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Should you buy or lease Pre-Owned luxury cars?


So you’ve been surfing the internet and have come across the idea of owning used luxury cars. 

You like the fact that you can save a few extra bucks on this purchase. And thanks to the overflowing knowledge on the internet, now you’re lost and wondering if you should buy or lease one? 

Worry not! Because as always, we are here to lead you to the right path.

We know that saving money sounds like a rational thing, but the question is- to what extent should you prioritize savings?

Making a rational decision is tricky, and trust us on this money isn’t the only factor that makes a decision rational. 

Buying pre-owned luxury cars comes with some benefits, and so does leasing used luxury cars. So the question is not of benefits, it’s about what suits you and fulfills your requirements in the long term. 

Let’s discuss what the whole fuss is about first. 

Difference between leasing and buying Pre-Owned Luxury cars

When it comes to buying the idea is quite clear-you pay, and the title is transferred to you. You can also finance the car and transfer the title by paying off the debt with time.

But when you lease a car, your rights are temporary. This means the car is yours only for a prescribed period and not any longer than that. 

Another thing when you lease a car is that you are only allowed to drive a few pre-decided kilometers, and anything beyond that will cost you additional money. 

Similar to buying, while leasing, you can end up paying a few hidden costs like additional distance charges, wear and tear penalties, mechanical repairs, etc. 

But unlike owning a car, when you lease used luxury cars you are spending this money for maintenance for nothing. 

Think about it, this car that you’ve leased will have to be returned one day and all the money that you spend on this will be good for nothing. 

Whereas if you own a car and then pay for maintenance, at least you know you are spending for your long-term satisfaction. 

Leased cars are non-customizable, which means if you like your car to have a particular amenity, you’ll have to compromise and drive it as it is. Whereas when you buy used luxury cars, you can do whatever your heart desires. 

Now that we know some major differences between these two, let’s dive in and decide whether you should buy or lease a luxury car considering the below-mentioned parameters.

Long-term goals- 

  • How long do you wish to keep this car?

Ask this question to yourself, and figure if your long-term goals align with the decisions you are taking at the moment. 

If you wish to keep this car for a year or two, then this might still seem like a feasible option. But if you desire to lease for a longer period of time, this probably doesn’t make sense. 

After all, why would you lease a car for 4-5 years and give it back after incurring all the maintenance and upkeep costs, unless you are willing to shift car-to-car and fulfill your luxury zeal. 

  • Do you wish to own a car in the next few years or just keep leasing because you’re in a different city? 

If your ultimate dream is to own a luxury car, then you probably should buy one instead of leasing. You could be in need of a car because you’re in a different city and not willing to buy one because of uncertain plans. In this scenario, it still makes sense for you to lease a car for a year, so that you can go on a few drives and roll accordingly. 


  • Do you want to own this luxury variant to be able to show it off at those family functions or your purpose is to meet daily requirements? 

The fact is a leased luxury car would come with mileage restrictions. So if you consider the purpose of this purchase, it will help you avoid unnecessary hidden costs. As dealerships that lease or CPO outlets usually charge high for extended mileage. Thus, if you’re paying monthly EMIs, service charges, insurance, and warranty fees, regular wear and tear costs, and even then you are charged per exceeding kilometer- it’s not really worth it, is it? 

Low EMIs or Owner’s Title

  • Are you leasing this car just to get low EMIs?

One big reason that people choose to lease is because of the low EMI. And this isn’t the right reason to lease used luxury cars,  because even if you are getting low EMI one major thing that is being compromised in this scenario is the title. You’ll end up paying for everything and will be left with nothing- so choose wisely!

If your priority is to own a luxury car, then own one and don’t go the other way around. If you want to know the secret to getting low-interest rates and EMIs while financing pre-owned luxury cars, read on!


  • Have you considered the estimated costs you will have to pay in case an unfortunate event takes place?

CPO outlets don’t just let you drive away with their most expensive cars without having a backup. In case you damage the car, the costs are on you, and yes this is similar to owning one. But meeting into an accident and getting your car repaired is one thing and being under a legal liability to pay someone is another. 

In case of any arrears, the outlet has all the rights to sue you. Whereas when it’s your own car, you can get it repaired whenever you want. 

Never-ending EMIs

  • Have you thought about what would happen after the lease period ends?

You will, in your consciousness, go to the outlet to return the car you’ve spent so much money on. And what after that? You will have to either buy or lease another car-which will continue the endless cycle of EMIs. When you buy used luxury cars instead of leasing, you are probably eyeing the one day the title shifts to you entirely. But this vicious cycle of endless EMIs is no good!


  • Leasing a car means giving a commitment. If you ever wish to terminate the lease, you will have to pay additional penalties. Are you up for that? 

CPO outlets or leasing agencies usually charge high costs for terminating the lease agreement in the middle. This is just a long list of bills with temporary joy. Consider researching before you make up your mind to lease, as decisions that involve you spending such a huge amount of money should be taken with care. 

Now about that secret tip, we talked about earlier. If you wish to finance your dream car at low-interest rates and EMIs, consider putting in a good upfront down payment. Paying at least 20% as a downpayment will help you to decrease the overall loan amount which will further reduce the interest rates and monthly EMIs. Another thing to consider is to pay for additional perks and accessories in cash. The same logic applies here, adding the number of warranties to the entire loan amount will only increase the amount you owe. So keep a good budget to pay in cash as well. 

That’s all you need to know and consider before making this decision. The final call is yours, but make sure you do in-depth research about the outlet and agency before committing to the lease. Or if we‘ve convinced you to buy instead of leasing, let us take another burden off your shoulders. 

Check out Kings Auto’s collection of quality assured pre-owned luxury cars and get your hands on your dream car today!

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Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 40 Lakhs At Kings Auto


Who doesn’t dream of owning a luxury car? 

Now, what if we tell you that we can make this dream of yours come true under your budget. 

Yes, buying used luxury cars can be a quite hefty deal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t own one and still not blast a hole in your pocket. 

While buying used luxury cars can make you a little skeptical because of the market’s stereotypes-the benefits they bring are evident and indispensable. 

Does 40 lakhs sound like a good budget to you for a second-hand luxury car? 

If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place because we’ve curated a list of the best pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto just for you.

And along with the car’s details we’ll throw light on some of the most interesting and practical features of these luxury variants. 

So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Mercedes Benz C220D 

Mercedes Benz C220D is our first luxury variant under 40 lakhs. This used luxury car is your best bet if you like to showcase class. 


Our special underpriced variant has a 2143cc 4 cylinder inline engine type. This variant comes with an engine putting out 203 bhp @ 4200 rpm and 500 nm @ 1800 rpm with max power and max torque respectively. With an automatic 7 gear transmission system and 2960mm speed wheelbase, the car has a sports mode to satisfy your adventurous instincts. 


The car’s exterior is astonishing. For starters, the huge grille of this variant is the eye-catcher that goes seamlessly with the extended bonnet and huge headlights of this car. Not to mention the ostentatiously large sunroof of our used Mercedes Benz C220D will lure you into buying it in a heartbeat. 


The interiors of this car are intricately designed to provide you comfort during those long drives and keep you entertained. The huge infotainment screen, heated rear seats, middle rear headrests are a few best interior features of this car.

In all, this car gives an extravagantly classic look and luxury feels to the one who drives this.

Audi A3

Next in our under 40 lakhs pre-owned luxury cars list is this beast. Audi is the only automobile brand that has redefined luxury in its way. And here we are offering you our variant of Audi A3 at an irresistible price. 


Audi has never disappointed us and nor will it this time. This variant comes with an engine putting out at 141 bhp @ 3500 rpm and 320 nm @ 1500 rpm with max power and max torque respectively. Our used Audi A3 comes with a 7-speed-dual-clutch automatic transmission system and an anti-lock braking system that improves car performance.  


This used luxury car is a convertible with a capacity of four and 102-inch wheelbase. The huge grille of the car portrays spunk and free-spiritedness that goes well with the car’s huge bonnet and gigantic full LED headlights. Need more? This car has a massive panoramic sunroof to give you a thrilling feel. 


The interior of this car speaks class, and is for the noble! A few best interior features of this car are- the rich color of the interior, the well-designed leather seats, the ostentatiously large infotainment system, and undeniably comfy headrests. To sum up, if you’re looking for a car that prioritizes comfort and space, and yet does not compromise on amenities, this is your pick!

Check out this variant here

BMW 520D

BMW 520 D comes third in the list of pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. Although this comes third in our list, this should be your first choice if you envy space and luxury. 


Our variant of 520 D comes with an engine putting out 188 bhp @ 4000 rpm and 400 nm @ 1750 rpm of max power and max torque respectively. This used BMW 520 D variant comes with a power steering and an 8-Gear automatic transmission system. With 2975 mm of wheelbase, this car is your best option if you wish to take your fam on long drives. 


The exterior looks extravagantly appealing because of its slim set of LED headlights and huge boisterous head bumps; along with the extended bonnet of this car, the huge grille fits seamlessly giving it a sporty and lavish appearance. Not to mention, the color of this variant is what puts it all together. 


As mentioned earlier this car will provide you the space you always asked for with the fancy that you’ve never experienced before. The leather steering and upholstery, aural interior lighting, adjustable headrests, and multi-functional infotainment screen are a few internal features of this car that will lure you into making it yours. 

Thus, if you want your relatives to be envious of you, get your hands on this used BMW 520 D today!

Mini Cooper Countryman

Our Mini Cooper Countryman tops the list of pre-owned luxury cars under 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. This car has alluring interior and exterior features and a solid powertrain system to boost your on-road experience. 


As the name suggests “mini”, don’t confuse it for power & speed. Our used Mini Cooper Countryman is designed to keep up with the world’s pace. This car comes with an engine putting out 181 hp @ 5500 rpm and 177 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm of power, with strength and speed being its best features. Our variant of Mini Cooper Countryman has an automatic transmission and anti-lock braking system along with improved steering control to ensure you experience smooth and fuss-free rides. 


Our variant of Mini Cooper Countryman comes in blue color with a medium-sized grille and huge LED headlights. The exterior of this car looks ravishing because of its enormous windshield and uniquely shaped rear view mirrors. 


 As mentioned previously, this mini is not the best fit if you like to lay down throughout your rides, but it will do the needful and keep you cozy. Talking about the interiors of this car it is nearly impossible to ignore the electronically adjustable leather seats and digital odometer that comes with the variant. 

To conclude, go for this luxury variant if you like to live compact yet lavish and explore the unknown roads of your city. 

That’s a wrap! These are the top 4 used luxury cars in our list you can get under the budget of 40 lakhs at Kings Auto. 

Make sure to check out Kings Auto’s collection if you wish to explore more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from Kings Auto?

We at Kings Auto deal in the best quality pre-owned luxury cars and assist our customers at every step for their complete satisfaction. Our cars have passed 90+ checkpoints to reach our lot and with all this, we don’t ghost you after the purchase. Feel free to contact our team to know our trade-in options for up to 3 years of purchase subject to terms and conditions. Moreover, we have a plethora of options available; if you are lucky enough you can also get your hands on cars under 40 lakhs, which is a great budget for a luxury car in our opinion.

How do I know the car is worth the splurge?

We ensure every person that steps out of our showroom goes back with complete satisfaction and a smile on their face. We have a great team skilled at understanding the client’s requirements and fulfilling them by providing the best. The quality is unbeatable, and you can test drive it so you love what you take home!

What about financing? Do you take care of it or do we have to deal with it alone?

As mentioned previously, we never leave you alone in this journey. Kings Auto provides in-house financing options, and we offer a plethora of bank options for easy process.

What if I don’t stay in Delhi?

Kings Auto operates from Delhi but we deliver PAN India. So you don’t have to worry about which corner of the country you stay in. We’ll reach to you and deliver your love safely and with full accountability.

How do I know Kings Auto is a credible dealership of pre-owned luxury cars?

Kings Auto has been in operation since 2017, and we have served our clients with the best variants. With 100+ satisfied customers so far, we are proud to be able to keep up with our customer’s expectations.

What about the car’s history? How do I know that the car has been kept well and does not have any technical issues?

We understand this concern of our customers. Since you are buying an expensive car, it is obvious you’ll have quality concerns. This is why we ensure all our customers are satisfied with what we offer them, we provide our customers with a vehicle history report that incorporates every single piece of information from the car’s servicing history to its insurance claim history. By cross-checking the provided information you can be sure of the car’s quality. Also, Kings Auto ensures that the cars in our lot are free of any accidental or collision history.

What if I don’t have the budget to buy such expensive cars?

We get that with luxury cars comes this stereotype that only the richest can afford them. Which is only partially true. New variants of these luxury cars are out of most people’s affordability range, but used luxury cars can be bought for the price of a standard SUV today. At Kings Auto as well we provide varied options, we have cars under 40 lakhs in our lot too. All in all, it’s possible to own a luxury car even if you have a tight budget, just be wise

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