfy your adventurous instincts. 


The car’s exterior is astonishing. For starters, the huge grille of this variant is the eye-catcher that goes seamlessly with the extended bonnet and huge headlights of this car. Not to mention the ostentatiously large sunroof of our used Mercedes Benz C220D will lure you into buying it in a heartbeat. 


The interiors of this car are intricately designed to provide you comfort during those long drives and keep you entertained. The huge infotainment screen, heated rear seats, middle rear headrests are a few best interior features of this car.

In all, this car gives an extravagantly classic look and luxury feels to the one who drives this.

Audi A3

Next in our under 40 lakhs pre-owned luxury cars list is this beast. Audi is the only automobile brand that has redefined luxury in its way. And here we are offering you our variant of Audi A3 at an irresistible price. 


Audi has never disappointed us and nor will it this time. This variant comes with an engine putting out at 141 bhp @ 3500 rpm and 320 nm @ 1500 rpm with max power and max torque respectively. Our used Audi A3 comes with a 7-speed-dual-clutch automatic transmission system and an anti-lock braking system that improves car performance.  


This used luxury car is a convertible with a capacity of four and 102-inch wheelbase. The huge grille of the car portrays spunk and free-spiritedness that goes well with the car’s huge bonnet and gigantic full LED headlights. Need more? This car has a massive panoramic sunroof to give you a thrilling feel. 


The interior of this car speaks class, and is for the noble! A few best interior features of this car are- the rich color of the interior, the well-designed leather seats, the ostentatiously large infotainment system, and undeniably comfy headrests. To sum up, if you’re looking for a car that prioritizes comfort and space, and yet does not compromise on amenities, this is your pick!

Check out this variant here

BMW 520D

BMW 520 D comes third in the list of pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. Although this comes third in our list, this should be your first choice if you envy space and luxury. 


Our variant of 520 D comes with an engine putting out 188 bhp @ 4000 rpm and 400 nm @ 1750 rpm of max power and max torque respectively. This used BMW 520 D variant comes with a power steering and an 8-Gear automatic transmission system. With 2975 mm of wheelbase, this car is your best option if you wish to take your fam on long drives. 


The exterior looks extravagantly appealing because of its slim set of LED headlights and huge boisterous head bumps; along with the extended bonnet of this car, the huge grille fits seamlessly giving it a sporty and lavish appearance. Not to mention, the color of this variant is what puts it all together. 


As mentioned earlier this car will provide you the space you always asked for with the fancy that you’ve never experienced before. The leather steering and upholstery, aural interior lighting, adjustable headrests, and multi-functional infotainment screen are a few internal features of this car that will lure you into making it yours. 

Thus, if you want your relatives to be envious of you, get your hands on this used BMW 520 D today!

Mini Cooper Countryman

Our Mini Cooper Countryman tops the list of pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. This car has alluring interior and exterior features and a solid powertrain system to boost your on-road experience. 


As the name suggests “mini”, don’t confuse it for power & speed. Our used Mini Cooper Countryman is designed to keep up with the world’s pace. This car comes with an engine putting out 181 hp @ 5500 rpm and 177 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm of power, with strength and speed being its best features. Our variant of Mini Cooper Countryman has an automatic transmission and anti-lock braking system along with improved steering control to ensure you experience smooth and fuss-free rides. 


Our variant of Mini Cooper Countryman comes in blue color with a medium-sized grille and huge LED headlights. The exterior of this car looks ravishing because of its enormous windshield and uniquely shaped rear view mirrors. 


 As mentioned previously, this mini is not the best fit if you like to lay down throughout your rides, but it will do the needful and keep you cozy. Talking about the interiors of this car it is nearly impossible to ignore the electronically adjustable leather seats and digital odometer that comes with the variant. 

To conclude, go for this luxury variant if you like to live compact yet lavish and explore the unknown roads of your city. 

That’s a wrap! These are the top 4 used luxury cars in our list you can get under the budget of 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. 

Make sure to check out Kings Auto’s collection if you wish to explore more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from Kings Auto?

We at Kings Auto deal in the best quality pre-owned luxury cars and assist our customers at every step for their complete satisfaction. Our cars have passed 90+ checkpoints to reach our lot and with all this, we don’t ghost you after the purchase. Feel free to contact our team to know our trade-in options for up to 3 years of purchase subject to terms and conditions. Moreover, we have a plethora of options available; if you are lucky enough you can also get your hands on cars under 40 lakhs, which is a great budget for a luxury car in our opinion.

How do I know the car is worth the splurge?

We ensure every person that steps out of our showroom goes back with complete satisfaction and a smile on their face. We have a great team skilled at understanding the client’s requirements and fulfilling them by providing the best. The quality is unbeatable, and you can test drive it so you love what you take home!

What about financing? Do you take care of it or do we have to deal with it alone?

As mentioned previously, we never leave you alone in this journey. Kings Auto provides in-house financing options, and we offer a plethora of bank options for easy process.

What if I don’t stay in Delhi?

Kings Auto operates from Delhi but we deliver PAN India. So you don’t have to worry about which corner of the country you stay in. We’ll reach to you and deliver your love safely and with full accountability.

How do I know Kings Auto is a credible dealership of pre-owned luxury cars?

Kings Auto has been in operation since 2017, and we have served our clients with the best variants. With 100+ satisfied customers so far, we are proud to be able to keep up with our customer’s expectations.

What about the car’s history? How do I know that the car has been kept well and does not have any technical issues?

We understand this concern of our customers. Since you are buying an expensive car, it is obvious you’ll have quality concerns. This is why we ensure all our customers are satisfied with what we offer them, we provide our customers with a vehicle history report that incorporates every single piece of information from the car’s servicing history to its insurance claim history. By cross-checking the provided information you can be sure of the car’s quality. Also, Kings Auto ensures that the cars in our lot are free of any accidental or collision history.

What if I don’t have the budget to buy such expensive cars?

We get that with luxury cars comes this stereotype that only the richest can afford them. Which is only partially true. New variants of these luxury cars are out of most people’s affordability range, but used luxury cars can be bought for the price of a standard SUV today. At Kings Auto as well we provide varied options, we have cars under 40 lakhs in our lot too. All in all, it’s possible to own a luxury car even if you have a tight budget, just be wise

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Where to buy Pre-Owned Luxury Cars – dealerships or private dealers?


If you’ve ever been to a market, you must have noticed there’s a price difference between variants of similar products. The difference is mostly because of the quality. Would you buy an extremely low-quality product just because it costs less? We presume, no. Similarly, when you start browsing for second-hand luxury cars you come across a few cars priced at insanely low prices. Now the call is yours, go after the temptation or do the right thing!

If you wanna do the right thing and spend your money wisely, you want to know the right approach to go for. In the gigantic market of used luxury cars, there are two kinds of sellers- Private Dealers and Car Dealerships. If you want to spend money wisely, go for the second one. Now, this might cost you a few more bucks, but it’s going to be worth the splurge.

Difference Between Car Dealerships and Private Dealers

Buying a used car that meets your requirements isn’t a piece of cake. You want a car that gives you peace of mind and comfort, not one that takes it away from you. Honestly, private deals have long odds, if you need assurance you need to inspect the car inside out before you make a decision. This is because private deals are cheap and iffy at the same time. On the other hand, used luxury cars from car dealerships are expensive but reliable. Car dealerships sell quality assured cars that have passed strict certification tests. That is why they are considered more credible. Below are 5 major differentiating points between car dealerships and private dealers that deal in used luxury cars in Delhi

      Quality Of Used Luxury Cars

Private deals are iffy because let us be honest cheap deals are cheap because of a reason. If you’re eyeing second-hand luxury cars, our presumption is you want quality. Now, quality doesn’t come for cheap prices. Car dealerships are the best shot because many car dealerships run multi-level inspections to assure the car has a good life. These inspections are made to give certifications to cars they’ll be putting forth for sale. The inspection checks include mechanical checks, electrical system assessment, suspension checks, etc. Another viable option is to go for a factory-run CPP. Luxury car manufacturers sell their used luxury cars through their CPP programs, only high-quality second-hand luxury cars are sold and customers also get standard or extended warranties.

      Warranty Of The Deal

Unless there is continuing standard warranty, no private deal is going to offer you a warranty. This is one big reason why private deals are unsafe. Once the payment is made you can’t point fingers at anyone. Whereas, if you purchase your ride from a car dealership or a CPP program, you can buy extended warranties. To add to this, CPP programs often offer standard warranties on buying second-hand luxury cars. Another great perk is along with these warranties you can get additional benefits like roadside assistance.

      Financing Options

If you keep bundles of notes in your pocket, great! But if you don’t you probably want to avail financing facility which is only available with car dealerships or CPP programs. Unless your private deal is with someone who entrusts you with the EMI option, my bet is you will have to pay in full. Which isn’t a feasible option for many. Good thing is, you don’t have to pay in full if you choose to opt for a car dealership. Car dealerships have various financing options available for easy transactions. Car dealerships that offer used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR have a plethora of bank options available to assist you seamlessly.

      Assistance Under One roof

Who doesn’t like comfort and being able to make a transaction while they relax and sip coffee? Another pro of buying second-hand luxury cars from a dealership is that you don’t have to worry about anything from the car’s quality to documentation. It’s all done for you by them. Documentations and quality verification are both technical tasks and getting them done by yourself will require a lot of effort. Yet, there’s no assurance that things will work out your way unless you keep extensive knowledge in that.

      Buy Back Value

Car dealerships provide a buy back value on models they sell. This policy is subject to some conditions. However, assurance is you will get good payback if the car stays in good condition in your hands.

There are plenty of car dealerships dealing in used luxury cars in Delhi. What you need to know is not all dealerships will provide you a credible deal. If you choose to take assistance from a dealership, make sure you choose a dealership that deals in certified luxury second-hand cars only. Dealerships that deal in standard luxury second-hand cars are more likely to step back in need. Moreover, you might end up paying more than the car’s value.

Buying from a dealership can come with a few cons like high prices, confusion, and long-term debt. But, if you look at it from a different lens, the prices are only high if you compare them with that of standard luxury used cars. Note that things that offer different values can not be compared on similar benchmarks. Similarly, variety can be both a con and a pro. If you like to have options it’s a plus point, if you don’t you probably already know what you want. 

Finally, the call is yours, what matters is quality and if you have faith in the seller. To be assured and to get the value of what you’re spending, it is recommended that you consider buying from car dealerships or CPP programs.

If you’re looking for car dealerships don’t forget to check out Kings Auto’s website, they offer a wide range of quality assured used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR.

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Used Luxury Cars

Go For Certified Second-Hand Luxury Car- Here’s Why?


Do second-hand luxury cars sound like a good deal to you? If your answer is yes, then you must be aware of the value used luxury cars can deliver. But there’s a defined category of used cars and this is where the moment of truth begins! All second-hand luxury cars are not worth your money and the only way to get the value for your money is to invest in certified second-hand luxury cars instead of wasting your resources on standard cars. Now the question is- what do certified pre-owned cars have which standard used cars do not have?

Certainly, “certified” is not just a badge of glorification, it defines the correct value of the car. Sure, a basic used car will be much cheaper at first, but you’ll start mourning it soon enough. Certified pre-owned cars or used cars are models which have passed multiple inspections to get the certification. These inspections are aimed at assessing the quality of the vehicle. The very first things considered are the distance covered and the age of the car.

What is the process of car certification?

Car inspection certification is provided either by the factory/manufacturer or by certified car dealers. Certifications provided by non-certified car dealers are merely a badge to sell the car for more than it’s worth. To be specific certified car dealers are car dealerships that run multiple inspections and verifications before they put cars out for sale. Whereas, factory inspections are done by the manufacturers. Many companies run their individual CPP programs aimed at re-selling their certified used cars. Luxury retailers like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche have been running their CPO programs for years to resell their luxury second-hand cars. Each of them has a different basis of certification, however, some basic requirements include the car’s mileage, distance covered, age, and collision or accident history of the car. 

The major difference between certified used luxury cars and basic used luxury cars.

1.     Quality Assurance Inspection

Quality is the priority, and it can not be compromised. Certified used luxury cars are a recommended buy because they have gone through a strict inspection and verification procedure. Car dealerships assure that the cars put forth for sale do not have a history of any major accidents, collisions, or major modifications. Inspections ensure that everything from the suspension to the tires of the car is well-kept; Moreover CPOs do not include cars older than 7 years. In all emphasis is to sell mechanically well-maintained cars.

2.     Cost

Cost is undoubtedly a major distinction between certified luxury second-hand cars and standard used cars. The difference between the price of the two can be huge, however, in most cases, the cheap alternatives turn out to be a bad decision. One huge reason is that the standard versions mostly are tattered in such a way that they ask for huge maintenance costs. Since regular maintenance costs are levied on standard used cars, people prefer to choose certified cars to avoid unnecessary hassles.

3.     Extended warranty

An extended warranty is one thing and the perks that come with it are other. If you’re looking to buy from a factory outlet of used luxury cars in Delhi, you might get a certified warranty, contrary to which in case if you choose to buy from a dealership you will get an extended warranty. Dealerships provide you an option of opting for an extended warranty, in case the standard warranty of the vehicle is expired you can safeguard your car by paying a few extra bucks to the dealership. These warranties vary from dealership to dealership, a lot of them offer additional perks like on-road assistance.

4.     Private Sellers and Car Dealerships

Non-certified cars are usually sold through private dealers to hide a few discrepancies their vehicles might have. The lower cost is to cover the drawbacks and attract the buyer so that they reconsider buying a non-certified car. Truly, it looks tempting, but it isn’t the most rational decision one must take. These private dealers aim to correct their mistakes by recovering their money. Contrary to this, car dealerships only sell certified automobiles, the reason being they need their customer to entrust them with their future needs. Also, certified car dealerships believe in providing quality as they have to stay in the market for the long run, unlike private dealers.

5.     Verified Documentation

What is better than getting the documentation done on your behalf and not getting stuck in the middle of a huge pile of papers. Certified used luxury cars come with a Registration Certificate, Insurance, NOC, Pollution Certificate, etc. The documentation is a technical process and it can take a toll on you if you’re a rookie. If you have previous experience in buying and selling used luxury cars in Delhi, you might have some prior knowledge in that arena, however, it is always recommended to be on the safer side.


      Is it recommended to get the vehicle assessed from a non-certified dealer to save some extra bucks and yet get quality assurance?

A non-certified dealer is nothing but a private dealing wherein you might get your vehicle assessed through a random garage or mechanic. The question is how much you can entrust them with the vehicle. Most local mechanics and garage owners might leave many important things like the electrical systems and interior features unnoticed. This is a hundred-to-one-shot, the chances of getting a value for your money is less.

      What are some other pros of buying certified used luxury cars except costs?

There are many benefits to owning a certified luxury car, for starters you wouldn’t have to stress on the life of the car. Certified cars usually come with a warranty and assurance of the car being mechanically fit for use for coming years.

      What major quality checks do certified used cars go through?

Certified cars have gone through a major quality check. This includes everything from driving tests, exterior body checks, interior assessments to electrical systems and transmissions and suspensions checks.


To sum up, you must assess the car’s quality before you give the token money. Certified or not, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you keep good knowledge in buying used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR then you still might take up the chance of buying a non-certified one after getting it assessed by a private mechanic. But if you’re a newbie don’t take matters into your own hands even if you have to pay a little more. If you’re considering buying a certified used luxury car, check out Kings Auto’s website. They provide a variety of certified used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR.

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The road taken for buying and maintaining your used luxury cars


Purchasing your first luxury car feels exciting. You researched extensively. You found the right car dealership. You compared various cars and looked at the financing options. Although it was hard, you zeroed on the car brands that you have desired and the car models that you wished to own more than the others. 

After a long wait, you are finally happy and the sight of your used luxury car is hitting the high note. Now, what’s next? It’s important to take care of the cars that you own so that it’ll stay intact for the long run. We have compiled a list of the small tips that can help you take care of your used luxury cars and a list of must-dos for driving your car. 

If you are looking for used luxury cars in delhi, we have the best collection of second hand luxury cars such as Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and even Jaguar and Bentley! For finding the best used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr, Kings Auto is the place to be. Also, our tailored sales experiences and aftercare services are much talked about amongst our customers.

Taking care of your favoured car is as important as taking the decision to buy it. It’s not difficult as it looks. Mostly, you just have to follow the car’s maintenance manual. But if you are a hard-core car enthusiast, you might want to have a look at the Now, let’s have a look at the points to remember that’ll help you take care of your second hand luxury car.

How to take care of your second hand luxury car

When you’ve bought your luxury car, you expect a smooth ride all the time. For that to happen, you need to give it extra care from time to time. Luxury cars are special. They require timely service rounds and immediate check-up in case of an emergency. Here are some amazing tips which can help you take care of your used luxury cars:

Go to a Car Wash

Get your car washed regularly from a reliable car wash company or any of the reliable outlets of car wash especially those that specialise in used luxury cars. The exteriors of a luxury car matter a lot. You want the sleek exterior to keep glistening. Rather than getting your car washed at home, make sure that you are heading to a car wash that is offering you essential services such as car polish and interior vacuuming. Second hand luxury cars require appropriate washing care which can only be provided by a genuine car wash which is exclusively invested in catering to customers who drive such premium cars. Be it Mercedes or Porsche, their employees are trained to pay extra attention to the demands of luxury cars. 

Check the tires 

If you have been looking for used luxury cars in Delhi, you know that the search can be tedious. Hence, once you get your dream ride, you want to make sure that it’s always in top shape. This starts with the tires. The tires are the link between your car and the road. They have to be resistant against abrasion and keep up to fight the wear and tear while continuing to glide on the road. Keep getting your tires checked at all times. Especially on Indian roads, the health of tires cannot be underestimated. Tires with inadequate pressure can create a heat build-up which may cause damage to your car. Get the pressure checked bi-weekly. Don’t hesitate from using the spare tire in case you feel that any of the tires is under-pressurised. The tires are the key to the proper maintenance of your luxury car. The recommended tire pressure will be available in your manual. It’s better to check the tires when they are absolutely cold. 

Maintenance schedule and service

Keep note of the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual and organise frequent check-ups. Make sure that your service provider has high profile equipment to keep your beast all cleaned up and fully decked. This starts when you are buying your second hand luxury car as well. One must buy the car from a trustworthy source so that you are well aware of the condition of the model which you are interested in. Recognized and accepted by the general authorities, all of our second hand luxury cars at Kings Auto are genuinely owned entities that follow and stand up to the best industrial standards. Keeping this in mind, all used luxury cars come with ‘Kings Auto Assurance’ that gives us a customer for a lifetime.

Get the car oil changed

Lubrication is crucial to keep the car smoothly running. A general thumb rule is get the oil changed after every 5000 miles. The oil level should be adequate as well to keep the engine working smoothly and to keep the byproducts in check. A dipstick check can help you assess the oil level inside the car. You can easily find experts at Kings Auto to ask about the luxury second hand cars and give you more expert advice specific to your preferred car. 

Check the battery health

In second hand luxury cars, you also need to take care of the battery. During winters, the battery isn’t used as much but come summers and the heat takes its toll. You should check the water level in the battery. Headlight is also a good reflection of battery health. Ideally, when you are getting your car serviced, ask the person working on the car to give some extra time and check the battery too. 

Ask for professional opinion

Luxury second hand cars are the cream of the crop. They have excellent features and exquisite offerings that require special care in return. One cannot just go with a standard opinion from a mechanic. It’s better to ask an expert just like the ones that you bought your car from. If you have been searching for used luxury cars in Delhi, just give us a call today for an expert opinion. Our used luxury cars are maintained and looked after by experts who follow world-class standards in keeping the racing beasts intact and excellent-performing to the core. 

Careful driving

This goes without saying that one should be cautious at all times and avoid any mishaps that can happen on the road. When it comes to used luxury cars, one needs to be extra careful about driving carefully to avoid over-speeding and excess braking. Park your sweet ride in a spot which isn’t too hot and neither too cold. Indian roads and traffic are a tough battle all together. If you aren’t fully confident in your driving skills yet, take the help of a good driver who has previous experience in driving luxury cars and who you can hire on an hourly basis. 

How to drive safely in your used luxury car

Owning one of the used luxury cars and driving it around the city is one of the best pleasures of life. But one needs to be mindful while driving and must avoid falling into the trap of the need for speed. We have listed some key points that you need to keep in mind while driving to ensure maximum safety of yourself and your used luxury car. 

Now, let’s have a look at the tips that you should keep in mind to be safe on the roads, especially while driving a used luxury car. 

Set the perfect seat 

The first thing one should know to ensure superior safety inside used luxury cars is to set the seat at the perfect angle and distance the seat from the steering wheel. Many people are unaware of the car seat settings that are available in luxury second hand cars. It can differ from brands to models. Another requisite is to get into a good posture. All of the above given tips ensure that you are comfortable while riding and can handle the car in a better manner. 

Learn about the car 

It is essential to know everything about the car. On the basis of the design of the car, the placement of the engine can be different in used luxury cars. One should also know how many airbags are there in the bag and what are the factors that influence the stability of the car when driving, especially on tough terrains. Knowing about the functions of the key components in the control panel of the car can help you and ensure that you are not distracted while driving. 

Drive within the speed limit

Nothing can match the thrill of driving used luxury cars. Especially when it comes to sports cars which are known for their unmatched speed. Some of the sports cars in the collection of Kings Auto are Boxster 718 Roadster and the Audi TT. The speed of sports cars can go up easily. And they pick up their speed from 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds. Luxury cars are the cream of the car. One has to learn to control the beast over time. Generally, it is also advised to drive slower than you wish to in used luxury cars in delhi to make it easier for you to maneuver through Indian roads. 

Keep your distance 

Second hand luxury cars are extremely gorgeous to look at. The dashing exterior and cutting edges of the front make it the talk of the town. At the same time, you don’t want your car harmed in any way. While on the road, it is important to keep your distance from other vehicles on the road, be it other cars or motorcycles. One should also be careful while parking. Mostly in enclosed spaces. Get a great parking assist if you don’t have one already in your used luxury car. At Kings Auto, you can get additional parts and extra accessories that can be helpful in such situations. 

Avoid the traffic 

Second hand luxury cars are not meant for most of the rugged Indian roads unless you are driving a sports utility vehicle. The best tip for safety is to avoid heavy traffic areas. Use routes that are known to you. This is useful when you have recently purchased one of the luxury second hand cars and you are still learning your way around it. 

Driving during bad weather

Rains and snowy weather creates problems on the road. While driving during bad weather, you’ll have to apply brakes at a considerable distance. Along with this, drive more slowly in bad weather. Like in traffic, keep your distance from other cars. You might lose traction when on a heavily wet road. At that moment, just loosen your grip on the accelerator and slow down the car. All in all, if you can, just avoid driving in bad weather all together. 

Don’t use your phone 

Your sweet ride needs all the attention you can give it. This is a general advice followed by all drivers yet people need a reminder once in a while. Paying attention to the road is highly rewarding. For new owners, talking on the phone while driving can be a risky business. You can buy an audio bluetooth receiver for your used luxury car. If you wish to know more about such accessories, feel free to talk to the experts at Kings Auto. 

Get your car serviced

Getting your car serviced according to the maintenance record will keep it in top shape all the time. Get the tyres checked as well. They are the first point of contact with the roads and the mean streets. If there are any faulty parts or equipment, they’ll be detected with regular servicing. You also get to have additional parts and last minute adjustments at Kings Auto. So yes, even before servicing, getting the right dealership to buy your sweet ride will help you in the longer run. 

If you are still looking for used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr, or have decided on a car and looking for the perfect dealership to buy it from, then Kings Auto is the only name that you need to remember. Here, quality meets the price. We only deal with 100% certified luxury vehicles and provide our team with industrial standard training so that they can fulfill your needs effectively. In addition to this, you can also avail multiple financing options and take your dream car home. The Kings Auto assurance ensures a hassle-free procurement process as well. We are a pioneer in buying and selling well-crafted, contemporary styled, premium second hand luxury cars all over India. We have a collection of the finest and the latest beasts and beauties which are head-turning and exhilarating to look at. Our staff is extremely careful, proficient and skilled in all manners related to the handling of luxury cars and other customer service duties. We also offer a delivery service experience and after your purchase, an aftercare service, which has led to us having a family of more than 10,000 happily satisfied customers. So, get ready to get a test drive in one of the luxury cars here.

If you still haven’t made a purchase, here are the three easy steps you must know before owning your own second hand luxury car. Yes! It’s as easy as this and we help you go through each of the steps with ease. That’s the promise of Kings Auto. 

Step 1:

Select your favourite used luxury car 

The used luxury cars at Kings Auto are the cream of the crop. From German engineering to Italian designs, you can find your favourite high-performance luxury cars here. Take your time strolling through the fancy outlet. Luxury is the oath that Kings Auto has taken and so, you can find the overall experience to be luxurious at each and every corner of the showroom. We have a transparent glass display through which the beauty of the luxury cars shines through. There is an unveiling podium for all second hand luxury cars. Kings Auto has a vast collection for brands and types of cars to choose from. The most popular brands are Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. You can take the off-beat road and go for an unconventional car like the Land Rover if you like off-roading or a Porsche if you want to top up the speed on the road. 

Step 2: 

Take a test drive

Experience your dream car today by taking a quick test drive. You should take your desired car for a spin before you decide to put a ring on it. A test drive will help you narrow down your choices with a practical experience. You should even ask for all the details and additionally, check the car for yourself. All the second hand luxury cars at Kings Auto go through 21+ hair-splitting quality tests so that you don’t have to face any issues with your car later on. After and even before the test drive, you can ask for essential information like the car model and the distance covered. We keep our records intact. Feel free to inquire about anything even after the purchase. Kings Auto is the best car dealership to go to when you are looking for used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr!

Step 3: 

Book your car today!

When you’ve finally made the choice to buy second hand luxury cars, you can now book it as your favoured car. At Kings Auto, you can look at the various financing options offered such as auto loans from banks. The sales procurement process at Kings Auto is hassle-free. Your dream car is just one step away now. You can get in touch with the staff at the car dealership to book your car! 

It’s that simple! With a few steps you can own your used luxury car. There are many advantages to buying a used luxury car. You get to have a lower depreciation rate with the added advantage of an already modified used luxury car with the most recent upgrades. Not only this – you can also buy your dream car early on or just multiple cars with the financial freedom you have obtained.  


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Featured snapshot of a used luxury car: Range Rover Autobiography 4.0


If you’re more outdoorsy and love rugged terrains than being a speedster, a great vehicle to own is a sports utility vehicle. It is also known as a suburban utility vehicle. With the feel of a light truck, the SUV has everything. It’s spacious and the driving mechanism in place makes sure that the power from the engine goes to all four wheels making it a four-wheel drive or ‘4WD’. Because of this, the car has more ground control. This makes it great for both off-roading and dominating your average city road. 

Not every SUV has off-road capabilities. The smaller variants can easily drive on tough terrains without the four-wheel drive capability. SUVs pack a high-performance engine with amazing ground clearance which is the reason why they can overcome an obstacle. SUVs are the kings of the road. The most popular SUVs amongst luxury second hand cars are the Audi Q3, Audi Q7, Mercedes Benz GLS and the famous Land Rover and Range Rover cars. 

The spacious outdoor vehicle is not only suitable for people who love to conquer terrains. The space inside means that you can have picnics and camps with your family whenever you wish to. Most SUVs have 7 seater configurations while others have 5 seaters. All of them have amazing leg space. Amongst all used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr, SUVs just provide you the most freedom to move around. At Kings Auto, we have an insurmountable collection of second hand luxury cars and SUVs and MUVs make a huge part of it. For anyone looking for used luxury cars for sale in delhi ncr, finding the perfect luxury SUV wouldn’t be a problem now!

In this article, we’ll be featuring the Range  Rover Autobiography 4.0. It is an SUV icon, built to be one of the most upmarket and comfortable cars to travel in. The brand ‘Range Rover’ has covered a long distance from being an off-road beast to being a status SUV. Let’s have a full overview of the car. 

One of the most premium cars in the collection of luxury second hand cars at Kings Auto, the Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 Autobiography is the top model in the Range Rover lineup. The car has a stellar 4367 cc engine which makes the car operate with 335 bhp at 3500 rpm of maximum power. 

The Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 Autobiography is a five-seater that can take up to 100 kgs of rooftop load and 909 L of luggage capacity. If you have been looking for a quick getaway for a long time, this car can provide you with the space to pack enough for every trip with your friends or family. 

The interior of this car is extremely spacious. Premium material has been used for the leather upholstery and the cabin has been smoothly maintained with a luxurious finish. The passenger seats additionally have a unique massage function so you can relax comfortably during long drives. The cabin has four-zone air conditioning with fully automatic climate control and easily configurable interior mood lighting. The car is fully packed for entertainment purposes too. The rear seat entertainment system features a 10.2-inch touchscreen display and has a separate remote control. There are audio streaming and bluetooth phone connectivity facilities too. The winged headrest also ensures that you get the most comfort out of the Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 Autobiography. 

The exterior features are stunning too with a cutting-edge front grille and stellar headlights and xenon headlamps that can dazzle the whole town. You also have LED fog lights to maximise the visibility of the road. The hues that the car comes in are absolutely stunning. Pearl white and blue is said to be the most popular. 

Among all the used luxury cars in the showroom, the Land Rover Autobiography 4.4 was registered in 2018 in Chandigarh. The fuel type is diesel and has covered 42,000 kms approximately. It’s available in white. Why wait when the perfect luxury SUV is waiting for you and is just a quick call away? For more information on the car and other similar second hand luxury cars, feel free to contact the royal team at Kings Auto. 

About Kings Auto

Kings Auto is one of the best luxury car dealerships specialising in selling and buying of used luxury cars in delhi. Founded in 2020 as part of the renowned K2 Group, Kings Auto selects the rarest and most premium used luxury cars from the leading luxury car manufacturers. 

The used luxury cars at Kings Auto go through 21+ hair-splitting tests by our in-house professionals. Our team also undergoes frequent training to stay updated with the latest technology and car mechanisms. For used luxury cars in delhi and everywhere else in India, our undertakings and dealings are 100% secured and bonafide stamped with legal documentaries and registries. There are absolutely no hidden costs and charges as we thrive on building the most transparent and lasting relationships.

Luxury is the oath we have taken at Kings Auto. We ensure that the whole process of owning  second hand luxury cars becomes an experience worth having. This has led us to having more than 10,000 happy customers as part of our family. Become our luxury ride partner today to receive the best car-buying experience!

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