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Used Luxury Cars- Oil Inspection Process and Its Significance.


Have you heard of a dipstick? You probably have checked your car’s oil at least once in your life. Used luxury cars require maintenance, and a big part of that is changing your car’s oil on time. Why? Because the functioning of your car depends entirely upon your car oil. If you check your car’s oil properly at regular intervals you can prevent corrosions and proper failure of your vehicle. If you ignore inspecting your car’s oil your car can cease functioning entirely, and this is because oil works like your car’s lubricant. And without good quality or enough lubricant, the friction can cause damage to the internal functioning components of your vehicle. 

If you have an overheating engine we recommend you have a look at your car’s oil. The friction between the functioning components of your car usually tends to heat the car engine which is one of the reasons you must keep a check on it. The oil inspection basically is to figure out if your car oil has burnt; so you can get it changed before any major damage occurs. 

Most people who own used luxury cars are pretty aware that their negligence can cost them big bucks. The reason is their original parts are more expensive. But we know, some people are just too stubborn to put in the work. 

That is why we are here to let you know the significance of the same and how you can do the same in minutes. 

Why is it important to change your car’s oil?

  1. Prevents excessive heating of engine- 

Your car oil is a lubricant for your car engine and other parts that are functioning. The oil reduces the heat by reducing the friction between these functioning parts. Moreover, when you keep a check on your car oil you ensure that your engine stays clean and no metal debris is collected anywhere near your engine. Changing your oil at regular intervals keeps the dirt and other particles away from it. That further increases the life of your car engine. 

  1. Better mileage- 

A good quality lubricant helps reduce stress on your car engine- further helping the engine to perform better and provide better fuel efficiency. On the other hand, if you keep driving used luxury cars with low levels of oil in them- your engine will start consuming more fuel. Another thing is, luxury cars anyways consume more oil compared to standard cars since they provide luxury facilities to the owners. This means your luxury car is already consuming more fuel, and your negligence can further increase that consumption. And you can get rid of all these just by getting your oil changed. 

  1. Better market value- 

If you change your car oil on time the life of your engine increases, and a well-maintained car is always priced better in the market. Contrary to which if you ignore this requirement, the wear and tear that occurs due to it will be a big reason for the depreciation that will be levied on it. 

  1. Prevents corrosion- 

Used luxury cars are too expensive for you to be negligent and get them rusted. It’s easier for the internal components of the car to function if they are being lubricated properly from time to time. The internal functioning components are made of iron, and without oil, moisture reacts with it to form rust. Thus, the oil helps in preventing corrosion- keeps the parts in good health due to less friction. 

  1. Saves you money-

Changing your oil on time means saving more and more money in your bank account. This is because if you change it at a time you will not face issues like rust and engine failures as we talked about previously. Hence, you will not go to a mechanic or the dealership you bought it from to get it fixed. So it is wiser that you keep a check on it instead of ignoring your car’s needs if you don’t want to put extra money into it. 

How to check your car oil? 

First thing first, not all cars today follow the traditional dipstick formula. Yours might have upgraded technology, and if so, you will have to check it from your owner’s manual. 

But if you want to know how you can do it traditionally- read on. 

It’s not maths, it is really simple to check the oil level of used luxury cars without any professional help. Just follow these steps- 

  1. Park your car on levelled ground. Try to avoid sloppy or bumpy roads. We need to do this on even terrain. 
  2. Now, let your car cool down and ensure the engine is turned off before opening the hood. 
  3. Once you open the hood of the car, take the dipstick out and wipe it with a cloth. It should be clean, and the markings should be visible to you clearly. Dipsticks have high/low marks on them, along with a mark that indicates the ideal car oil level; anything below this mark is questionable. However, it’s not a red flag unless it’s too low!
  4. Now put the clear dipstick back and take it out after two or three seconds. Note the level as shown on the dipstick, and that is it. Simple right? 

That is all about changing your car oil. Believe us, it’s extremely important that you do it from time to time. Pro tip- take your car for an oil change every 3 miles. That is what is considered ideal at the moment by professionals. 

Also, if you are looking to buy used luxury cars, we have a suggestion for you. Check out Kings Auto’s showroom. They have a wide range of quality assured pre-owned luxury cars standing at their showroom. And we promise that you will not regret buying from them. 

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Factors affecting the market value of used luxury cars.


Today, used luxury cars are on the bucket list of many people- the world doesn’t see them as the same anymore. Thanks to all those new entrants and consumers, the segment is picking up gradually; what was seen with glasses of scepticism a few years back, is today valued by the people worldwide. And all of this has become possible because people are acquiring knowledge. 

But when it comes to buying a used alternative, people often ask for variants with a high resale value. This is a genuine concern from the side of a consumer. But one thing that they often forget is that many factors impact the market value of these used luxury cars . And you need to know all of them before you buy or sell a variant to get a great deal. 

So let’s get right into it.

8 factors that reduce the resale value of used luxury cars

1. Accidental history-

If you go to a showroom of used luxury cars, would you prefer a car with a serious accidental history? We bet that you would not. Because why would anyone want to risk buying a second-hand car that’s been repaired so many times.

Whenever an accident occurs the internal parts of the car likely get affected. Thus there is a huge probability that this car has been repaired, and important internal parts of this one were replaced after the incident with fake ones. So, if you while browsing the showroom of used luxury cars and find an absolute steal- don’t get too excited, there could be something fishy because of which the car is being valued less. 

Similarly, if you own a luxury car it is advisable to stay very safe on the road if you ever wish to trade it for good value. 

2. High modification-

Getting your car repaired by replacing the original damaged parts with fake ones is one thing. And trying to level up your game by adding unnecessary modifications is another degree of harm one can do to their vehicle. 

It has been proved that internal modifications can impact the performance of the car in the long run. And that is not it. Even external modifications like colour changes can decrease your car’s market value. 

We have observed people like to make these modifications to their used luxury cars because they just want their car to give them a little more unlike a standard car that comes from a showroom. Most people make modifications so they can relate to the car more and it can fulfil their zeal. But what they forget is that they are cutting the life and market value of the car by doing so. 

So as a consumer, it is recommended you do not buy an extremely modified car. Especially if any internal modifications were done, and as an owner, avoid doing so if you need a better resale value for it. 

3. Mechanical status-

There are many components in a car, and one can’t maintain each one of them. Keeping it as good as new can only be your motivation- owners hardly manage to do so unless they have someone dedicatedly looking after their vehicles.

We understand maintaining used luxury cars is a task in itself- but we beg you to not compromise on the same and look after the car’s mechanical system like you take care of a baby. As it will give you all you need- be it a better resale value or just unlimited luxurious experiences. 

Try and understand this, nobody wants a car with a dead battery or an overheating engine. You need to make sure it stays in good shape, whether you do that for your own experiences or to get a better deal later on. It all begins from where you start making real efforts. 

4. Mileage-

What’s better than a less driven car? used luxury cars are great, but people still prefer going for variants with less mileage on them. The reason is simple, they want it to feel as new as possible. This is great because if you don’t drive your car often, you have a high chance of bagging great deals for this car. 

Mileage is one factor that does impact the value of the car significantly. While many people aim not to use their used luxury cars for regular purposes- we have seen the worst of all. Some people do use their luxury cars insanely. But you don’t have to be some people, do you? 

If you plan on selling out this car in a year or two- all you have to do is make sure the mileage on it is justifiable by its age. Anything on the lower side works, but going beyond a certain number of kilometres can have an impact on the value. 

In India, a car older than 15 years is not allowed on the roads. Which is one big reason why 12 or 13-year-old cars are sold at awfully cheap prices. Because the supply of these variants is more than the demand; No one would prefer to buy a car for 2 or 3 years. Mostly, people expect their cars to function properly for a minimum of 5 years. 

Similarly, the laws of the land also impact the value of your car directly or indirectly. So you need to be extremely sure of what you are getting yourself into. 

6. Damaged parts-

We already discussed how accidents and collisions can decrease your car’s resale value. But we did not address the part where you do not get it fixed after a collision properly. 

Say you were driving this car on a highway when some other car hit you, and there’s a huge dent on the door. You did not think it was a big deal, and you kept driving this car without fixing it. Now you have decided to sell this one without getting it repaired. Who do you think will pay for a used luxury car with such a big dent? After all, used luxury cars are all about luxury and classic looks. 

We know it is not possible to drive a car on the roads without getting a single scratch on it. But you can maintain it irrespective of what happens with the car on the road. And most of all, never ignore small fixes because they burn a hole in your pocket later on. 

7. Degraded technology-

If you own a car with a manual transmission in the era of 9-gear automatic transmission with sports mode, then how can you expect to get a high resale value on it?

If your car does not have upgraded technology then your car will not have a high resale value. This is why you must ensure that whichever variant you are purchasing does not have extremely degraded technology. So when you sell it, you can claim that the car has what the customer needs. 

We understand that technology keeps getting better every day, and it’s impossible for your car to have everything. But all you need to do is make sure that it has what other cars have at the moment. 

8. Fake replacements-

We have discussed the relevance of original parts at the beginning of this article itself. And we believe it is not required that we press on it unnecessarily even more. But just so you know, your car needs to have all the original parts no matter what you want to do with it later on. 

With this we would say that there are many other factors, even the economy and the market forces affect your car’s value to some extent. Since it’s not possible for you to manage everything from your end, just keep in mind what we have told you and we know you will be fine. 

Also, we support used luxury cars. And if you are by any chance looking for a variant then do check out the website of Kings Auto. They have a plethora of options available, and the best thing is you can even get your hands on cars under 50 lakhs at their lot. Which in our opinion, is a great budget for a luxury car. So don’t wait for long, visit their website here. 

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Used Luxury Cars under 10 lakhs- are they worth it? 


The market of used luxury cars is saturated with good quality models, and you can get them under 10 lakhs too; Yes, that’s true! Since many people today have stepped into this market either as sellers or buyers, both the demand and the supply has gone up. Interestingly, people have started relying upon used luxury cars as well. 

But one thing that does make them question the worth of the car is the price. What is too cheap for a luxury car? Are cars under 10 lakhs worth it? Or should you go for a variant priced more than that? Does the price define the car’s quality? Today if you go to the market to purchase a brand new luxury car, you would have to pay in crores. And since the used variants are available for cheaper, the consumer segment is often confused as to how much they should lower their budget to get a car that’s good quality and cheap. 

Most people perceive cheap cars as bad quality, and this might be true as well, but at what price can you get a good quality car? At 50 lakhs? Or at 20 lakhs? All of this is just too subjective to narrow down and answer in a few words. But what you can do is not judge the car by the price, but by other factors. By doing so, you know the car you take home is worth no matter whether you pay a lakh or a crore for it. 

A simple formula for this is what you get from the purchase should be equally proportionate to what you pay for it. If any of these sides weighs more than the other, chances are, either you’ve bagged a deal too good or bad enough to curse in a few days. 

So, say you got on a call with someone and enquired to buy a used variant. Would you be surprised if that person told you that they have used luxury cars under 10 lakhs in their lot? You might be if you are new to the industry. But what will be your concern? Would you be sceptical because, ohh this deal just sounds too good to be true? Obviously, you will be because a Mercedes model that’s worth at least 60 lakhs is being sold to you for under Rs.10 lakhs. In such a situation the best thing to do is not back off. Here’s why- 

This car might have been an old variant whose market value has depreciated to this price but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of the car has deteriorated too. Taking a look at it won’t harm anyone, and if you really are interested, you might as well end up with a beneficial deal. Moreover, what matters is- does this car function properly or not? And not the price. 

Here’s what you need to consider while checking out used luxury cars under 10 lakhs-

1. See if you can up your budget a little-

First thing first, see if you can up your budget a little. Let’s be practical here if you can afford to buy a used variant for 25 lakhs, why risk your 10 lakhs? If you’ve got the pocket for it, do it accordingly. Do not decide to go that cheap just to save a few extra bucks. This is because by increasing your budget a little, you can get a younger car, which will obviously be able to function for longer. But if you don’t, you can absolutely keep cars under 10 lakhs as an option. You just have to be a little more conscious. 

2. Consider the purpose- 

Buying a 7-year-old car as your first is not recommended. This is because you expect a lot from a car that you use regularly. That is your only means of commuting, and you can’t park it in your lot and use it occasionally. You will need it for at least half your day, and for that, you either should go for a used variant that is younger or a brand new model. You can definitely buy one if you’ve got a backup!

3. Ask around the car’s market value- 

Check if the car is priced as per the market standards or if the seller is just trying to get rid of it by quoting cheap. If this car is deprecated to 10 lakhs, consider it. But if you can find other similar models of this age being sold at higher prices in the market- the seller is probably trying to dump it over you!

4. Run if that car has been tampered with- 

There’s a whole junkyard of cars with accidental or modification history, and those are the ones that mostly make to the list of used luxury cars under 10 lakhs. Because what else could be the reason? There are not many things that decrease a car’s value. Modifications, depreciation, accidents are a few factors that impact the car’s price which is why a thorough knowledge of the car that you buy is necessary. 

5. Do the groundwork yourself- 

Do not rely upon the dealership to provide you with the history of the car’s inspection report. Request a thorough inspection from a credible third party. Dealerships can try to deceive you if they do not have enough foothold in the market just to get rid of the car and get the money- so ask for help. 

That’s what you can check before buying used luxury cars under 10 lakhs. But the question is, do we recommend them? 

We do, but it all depends on you. How much knowledge do you have in the area to bag a good deal? Or how much research you are willing to do for the same? Sometimes, it is not about the age or the depreciation, sometimes you just need to get a little into it. Spot the problem and get it fixed. Or just prefer a dealership!

That’s our take on this and doesn’t have to be yours. But according to us, if you are paying lakhs for a car it should at least come from a place that’s worthy of faith. It is, after all, a luxury car, and it shouldn’t come from the roadside, right? 

If you think you need a credible dealership that has a history of selling quality assured used luxury cars, then you must visit kings auto’s showroom. The only place that will not only focus on selling you the car but also finding the perfect match for you. So visit Kings Auto’s showroom today!

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Reasons to buy used Range Rover Vogue 4.4 Autobiography at Kings Auto


We promised you we will come back with more reviews of used luxury cars and make it possible for you to choose the car you love without any hassles. 

And here we are keeping our promise- today we will be reviewing the used Range Rover Vogue 4.4 Autobiography, which is available at Kings Auto’s lot. 

Except for the specifications of this car that you can easily find at the dealership or on the internet, we are going to discuss a few points concerning the car’s design, practicality, comfort and more. 

But before we begin with the pros and cons of this car the overall outlook is worthy of a discussion in itself. 

The boisterous and sporty look of this car will woo anyone easily into buying it. 

If we talk specifically about the front of this car, for starters the white goes seamlessly with the hues of black and grey. It all fits together effortlessly. 

The entire build of the car looks robust and gives a sporty glare. Plus, with that huge grille- oh! are you going to be stress-free about the heating engine? 

Moreover, the design of this car looks quite similar to the available variants in the market of used luxury cars.  

The huge bonnet of this car looks extremely attractive as it is engineered intricately to lower the engine’s pressure and improve the car’s performance. 

In all, we think the car is worth considering as an option. Now let’s see what more this variant has to offer apart from the looks. 

What do we like about this car?

After having an extensive discussion on the overall look of the car. We would give it a straight 9/10.

We like how it looks, and it will be the right fit for you if you have a groovy personality. 

Another amazing thing about this car that we can not miss amid this discussion is the impressive interior. 

The colour scheme is attractive, soothing and we definitely give it a thumbs up because we like it chic and classy. 

Moreover, the entire seating arrangement looks extremely well-designed and well-cushioned. 

Simply practical enough to make rides comfortable and snuggly and not a decision to curse later on. 

One more point from our side to the space in this car. 

Look at the variant and tell us you can’t stretch your back and sit how you want to sit. 

Moreover, with the front seats adjusted backwards, you can also lie down if you feel overwhelmed and want to take a break. 

One great thing about this variant is this car comes with a boot space of 900 litres. This is awesome if you like to travel and carry enough luggage with you to keep you going. 

Moving on to the car’s amenities, a point goes to the massive sunroof with which you can surely create your own ‘fly to your heart’ moment. 

Who doesn’t dream of experiencing the touch of cold breeze through a car roof anyways? Well, this used Range Rover Vogue 4.4 Autobiography can make that dream come true in no time. 

Worry not if you are introversive, because if not the sunroof, you will surely enjoy the infotainment systems in this car. There are three infotainments 2 at the back of the headrests for the rear passengers and one at the front to keep the passengers entertained on roads. 

Now that we have talked enough about the car’s design, comfort and space, let us take you through some important specifications about this car. 

Specifications and features

This used Range Rover Vogue 4.4 Autobiography comes with an 8-gear automatic transmission system with equal output to all four wheels and an engine putting out 335 bhp @3500 rpm and 740 Nm @1750 rpm of max power and max torque, respectively. 

With a wheelbase of 3120 mm, this car can be driven easily even on bumpy and uneven roads; passengers will be able to experience a smooth and comfortable ride throughout. 

And this is not all, because just like other used luxury cars, even this one here has all the luxury features that one can ask for. We are going to list a few great features of this car with their benefits for you. 

  1. Electronic brake assists: reduces stopping time on the road and prevents collisions. 
  2. Airbags: keeps the driver and the passengers safe during accidents and unforeseen events on the road.
  3. Hill assist: helps the car move easily without rolling backwards on slopes. 
  4. Stability control: keeps the car from rolling over or spinning by applying brakes to the wheels. 
  5. Seat pretensioners: prevents uncertain whiplash injuries caused often on roads. 

There are ample safety features that this car offers and above all the space is what we love the most about this car. After all, what is that anyone would ever need than comfort and space in a car? And the speed of course! 

So what’s your final verdict? Did you like this car, and do you think this could be the ride of your dreams? Or do you wish to stick with us and explore more? 

Either way, we recommend you browse Kings Auto’s website for better options at unmatched prices. We have the most exquisite collection of pre-owned luxury cars in the market. 

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A guide to purchasing extended warranties for used luxury cars


So many people have asked these questions, and people’s skepticism regarding extended warranties is so much that they end up losing so much money. 

Every time someone tries to sell us something, we think of it as a scam or a trick to squeeze money out of our bank account.

But not everything sold to you is worthless, and not every time someone pushes you to buy something is a call for help. 

Sometimes, things make sense, and you shouldn’t have a problem with someone else’s profit if you are being benefited in the process too. 

So yes, buying a warranty from a dealership of used luxury cars helps them make a few bucks, maybe, but the better question is- do they help you too? 

And this blog is all about answering this burning question of yours. 

So let’s dive in, shall we?

What are extended warranties? 

As the name suggests, extended warranties are an extension of the standard warranty provided by the manufacturers. Or in many cases, third parties like dealerships of used luxury cars themselves offer extended warranties on their product for an extra cost. That covers the insured for any repairs and replacements of the parts. Subject to the dealer or the package, the coverage varies. While some packages are exhaustive and cover everything from the powertrain to the electrical system, some might be very constrictive. 

Note that, unlike third-party insurance, an extended warranty is not mandatory.  

What are the different kinds of extended warranties, and which one should you get for your used luxury cars?

  • Manufacturer’s warranty-  manufacturer or factory warranty is provided by the manufacturers when the car is purchased first hand. Since the manufacturers provide these, these warranties provide exhaustive coverage to major parts of your vehicles.  
  • Standard warranty- when you purchase directly from the lot, manufacturers usually provide a standard warranty for two years or certain kilometers, whichever comes first. Usually, the dealers at the lot try to sell you an extended warranty over your standard warranty. You can think of the standard warranty as a basic package and the extended one as an upgrade. Both of these are different and have different coverage. Upgrading your package during the life of your standard warranty can get you cheaper deals. 
  • Bumper to bumper- this is the most detailed warranty plan that you’ll ever get on any vehicle. This warranty covers everything from the car’s powertrain to the electrical system and regular wear and tear. Since this package covers almost every important part of the vehicle, it gets real easy on the pocket for you to get those parts replaced in case anything goes wrong.
  • Powertrain warranty- powertrain warranty covers powertrain only. Even then, it’s beneficial because the powertrain incorporates important parts like the transmission, engine, and a few mechanical parts. 
  • Corrosion warranty- corrosion is hard to manage for cars, and the manufacturers know this. This is why many manufacturers like BMW provide corrosion or rustic warranty on their products. BMW specifically provides a rust perforation warranty on cars sold after 2010 for up to 12 years for unlimited mileage. 
  • Paint warranty- luxury cars are all about looks, and this is why many manufacturers like BMW also provide a paint warranty on their vehicles. Which is to ensure the consumer is saved from unnecessary losses. However, these warranties are for a shorter duration of 2 or 3 years and are subject to a few conditions. Like the damage should not be a result of any external influences. 
  • Third-party warranty- third-party warranties are provided by dealerships of used luxury cars or private companies. It’s recommended that you buy your extended warranty from the dealership if you are buying a used car because there is better negotiation scope. 

Goodwill service through the manufacturer- imagine you bought a brand new car from a lot. Just after the warranty expired, a major issue occurred, which may be something that many other owners of the same model are facing. You might not know this, but the company does. Hence they would not risk their goodwill and fix the car. Therefore, never shy away from dialing the original manufacturer’s number whenever your car gives you trouble. 

Do companies from which you buy extended warranties pay for your repairs? 

Yes and no. Yes, if the car is in good condition and has been maintained well. No, if the warranty doesn’t cover it and the loss is because of your negligence. A warranty is a contract between the buyer and the seller, and a contract has terms and conditions. You might not like this, but you are supposed to read them! Period. You can’t say someone had frauded you when you were given a chance to ask questions and read the contract throughout. And by not doing these things, you probably chose to stay in the dark. 

So the point is, read the terms thoroughly and ask questions. Also, here are a few pointers you should not miss if you want to claim damages in the future. 

  • Fluids- make sure you use the fuel as specifically mentioned by the dealer. For instance, if you’ve been using a fuel that is maybe good but not what has been specifically told to you and god forbid your car engine gets blocked- you are not getting the coverage on this one. The reason is you were negligent on your part, and the company doesn’t owe you anything for that. 
  • Keep a record of servicing at authorized centers- if you want to raise any claim in the future, do not ever for even once take it to a local mechanic. We recommend that you don’t even bother to check it yourself and do anything that might be termed as “temperance.” These authorities frown on local service centers because they don’t keep knowledge of luxury cars. And any parts changed or tempered could void your warranty. 
  • Extreme modifications temper with major parts- again, if you modify your car, do not tamper with important parts. If anything goes wrong with those parts in the future, the dealership of used luxury cars isn’t liable because you chose to do it knowing they aren’t really good for your car. 

How is an extended warranty different from car insurance? 

People often get confused between these two as they think both merely reimburse in ways for losses. But the fact is insurance is a broader concept than warranty. It is true these two reimburse for the car’s damages but in different ways. 

For instance, if you ever get into an accident and damage your car’s bumper and if you’ve got a comprehensive insurance plan, then your insurance company is liable to reimburse you for that damage. 

But if your car engine got damaged due to regular use, then your warranty comes into play. 

Moreover, insurance covers many more things subject to your premium amount—the higher the premium, the better the coverage. If we talk about the most comprehensive insurance plan, then in an unfortunate accident, you, the passengers, your car, the victim’s car, and the victim himself are also covered. Not to mention, unlike a warranty, third-party insurance is mandatory as per the country’s laws. 

Why should I buy extended warranties? 

  • Protection against failures- extended warranties work as a shield to your newly bought used luxury cars. Since many packages cover the car’s powertrain and many other important parts, it’s easier to replace them at authorized centers. This further assures you that the damaged parts will be replaced with original variants only as we all know what fake parts could bring. 
  • Satisfaction throughout the car’s life- since the car is under warranty, chances are you will only get it serviced at good service centers, and all the wear and tear of the car will be handled with care. That assures long-term satisfaction, which is impossible if you keep taking the car to less reliable service centers. 
  • Cost-effective- when you go for an extended warranty, you pay what you are liable for firsthand at the lot. So whatever fixes come up, later on, are to be borne by someone else and are therefore not your headache. The money charged for the warranty is all you have to pay to get the essential parts of your vehicle covered. We are talking about good money here because luxury vehicles have premium quality parts, and to replace those with original counterparts, you would have to spend a lot. 
  • Car’s life extends- luxury cars have a very good life expectancy, and if they are maintained well, they can do you no wrong! This is why when you get coverage for your vehicle’s parts, the car’s life extends, and you keep getting the satisfaction you got from the car the very first time. 
  • Good buyback value- good maintenance always does you good. And even when you want to buy a new one, your efforts pay you back. Cars that stay in good shape can be traded with the dealerships that take in used luxury cars subject to their terms and conditions. So don’t you worry, if you get bored of your ride, you can trade it in and get yourself a new variant? But note that only well-maintained cars are eligible for trade-in- so ensure you keep good care of your used luxury cars. 

Where should I buy extended warranties? 

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from where you want to buy an extended warranty. If you are purchasing first hand, without a doubt, go for a manufacturer’s warranty and buy an extended one too right there. But if you are buying a used luxury car, you prefer buying it from the same dealership. Also, check if the variant already has a standard manufacturer warranty since you can get an upgrade from the manufacturer on this one. Many private companies today sell extended warranties; you can also check out a few packages there. But since it’s run privately, look for credible companies and go through the terms thoroughly.

What should my car’s extended warranty cover?

Before you settle for any packages:

  1. Research properly. Go through your car’s history, mark anything that might look suspicious, and note any previous breakdowns. 
  2. Dig deep into the inspection sheet and look out for any parts that might have any failure history. This way, you can prioritize the parts you want to include in your coverage. 

Apart from this, every major part like the engine and transmission is covered in warranties. All you have to do is check which one is covered and which one isn’t. 

Here’s a checklist of important parts for your reference- 

  • Powertrain
  • Electrical system 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Brake system
  • Steering and suspension system 

You need to ensure that your package covers these basic parts.

When can you buy an extended warranty?

Manufacturer warranties are provided on the spot when you purchase the car. You can extend the coverage to a few years by upgrading it then or later when your standard warranty is about to expire. Apart from the manufacturer warranties, you can opt for third-party warranties whenever required. But one thing you need to remember is that the older the car, the more difficult it is to get a warranty that provides good coverage. So don’t let it age and get a package the soonest. 

If you trade in used luxury cars, then what happens to the extended warranty? 

  • Get it transferred- if you are selling your car to a private seller, you can benefit from it. Contrary to how the refund works, selling can be very easy. All you’ve got to do is raise your charges. Look, you have a car that has been maintained well and has a running warranty. Since the car was under warranty, you only got it serviced at authorized service centers that indirectly extended the car’s life, which is a much better deal than any roadside junk. So, quote a little higher and get yourself reimbursed for all the pain- also, since the person gets a running warranty, it’s a win-win. 
  • Get it refunded- if you haven’t raised a single claim with the company yet, chances are you can get the refund. Although, the process of getting the refund could look a little hefty because why would someone want to return your money? But make sure to get refunded even after minor deductions. 

Do dealerships make money selling warranties?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Honestly, it shouldn’t matter. Did you ask this question when you stepped in to buy the car? No, right? Because you wanted to buy the car. As humans, we tend to doubt things others put in our heads. So breathe a little and don’t stress over things that don’t matter. Every business is there to make a profit at the end of the day. 

That’s all about extended warranties. Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions regarding this, and you are no longer in the dark. One thing you can do is go for dealerships and subtract all this hassle in one go. But make sure you choose a credible one since credible car dealerships like Kings Auto ensure customer satisfaction to its best. 

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