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It’s difficult to choose between a brand new car and used luxury cars and we don’t blame you.

Both these options are quite tempting and have their benefits. 

While buying a new car will give you the feels of owning a new one, used luxury cars can beat those chills with their luxurious features and unmatched comfort. 

So the question remains- which one to go for? 

A never-ending debate and one might never be able to conclude themselves. 

But let’s put an end to this misery of yours today, once and for all. 

We ain’t gonna tell you what to choose, we are just gonna tell you the pros and cons of both and you will be the one making the final decision here. 

So here’s a list of all pros and cons of buying used luxury cars and standard cars- check it out and decide for yourself!

Pros and cons of buying new standard cars


No hassles! 

While talking about the benefits of buying a new car, it is nearly impossible to forget this pro. Buying a used luxury car can be a lot of work if you buy from a private dealer. 

Contrary to which, when you buy a new car all you gotta do is go to your nearest outlet.

Pre-owned luxury cars ask for research and work from your end because you are trying to get a great deal.

You will need to research various things and that will include the variant you want, the budget you have, the car’s condition and a lot more. 

But this isn’t a necessary step, you can skip all of that in one go by stepping into a certified car dealership. 

It’s just like buying a new car from a showroom, but better, because excuse us, you are getting a luxury car!

High mileage-

Standard cars are made to benefit a specific segment of the market, the segment that chooses to bring comfort and fulfil their regular commuting needs on a budget. 

So yes, standard cars give good mileage. You can also get different variants of these standard cars and get them customised for CNG or diesel variants. 

Less maintenance-

Usually, any car asks for good maintenance if you aim to keep it in good shape for longer.

But if we compare it with the maintenance costs of a luxury car, you probably are paying in peanuts. 

Yet it doesn’t mean that you won’t be paying for maintenance or servicing at all. To get good value for your money, make sure to take care of it. 

Otherwise, it can become your worst nightmare. A little tip- don’t take it to the local garage and only get it serviced at factory outlets or authorised service centres. 

Easy financing-

Financing is an important thing as no one keeps a crazy amount of cash at hand. 

And yes if we compare, financing is easier for new cars. The reason is, new cars have good market value and the banks are at zero or no risk by financing the latest variant, as they can always recover the money by selling the vehicle. 

This isn’t the case when you buy Pre-owned luxury cars privately.

As privately sold used luxury cars are worn out models with low market value and financers would be concerned if they can even recover the money by selling the car in case of arrears. 

But not to mention, this isn’t exactly the case when you buy from car dealerships.

 As car dealerships sell luxury cars with good market value and also provide easy on the spot financing options to reduce your hassles.

So, in a nutshell, you will only be facing this issue, if you choose to buy from a private seller. 


A standard car!

The biggest con is you are buying a standard car. 

No matter what you say or do, a luxury car is a luxury car. Period. 

So before settling for a regular car, remember a regular car comes with regular features, regular feels, regular experiences and nothing extravagant. 

You might get a few lux features if you research enough, but then if you are craving lux, why settle for regular? 

A luxury car is a status symbol and is a head-turner. People will envy you and see you as an authority figure when you drive it, so it’s more like an okay-ish deal compared to a luxury one!


A new car is meant to depreciate and it won’t take a year or two to do so. As soon as you drive that beast off the lot, it will depreciate from its previous market value. 

Can’t show it off!

You will feel the pride of owning a new car but you can’t make people envious of this standard car.

 Yes, you have bought a great car and it’s a moment to celebrate, but you can’t show it off as a luxury one- can you?

Might not be the car you dreamt of!

It’s the moment of truth and we will only hear the truth.

If you had the money to own a brand new luxury variant, would you still choose to go for a standard car?

If your answer is no, then you are one of the ambitious visionaries. We all dream to own a luxury car once in our lives and a standard car won’t do what luxury is meant to do. 

High mileage but fewer features-

Yeah, mileage is pretty good and you might be able to get it customised and even reduce further fuel costs.

But this benefit comes with a disadvantage i.e., with less mileage comes basic features. 

Standard cars give good mileage because they lack various luxury features like air ventilated seats and mood lighting.

As luxury cars consume more fuel to provide all those luxurious features, their fuel consumption is much higher compared to a standard car. 

Will only do the needful- 

Many luxury features today have become a necessity for consumers and that is why there are many standard options out there providing luxurious features. But even then a standard car will only do as it is required to do. 

Unlike a luxury variant, standard cars are only beneficial if your objective of buying is to manage day-to-day activities and chores and keep up with your daily life by reducing public commuting hassles. 

So, apart from what the cars offer, one major question is- why do you want to own a car in the first place?

So if your ultimate goal is to commute and get a little comfy while you hustle, getting a standard car seems like a good option. 

Pros and cons of buying Pre-Owned luxury cars


Luxury experience-

The major pro of buying pre-owned luxury cars is that they come with all the most luxurious features and the experience in itself is unmatched. 

Riding in a luxury car is more like travelling in your home- the comfort, the amenities, the exposure is incomparable.

You will feel all the lush and comfort you’ve been dying to experience since forever. 

Status symbol-

It’s true, nothing seems to matter when you get down from a luxury car at a gathering. The best thing is you won’t have to speak of your accomplishments, as your ride will do that for you!

Used luxury cars are indeed a status symbol and they will not only speak of your status but will also leave those colleagues awestruck. 

Not to mention, these luxury cars are made for the elite and only the classiest personalities manage to pull that off effortlessly. 

Your dream car-

We know you once dreamt of owning a luxury car and this is your chance to make that dream come true. 

The truth is that owning a standard car is a requirement these days while buying a luxury car is a dream. And the best thing about this dream is that it can become a reality, at almost the same price at which you would buy a standard car. 

So why not fulfil that dream and take one step closer to the life you imagined yourself living one day? 

Does more than a standard car-

As already mentioned, standard cars can only do so much. 

The main motive of the manufacturers of standard cars is to ease the pain people take in their regular lives, contrary to which the luxury manufacturers aim to give an element of luxury to everything possible.

Thus, they fulfil more than just your commuting needs. Luxury cars have features like air ventilated seats and ambient mood lighting, which is not to help you reach a destination, but to elevate the experience you get while riding a Jaguar instead of a Toyota Yaris. 

Moreover, the manufacturers of luxury cars aim to provide a memorable experience for their customers- to them everything matters equally. And that is why even the smallest things in luxury cars are intricately designed to provide unmatched comfort and soothing drives. 

Awesome performance-

One major doubt you might be having is the car’s performance. A new variant would run effortlessly- but what about a used one? Will it be able to match the performance of a new variant? The answer is yes!

A new car will perform, but unlike standard cars, luxury cars have many luxurious features that help in improving the car’s performance. 

The engines of almost all luxury cars are strong and can easily outperform that of a regular car. These cars are built to feed the speedy-beast inside their customers, that is the reason they are so good on roads!


Because of the strong build of used luxury cars, they live longer than the standard variants. 

Luxury cars are manufactured to provide long-lasting irresistible luxury experiences to their customers. 

This is the reason these cars have better sustenance than any regular car. Also, the condition of regular cars starts deteriorating after a few years, which reduces the level of satisfaction you get from these cars, unlike a luxury car. Although, they do depreciate!


Because you are buying a used variant here you wouldn’t have to incur any major depreciation. As the first owner has already incurred that loss in the first year of purchase.

 However, if you were buying a brand new luxury car, you would have to incur huge depreciation charges, as luxury cars depreciate insanely. 

So here’s another way you can save those big bucks-just avoid buying a new variant. 


A used variant-

Since you are buying a used car, you might not feel as enthusiastic as you would have felt if you had bought a new one. 

But here’s what you can do- go to a car dealership and tell them you want a used luxury car that has covered the minimum distance, and you are good to go. 

Luxury cars have incredible features and believe us, you won’t even remember you are sitting in a used car. 

Apart from all this, it all depends on preferences. If it’s ok for you to ride a used car provided that you get the other things we talked about, we guess you are sorted. 

Requires serious maintenance-

As someone who has bought a luxury car, you need to be responsible for it, and take good care if you want it to last. 

Another thing is, you can’t get it serviced anywhere. You need to entrust your vehicle with an authorised service centre that costs more than what it costs to get a standard car service. 

So make sure you plan a monthly budget and set aside good money for monthly maintenance of your vehicle too. 

More features but low mileage- 

As mentioned previously, luxury cars come with luxury features. 

And these luxury features take fuel to function. 

So yeah, you get several luxury features to experience a luxury ride, but make sure you keep a good after purchase budget and estimate everything beforehand to avoid stressful strokes. 

It was a long list of pros and cons, and we made sure we discussed every bit of it with you so that you make a decision right here, right now. 

Here’s a quick tip to help you out a little- there are no right or wrong decisions, it is all about the things we choose, keeping our needs and resources in mind. So weigh both sides and then make a decision you think suits your requirements the best. 

Also, if you’ve decided to go for used luxury cars, don’t forget to go through Kings Auto’s collection of pre-owned luxury cars. You might find what you are looking for here. 

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