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A guide to purchasing extended warranties for used luxury cars


So many people have asked these questions, and people’s skepticism regarding extended warranties is so much that they end up losing so much money. 

Every time someone tries to sell us something, we think of it as a scam or a trick to squeeze money out of our bank account.

But not everything sold to you is worthless, and not every time someone pushes you to buy something is a call for help. 

Sometimes, things make sense, and you shouldn’t have a problem with someone else’s profit if you are being benefited in the process too. 

So yes, buying a warranty from a dealership of used luxury cars helps them make a few bucks, maybe, but the better question is- do they help you too? 

And this blog is all about answering this burning question of yours. 

So let’s dive in, shall we?

What are extended warranties? 

As the name suggests, extended warranties are an extension of the standard warranty provided by the manufacturers. Or in many cases, third parties like dealerships of used luxury cars themselves offer extended warranties on their product for an extra cost. That covers the insured for any repairs and replacements of the parts. Subject to the dealer or the package, the coverage varies. While some packages are exhaustive and cover everything from the powertrain to the electrical system, some might be very constrictive. 

Note that, unlike third-party insurance, an extended warranty is not mandatory.  

What are the different kinds of extended warranties, and which one should you get for your used luxury cars?

  • Manufacturer’s warranty-  manufacturer or factory warranty is provided by the manufacturers when the car is purchased first hand. Since the manufacturers provide these, these warranties provide exhaustive coverage to major parts of your vehicles.  
  • Standard warranty- when you purchase directly from the lot, manufacturers usually provide a standard warranty for two years or certain kilometers, whichever comes first. Usually, the dealers at the lot try to sell you an extended warranty over your standard warranty. You can think of the standard warranty as a basic package and the extended one as an upgrade. Both of these are different and have different coverage. Upgrading your package during the life of your standard warranty can get you cheaper deals. 
  • Bumper to bumper- this is the most detailed warranty plan that you’ll ever get on any vehicle. This warranty covers everything from the car’s powertrain to the electrical system and regular wear and tear. Since this package covers almost every important part of the vehicle, it gets real easy on the pocket for you to get those parts replaced in case anything goes wrong.
  • Powertrain warranty- powertrain warranty covers powertrain only. Even then, it’s beneficial because the powertrain incorporates important parts like the transmission, engine, and a few mechanical parts. 
  • Corrosion warranty- corrosion is hard to manage for cars, and the manufacturers know this. This is why many manufacturers like BMW provide corrosion or rustic warranty on their products. BMW specifically provides a rust perforation warranty on cars sold after 2010 for up to 12 years for unlimited mileage. 
  • Paint warranty- luxury cars are all about looks, and this is why many manufacturers like BMW also provide a paint warranty on their vehicles. Which is to ensure the consumer is saved from unnecessary losses. However, these warranties are for a shorter duration of 2 or 3 years and are subject to a few conditions. Like the damage should not be a result of any external influences. 
  • Third-party warranty- third-party warranties are provided by dealerships of used luxury cars or private companies. It’s recommended that you buy your extended warranty from the dealership if you are buying a used car because there is better negotiation scope. 

Goodwill service through the manufacturer- imagine you bought a brand new car from a lot. Just after the warranty expired, a major issue occurred, which may be something that many other owners of the same model are facing. You might not know this, but the company does. Hence they would not risk their goodwill and fix the car. Therefore, never shy away from dialing the original manufacturer’s number whenever your car gives you trouble. 

Do companies from which you buy extended warranties pay for your repairs? 

Yes and no. Yes, if the car is in good condition and has been maintained well. No, if the warranty doesn’t cover it and the loss is because of your negligence. A warranty is a contract between the buyer and the seller, and a contract has terms and conditions. You might not like this, but you are supposed to read them! Period. You can’t say someone had frauded you when you were given a chance to ask questions and read the contract throughout. And by not doing these things, you probably chose to stay in the dark. 

So the point is, read the terms thoroughly and ask questions. Also, here are a few pointers you should not miss if you want to claim damages in the future. 

  • Fluids- make sure you use the fuel as specifically mentioned by the dealer. For instance, if you’ve been using a fuel that is maybe good but not what has been specifically told to you and god forbid your car engine gets blocked- you are not getting the coverage on this one. The reason is you were negligent on your part, and the company doesn’t owe you anything for that. 
  • Keep a record of servicing at authorized centers- if you want to raise any claim in the future, do not ever for even once take it to a local mechanic. We recommend that you don’t even bother to check it yourself and do anything that might be termed as “temperance.” These authorities frown on local service centers because they don’t keep knowledge of luxury cars. And any parts changed or tempered could void your warranty. 
  • Extreme modifications temper with major parts- again, if you modify your car, do not tamper with important parts. If anything goes wrong with those parts in the future, the dealership of used luxury cars isn’t liable because you chose to do it knowing they aren’t really good for your car. 

How is an extended warranty different from car insurance? 

People often get confused between these two as they think both merely reimburse in ways for losses. But the fact is insurance is a broader concept than warranty. It is true these two reimburse for the car’s damages but in different ways. 

For instance, if you ever get into an accident and damage your car’s bumper and if you’ve got a comprehensive insurance plan, then your insurance company is liable to reimburse you for that damage. 

But if your car engine got damaged due to regular use, then your warranty comes into play. 

Moreover, insurance covers many more things subject to your premium amount—the higher the premium, the better the coverage. If we talk about the most comprehensive insurance plan, then in an unfortunate accident, you, the passengers, your car, the victim’s car, and the victim himself are also covered. Not to mention, unlike a warranty, third-party insurance is mandatory as per the country’s laws. 

Why should I buy extended warranties? 

  • Protection against failures- extended warranties work as a shield to your newly bought used luxury cars. Since many packages cover the car’s powertrain and many other important parts, it’s easier to replace them at authorized centers. This further assures you that the damaged parts will be replaced with original variants only as we all know what fake parts could bring. 
  • Satisfaction throughout the car’s life- since the car is under warranty, chances are you will only get it serviced at good service centers, and all the wear and tear of the car will be handled with care. That assures long-term satisfaction, which is impossible if you keep taking the car to less reliable service centers. 
  • Cost-effective- when you go for an extended warranty, you pay what you are liable for firsthand at the lot. So whatever fixes come up, later on, are to be borne by someone else and are therefore not your headache. The money charged for the warranty is all you have to pay to get the essential parts of your vehicle covered. We are talking about good money here because luxury vehicles have premium quality parts, and to replace those with original counterparts, you would have to spend a lot. 
  • Car’s life extends- luxury cars have a very good life expectancy, and if they are maintained well, they can do you no wrong! This is why when you get coverage for your vehicle’s parts, the car’s life extends, and you keep getting the satisfaction you got from the car the very first time. 
  • Good buyback value- good maintenance always does you good. And even when you want to buy a new one, your efforts pay you back. Cars that stay in good shape can be traded with the dealerships that take in used luxury cars subject to their terms and conditions. So don’t you worry, if you get bored of your ride, you can trade it in and get yourself a new variant? But note that only well-maintained cars are eligible for trade-in- so ensure you keep good care of your used luxury cars. 

Where should I buy extended warranties? 

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from where you want to buy an extended warranty. If you are purchasing first hand, without a doubt, go for a manufacturer’s warranty and buy an extended one too right there. But if you are buying a used luxury car, you prefer buying it from the same dealership. Also, check if the variant already has a standard manufacturer warranty since you can get an upgrade from the manufacturer on this one. Many private companies today sell extended warranties; you can also check out a few packages there. But since it’s run privately, look for credible companies and go through the terms thoroughly.

What should my car’s extended warranty cover?

Before you settle for any packages:

  1. Research properly. Go through your car’s history, mark anything that might look suspicious, and note any previous breakdowns. 
  2. Dig deep into the inspection sheet and look out for any parts that might have any failure history. This way, you can prioritize the parts you want to include in your coverage. 

Apart from this, every major part like the engine and transmission is covered in warranties. All you have to do is check which one is covered and which one isn’t. 

Here’s a checklist of important parts for your reference- 

  • Powertrain
  • Electrical system 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Brake system
  • Steering and suspension system 

You need to ensure that your package covers these basic parts.

When can you buy an extended warranty?

Manufacturer warranties are provided on the spot when you purchase the car. You can extend the coverage to a few years by upgrading it then or later when your standard warranty is about to expire. Apart from the manufacturer warranties, you can opt for third-party warranties whenever required. But one thing you need to remember is that the older the car, the more difficult it is to get a warranty that provides good coverage. So don’t let it age and get a package the soonest. 

If you trade in used luxury cars, then what happens to the extended warranty? 

  • Get it transferred- if you are selling your car to a private seller, you can benefit from it. Contrary to how the refund works, selling can be very easy. All you’ve got to do is raise your charges. Look, you have a car that has been maintained well and has a running warranty. Since the car was under warranty, you only got it serviced at authorized service centers that indirectly extended the car’s life, which is a much better deal than any roadside junk. So, quote a little higher and get yourself reimbursed for all the pain- also, since the person gets a running warranty, it’s a win-win. 
  • Get it refunded- if you haven’t raised a single claim with the company yet, chances are you can get the refund. Although, the process of getting the refund could look a little hefty because why would someone want to return your money? But make sure to get refunded even after minor deductions. 

Do dealerships make money selling warranties?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Honestly, it shouldn’t matter. Did you ask this question when you stepped in to buy the car? No, right? Because you wanted to buy the car. As humans, we tend to doubt things others put in our heads. So breathe a little and don’t stress over things that don’t matter. Every business is there to make a profit at the end of the day. 

That’s all about extended warranties. Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions regarding this, and you are no longer in the dark. One thing you can do is go for dealerships and subtract all this hassle in one go. But make sure you choose a credible one since credible car dealerships like Kings Auto ensure customer satisfaction to its best. 

So don’t forget to check out Kings Auto’s collection of best pre-owned luxury cars; we swear you’ll fall in love!

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Pros and cons of buying pre-owned luxury cars older than 7 years


That dream that you saw once is on the verge of becoming your reality today. 

You might get your hands on your favourite variant, and that too is under your budget. You are living your best life- and boom!! 

You come to know from your dealer that your car is seven years old, and now you’ve drowned in the ocean of scepticism. 

You keep questioning yourself whether you should buy it or not? 

You don’t want to let this deal slip your hands, but you are scared things might not go as you expected. 

We get you. We understand your scepticism and your pain. This is why we have answered your burning questions in this blog. 

So sit tight and stick with us till the end to get the answers to all your questions. 

  • What difference does the car’s age make? 

As recent studies show, the average age of cars today is 12 years. This is pretty good as you can keep your brand new car for at least that long. 

But this is subjective to many things- (a) how well the car was maintained? (b) whether the buyer replaced any major parts with local substitutes? (C ) whether the buyer modified the car? (d) driving styles and many other things. 

For instance, if the car (A) was maintained well, and driven safely on the road and car (B) has a bad accidental history with extensive modifications. Then chances are, car (A) will sustain longer than the car (B). 

Similarly, the parts of an older car will start wearing out with time, and it becomes a task to get the car insured and under warranty. This is why age becomes an important factor while buying a used variant. 

Moreover, models whose parts are unavailable in the market become a headache that no one wants. So yes, the car’s age matters. 

Furthermore, the lex loci is another thing that one should consider while buying a used variant. As per the government of Delhi, diesel cars older than 10 years and petrol variants older than 15 years are not allowed on the roads. 

This is the main reason why buying a car older than this is not a great deal in some cases.  

  • What other factors should one consider apart from the car’s age? 

A car older than 7 years is still a great option if the car is in good condition. Other than the age you must consider these things- 

(a) the maintenance history,

(b) servicing and modifications history and, 

(c ) insurance claim history- to be aware of any major accidents. 

All of this will give you a brief idea of the car’s conditions and whether it is worth buying or not. Many of these cars are less driven but, their age keeps increasing- thus, it is possible to find variants whose parts are intact but are older. 

Hence age does matter but, it isn’t the only parameter on which you should judge the car. 

  • What are the pros of buying pre-owned luxury cars older than 7 years? 

You probably know the biggest pro of buying a used variant is that you save a lot. These cars depreciate a lot in their initial years of purchase- so when a person buys them, they save a lot of money. Because the car’s value has been depreciated 20/30 % to what its initial value was. 

Hence, it’s a good way to get your favourite variant- just wait for 2-3 years, and you can get it at an affordable price. 

Another thing is, if you are looking for a variant for the time being, then you can benefit from buying it old. Buying a used luxury variant that has less mileage on it but is old can get you a good deal, and you can drive it as you like. As far as the servicing and maintenance are concerned- an extended warranty and comprehensive insurance can cover most of it. 

  • What are the cons of buying pre-owned luxury cars older than 7 years? 

A major con could be the car’s life. You are buying it second hand, and the life of this car has decreased from 15 to 7years. But this isn’t that big of a deal if you aim to keep the car for 5 /6 years only. After all, you are getting it at such low prices. 

With time it gets difficult to replace the car’s parts because of unavailability. But if you get an extended warranty, it wouldn’t be your responsibility anymore. A manufacturer’s warranty is all you need to stay on the safer side. 

But the pro here comes with a con too. You are getting a car at low prices because it has depreciated- Hence the resale value is also going to be less as the car depreciates further. 

So keep that in mind. Do not purchase a car that has depreciated so much if you aim to resell it in the future. You might not get what you were expecting. 

 As far as the maintenance is concerned, it can really take a toll on you if you don’t invest in extended warranties on time. So if you opt for an extended warranty from the money that you’ve saved- you are good to go. 

But this could become a con for those who choose not to take coverage from extended warranties. 

That’s about it. We’ve discussed almost every advantage and disadvantage that comes with buying pre-owned luxury cars older than 7 years. These are the things that you must consider to stay on the safer side. 

If you are looking for pre-owned luxury cars you must check out Kings Auto’s website to get the best variants at competitive prices. We have a huge collection, and you can also visit our showroom if you wish to explore more. 

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Frequently asked questions about pre-owned luxury car dealerships


Good things are difficult to believe- it’s true! But not every good deal has to have a bad side. Since the demand for used luxury cars is increasing- the enormous consumer base is asking questions. And it is our responsibility to answer all. So here we are answering a few most frequently asked questions about pre-owned luxury cars dealerships-

Why do people buy from used luxury car dealerships instead of CPO programs? 

Both provide quality vehicles but, a CPO costs much more than a dealership. There are many reasons for the same. The major one is that CPO vehicles carry the brand’s name. And the brand name always costs more. Another thing is dealerships are places where good quality is available at very affordable prices, unlike CPOs and private sellers where you have to compromise either on the quality or the prices. 

Are car dealerships secure and credible? 

Not all car dealerships are credible, and dealing with the wrong one can cost you. The thing with dealerships is that they usually run inspection checks to satisfy their customers. But the question here is- what all parts are they inspecting? If the checklist comprises crucial parts of the vehicle, the dealership is likely credible. Another thing is-are you getting all you need from the dealership? For example, a dealership offering after-sale services and buyback value is a better place to buy from. 

Why do car dealerships sell used luxury cars at higher prices than any private seller? 

If you have explored the market, you’ll know private sellers are selling the same variants at much lower rates than dealerships or CPOs. These sellers are selling their luxury cars very cheap, and people get sceptical as to whether they should purchase from them and save- or go to dealerships? The thing is, at such low rates, you must not expect good quality. Since these cars are not inspected thoroughly- there’s a huge possibility of something being iffy with them. We know these cars are not well-maintained by their owners- which is the primary reason why they are sold at such cheap prices. 

What are the benefits of buying from a dealership? 

There are innumerable benefits of buying from a dealership. Let us mention a few for you here- 

  • You get quality assured vehicles. Dealership cars have passed rigorous inspection checks to reach their lots, which is the main reason why people prefer dealerships. 
  • You get seamless assistance throughout. From documentation to financing and getting you other additional perks- dealerships help you in everything. 
  • Apart from documentation, transportation is also a responsibility of the dealership itself. So you don’t have to worry about anything, and you sit back till you get the keys in your hands and your love is ready to be driven!

Do dealerships provide higher interest rates on financing luxury cars than the market? 

Your interest rate depends absolutely on your credit score. If you have a good credit score, chances are you will get a low-interest rate on your loan. Whereas, if you have a bad score, you will be quoted high from banks and agencies. Another thing that impacts your interest rate is the loan term. If you opt for the loan for five years, your interest will be lower than what it would have been if you had availed of a loan for 7 or 8 years. So all you have to do is make sure you have good credit. And also, reduce your loan term for a better rate. 

What are the parameters on which the dealerships inspect their cars? 

Dealerships inspect the cars in and out. All the primary parts like the engine, the transmission and the exteriors of the car are inspected. Plus, everything is cross-checked with the documents that the seller provides. Different dealerships have different criteria, and mostly all are checked thoroughly to make sure the customer gets the best quality. 

Why can’t we test drive the cars without paying the token price? 

Note that these are luxury cars even though they are second hand-they offer great value and are priced high compared to any regular car. Apart from driving the car, you can cross-check information through vehicle history reports. This ensures that both the dealer and the buyer get what they want and stay secured. 

These are a few most frequently asked questions about used luxury cars that we have answered here. The concerns customers have regarding buying pre-owned luxury cars are understandable. But the fact is not everything that has been put under shade by society’s stereotypes is iffy. Buying used luxury cars is a great and reasonable decision, and instead of new variants, people must shift towards used variants if they find them feasible. 

Also, if you are looking for a credible dealership that sells quality assured used luxury cars, then you must visit Kings Auto’s website. We have a great collection of pre-owned luxury cars in our lot. 

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Best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars to own in 2021


We all want to own the best, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to own the best-used luxury cars. After all, you are paying for it. And it is graspable that it is not easy for you since the market of second-hand cars is saturated right now. It will take you multiple dips in the ocean to catch the best fish- and the probability of getting your hands on the best available alternatives is low without prior research or knowledge. 

This is why people end up making wrong decisions. There are so many options-some are cheap, some are not- and it gets intimidating to choose the best one. So they give up instead and settle with a standard car. But we don’t want you to do that- we want you to bag the best available deals in the market.

Here we cover the top 5 used luxury cars that you should consider buying without thinking twice. So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Here is the list of the best pre-owned luxury cars to own in 2021. 

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche is known for its unbeatable sports cars. This is a performance inspired model designed to provide extreme comfort and convenience while the riders enjoy the unmatched speed of this car. If you are a speed enthusiast, you’ll love what this model has to offer you- with top advanced engineering- this variant is one of the top used luxury cars in the market at the moment. So if you have a budget of 60-70 lakhs, you can own this beauty and enjoy its comfortable rides for your life.

Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition

Next in line is this beast- Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition is a combination of unrivalled style and extraordinary luxury. Designed to provide comfort, speed, and class to the owner- this variant churns out max power and max torque of 237nm @5500 rpm and @251 nm @ 1250 rpm, respectively. The best thing, you ask? This variant can go from 0-100kmph in 9.1 seconds, and the automatic 9-gear transmission is like the cherry on the cake- giving the car the stability and power it needs to glide smoothly on uneven terrains. All in all, it is a steal in the price it’s been offered to you by Kings Auto. 

BMW 6 Series 630i GT Sport Line

Another one for the “Speed Romeos”. This variant features an engine putting out max power and max torque of 255 bhp @5000 rpm and 400 nm @ 1500 rpm, respectively. Moreover, this is a rear-wheel-drive variant making it one of the best luxury sports cars in this segment. Since it improves traction on uneven and slippery terrains. This is a viable option if you are looking for top luxury cars between 50-60 lakhs. 

Mercedes- AMG E63

Mercedes is a brand that never disappoints anyone with its cars- from sedans to SUVs- they have it all, and that too of supreme quality. But not everyone can pull off a Mercedes; you need to have an eye for class and nobility. The AMG E-63 comes with a 5.5-litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine that churns out 577 hp @5500 rpm and 590 lb-ft @ 200- rpm of max power and max torque, respectively. The best thing about this variant is that it is spacious and an apt purchase for families and people who have a huge group of friends. Need more? This variant comes with electrically adjustable seats and extended thigh support for comfortable long drives- making it one of the best pre-owned luxury cars in the market. 

Mini Cooper Countryman

This subcompact SUV is a luxury car priced originally at 40 lakhs that is available at Kings Auto’s lot for half that price. The interesting thing about this mini is, unlike its name- it is commodious and comfortable. It’s a mini that provides you with the comfort and space of a regular SUV but is also dynamic enough to be driven on different terrains efficiently if you are an explorer. Specifically, this car features a 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder engine that churns out max power and max torque of 181 hp @5500 rpm and 177 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm, respectively. This is a great car if you are looking for something minimal yet extremely functional. 


These are not all the variants but are surely a few best-used luxury cars that you should consider. Good thing is that you can get all these variants under your budget at competitive prices in Kings Auto’s lot. And the better thing is that these cars are certified, and we offer buyback value on our sold cars as well. 

So what are you waiting for? These cars are not going to wait for you forever in our lot. If you want the best, you need to hurry! Your best pre-owned luxury car is a call away from you! 

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Used Mercedes Benz S63 AMG- Performance, Specs, Interior and more


Buying a used luxury cars? Overwhelmed with the variants that are available in the market? It is tedious to find a car that suits your requirements best. Moreover, it shouldn’t only suit your requirements but also your personality. Buying a car isn’t a small thing, you need it to be perfect- a car that reflects your personality as a mirror; a car that turns heads around; a car that gives you lavish feels. And to find all of that in one car is difficult, we agree. But what if we tell you we have a used variant that is just what you want right now. Something that will give you too good to be true experiences while you take it the road. Sounds great, right? Well, it should because today we are going to review the Used Mercedes Benz S63 AMG that is standing in Kings Auto’s lot for you. We bet that by the end of this article, you will be convinced that this is the car that you want to drive home as soon as possible.

So let’s not waste any more time and get into it. 

Specification of Used Mercedes Benz S63-

Mercedes has always stunned the market with its impeccable and state-of-the-art innovations. And the S63 model has done just that through its ultramodern tech. To begin with, the model has a kerb weight of 4806lbs and features a 5.5-litre AMG Biturbo V8 engine under the hood that churns out max power and max torque of 603 bhp @5500 rpm and 900 nm @2750 rpm, respectively. With an automatic multi-clutch technology transmission system, this car can go from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. This car is an absolute steal because this variant offers a fuel economy of 15mpg city estimate and 23 mpg highway estimate. 

The best thing is this variant is a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high-performance tires that ensures a balance of power delivery. Moving on to a few praiseworthy exterior elements of this car, then talking about the headlights and the taillights becomes essential. This beast features exceptional headlights made of 200 mini LED lights and rear LED taillights as well. Moreover, this variant comes with a wheelbase of 2945mm that provides improved steering control and stability on the road. 

 All in all, this car definitely features a few forward-looking and redefined features that’ll provide you with the absolute jim-dandy experience that you are looking for. This is your ideal coupe as it will without a doubt offer over-the-top luxury feels when you drive it. But don’t settle for this variant just now, we have more to bring to your notice about this performance-inspired luxury car. 

Interior features, ambience, comfort and more are offered by Used Mercedes Benz S63

While buying a car a person would have two priorities- performance and comfort. The exterior matters, but after all, which luxury car looks bad? So the question is what all does it provide inside the cabin? Because at the end of the day, you’ll be spending your entire day inside the cabin and not sitting on the hood, right? So let’s enlighten you with a few most luxurious and attractive interior features that this car has to offer to you. 

To begin with, we are blown by the two 12.8 inch huge infotainment screens. They offer a few very practical features- while one screen displays everything that’s going around the car, the other one will display the car’s speed and other essential information. Another feature that we love about this car is the electronically controllable massaging seats. You can literally choose the kind of massage you need while drivng this beast- honestly, we would love to keep our back warm and massaged. It literally takes away the stress, and the best thing is, you don’t get tired while driving. What most used luxury cars are famous for is the storage and space that they offer- because comfort is paramount and a spacious car is a comfortable car, isn’t it? 

This used variant comes with ample storage space near the seats. The rear seats folded down brings forth two storage compartments, one of which can be used to fit a small travel-friendly refrigerator as well. This variant also offers enough legroom and headroom for the passengers and comes with a boot space of 400 litres. In all, a great car with ample space to relish those long drives that you haven’t taken for so long. Moving on to the ambience, first thing first, you wouldn’t feel like you are sitting inside the cabin as this Used Mercedes Benz S63 features a wide windshield and a huge panoramic sunroof that makes it amazingly see-through. 

Moreover, it feels extremely quiet inside the cabin, it’s like sitting inside a closed room, only much more spacious, comfortable, and not away from the world. And while sitting and taking warm massages on the seats, the lighting is the only thing that can elevate your experience at the moment. This is why this used luxury cars that is standing in our lot, provides ambient mood lighting fixed with 300 LEDs that you change as per your colour and mood preferences. What can be more pleasing and calming than what this used Mercedes Benz S63 provides you? 

The overall interior of this car is done with sewed leather upholstery that reflects opulence. Another extremely deluxe feature is the in-built car diffuser, it keeps the car ambience comforting and sweet. Furthermore, with the stereo camera, this car runs smoothly on uneven terrain. We think all of this justifies the price at which we offer this used luxury cars to you, but are you convinced or do you need more insights? 

Even if you do need more insights, we have no issues with it because all that this car can’t be kept from you. We want you to know it all, so let’s go and discover what more this one has to offer to you. 

How does a Used Mercedes Benz S63 look on the outside? 

In short, it looks luxurious and classy. This used variant is available in extraordinary green colour. For starters, this coupe-styled luxury car has an extended hood that goes seamlessly well with its LED headlights. The outsides of this variant showcase true opulence in its purest form. The huge grille of this car gives this car a very lavish finish and keeps the insides including the engine cool on the road. To be honest, words can’t describe the looks of this car, in order to justify what we say and what you picture you need to have a look. So check out the image shown below, and tell us you didn’t fall in love with this beauty. 

Safety features of Mercedes Benz S63 

How can we end a luxury car review without talking about the luxury safety features that it offers? It’s like making pizza without cheese. Most of the people who prefer luxury cars at the moment, choose to do so because of the ultramodern safety features that these cars provide. No one wants to drive unsafely on the road and that is why we think it’s important to discuss a few safety features that this variant has to offer. Firstly, this car comes with 10 airbags that provide extreme safety during a collision or accident on the road- all of the passengers and the driver along with the co-driver are safe while driving in this variant. Furthermore, this variant comes with a 360-degree park assist, cruise control, parking sensors, Overspeed warning system, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring system and a seatbelt warning system too. All of these features will keep you and your family safe from those uncertain accidents that occur on the road, which is why this car is a deal worth it! 

So that’s all that we think you need to know for today about this car. We have covered almost everything that needs to be highlighted here. So have you made up your mind? Do you like what we told you about this used Mercedes Benz S63? We absolutely love this variant because of the features that it provides. Our favourite one is the massaging seats because who doesn’t like massages right? If you loved anything about this car then we think you should check this out once. We have this variant ready to be sold at Kings Auto’s showroom- a brand that merchandises quality assured pre-owned luxury cars. 

So what are you waiting for? Get to the showroom or visit the website and take the first step towards making this one yours today! 

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