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Depreciation and Luxury cars- all you need to know!


Almost every person knows how depreciation works- you step out of the lot, and your car depreciates faster than a skipper falls. And it’s nothing to be worried about because every car depreciates, but yes, knowledge is important to bag better deals whether you buy or sell. 

You don’t want to get deceived and suffer losses because you don’t have enough knowledge. So being a little heedful is what’s needed here before you wrap up everything. 

Especially while buying used luxury cars, depreciation becomes a significant facet you can not overlook. After all, the entire deal depends on the depreciated car value- whether you are the buyer or the seller- if your aim is closing a beneficial bargain, read on!

1. Do luxury cars depreciate faster than standard cars? If yes, why?

Yes, the market value of luxury cars depreciates at a faster rate than any standard car. This is because luxury cars cost much more than what a standard car does. Plus, these cars have higher maintenance costs, also known as the running costs- thus, they depreciate faster. 

In other words, the consumers in the automobile market have two options to choose from- they can either go for a used vehicle or a new one. And since not all understand what it takes to drive a luxury vehicle, they prefer a standard car or a new luxury if they have the pocket for it. All In all, they like to risk the least. 

Moreover, in simple economic terms- the higher the supply, the lower the cost- and hence the widened gap between the initial buying price of the car and the resale price. 

2. At what rate do luxury cars depreciate in the first five years of purchase? 

A new standard variant drops its value by at least 10% the moment it is driven off the lot! This increases by 5 per cent in the case of a luxury car, and it is also possible that the car loses 20% of its overall value in the very first year of its purchase. This is followed by a depreciation of 15% every year, which brings you to 50% overall depreciation by the 5th year ends. If we talk about specific models, a Mercedes model can just as easily be depreciated by 60% of its total value by the 5th year. 

And this all paints a negative picture; the question is- why buy a used variant then? The answer would be- depreciated value doesn’t necessarily point to depreciated performance. The steep depreciation is the result of the market, but a luxury car remains a luxury car. And buying it used comes with so many pros. Sure, you won’t be able to sell it for a good margin, but you could get it at 50% of its value, use it for a minimum of 6-7 years and get rid of the car as you wish. Not every purchase is made with a motive of reselling it, some are to enjoy while they last!

3. What are the best pre-owned luxury cars with the lowest depreciation rates?

The thing with second-hand cars is that they don’t depreciate as much as a new variant does. The major depreciation that a car goes through is in its initial years. So if you want to avoid losing money, just go for a variant that is at least three years old and has been maintained well by the owners. This way, you save at least 30-40% of what the initial value was. 

4. What parameters are judged while car valuation?

Many parameters are considered when a car is valued. Once the car has been inspected, the first thing that is taken into consideration is the odometer reading and the age. So, for instance, if you are trading your car with a dealership of used luxury cars, they are much likely to inspect it inside out to get you a quote after considering the age and odometer’s reading. After which, everything from the exteriors and the interiors is weighed. Moreover, how well the maintenance has been done plays a crucial role in its valuation too. If you’ve been a responsible driver, you can negotiate on the pricing and get them to pay a little higher. But if you are on the opposite side of this, try to negotiate on the interest rates. 

Depreciation can look like an enemy to you, but it could just as easily become your friend. All you’ve got to do is use this knowledge to your benefit. Now that you know buying a new variant can cost you bucks, why don’t you shift towards pre-owned instead? It’s cheaper, just as reliable as a new variant is, it is sustainable and will give you all the luxurious feel you ever wanted. 

So here’s the deal- benefit from the loss the first owner had suffered. Possibly, the first owner didn’t bother much because we all know he had the big bucks to spare. But his money could help you. So choose wisely. 

Also, maybe check out Kings Auto’s website? If you’ve understood anything from the above discussion, our bet is you would want to know a credible dealership that merchandises pre-owned luxury cars. 

So check out Kings Auto, you’ll get it all there!

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Things no one tells you about used luxury cars


Thinking of buying pre-owned luxury cars

Don’t step inside a dealership without reading ahead. We’ve got a few hidden or overseen facts you must know before you begin your journey. 

Because knowing these things will make it a lot easier than you think. 

So let’s not waste any time and jump right in. We’ve got a lot to dig. 

  • Low buying costs- low resale value

Many people decide to buy used variants because of the prices.

Since the prices of these variants are way lower than the market

 people are drawn towards these deals. 

Which is great because everyone loves savings. But something that many people forget while making these decisions is the ultimate resale value. 

These used variants are so cheap because their value has depreciated over time. This means when you decide to sell it, the value would have depreciated even more by then. 

And the resale value of this car is going to be less as compared to when you bought it. 

This might not be an issue for people who aim to keep the car or not sell the car for profits. But for people who wish to sell the car further, this could be a drawback. 

So consider this wisely and then only reach a final conclusion. 

Undoubtedly, used luxury cars are a great purchase but in the end, it all comes down to your purpose. 

An undefined purpose can make even the best decisions wrong!

  • Car aged more than 7 years is also ideal!

We have seen people frown upon buying used variants older than 5 or 7 years. 

They have quality concerns and many people also think the car wouldn’t last for long. 

Which is only partially true. 

The thing about cars is they have a set life span. 

The average lifespan of cars is 12 years. 

Which means a car can last for that long. 

So buying it second-hand doesn’t reduce the car’s life. 

The factors that do impact a car’s life are- (a) the maintenance, (b) the servicing and modifications, (c ) driving style and many more. 

So the point here is do not look for a younger car. Look for a model that has been maintained well. 

Because this is what makes the real difference. 

For instance, if you are confused between two models- say car (a) is 5 years old poorly maintained and car (b) is 7 years old well-maintained with no accidental history whatsoever- then you must get the car (b) for obvious reasons. 

  • Buying is better than renting-even for temporary purposes!

Leasing is the new trend and people are really loving this trend. 

However, they do not realise how this trend is burning a hole in their pocket. 

Buying is a 10X better option than leasing any day. 

Well, the answer for your “why” is- leasing costs way more than buying does and it comes with more cons than buying. 

Leasing a car means you are liable for anything that happens to the car, you are liable for every single extra mile you cover with that car, and most importantly at the end of the leasing period you are left with nothing but the memories of that car. 

Why would anyone want to spend all that money on something just to return it to the showroom? 

Even if you are looking to keep the car for just 2-3 years you can purchase an old variant that has been maintained well, use it for however long you want and choose to do whatever you want with it ultimately. 

No pressure. 

  • Not every dealership is worth investing in! 

People have started trusting dealerships blindly. 

And we say please don’t do this. 

Just because a showroom has 15 luxury cars standing at their lot doesn’t mean that they are worth it. 

They have to have a lot more than cars. 

They have to be authentic, reliable and a must is customer orientation. 

Without these three a dealership is just as good as any private dealer. 

So choose wisely. Ask questions. Decide with a clear vision. 

  • You can buy pre-owned luxury cars with bad credit as well.

It is difficult, yes. But it is not impossible. 

There are a few things that you need to do but if done right you will get there eventually. 

And if you want more on this you can check out another blog of ours linked right here. 

  • You can find most CPO cars at credible dealership lots. 

This is something not many people know. 

But here’s a question for you- where do all the CPO rejected luxury variants go? 

And if your answer is a dealership. Well, you are right. 

A brand is a brand, and they won’t do anything to jeopardise their image in the market. 

But they know the value of their products. 

This is why they recommend these cars for dealerships. 

Easy, peasy. 

So keep your eyes open. These variants sell as soon as they enter a dealership lot. 

Because a CPO car at the price of a dealership- hello? Who wouldn’t want one!

  • Interest rates are negotiable. 

You don’t actually have to accept whatever is thrown at you. 

This is what many people out there believe. 

Negotiation works everywhere.

And you are buying a car worth lakhs. 

So yes, your say matters. 

And yes, you can negotiate. 

But here’s the thing.

Do not go without an idea of what the market is offering at the moment. 

Do your research- check your credit score- ask for quotations. 

And then go to a dealership. 

See if they provide you with that. And if not, bring your research to the table. 

Discuss and negotiate as much as you can. 

Pro tip- keep a good in-hand amount to pay as a down payment. 

If nothing, this will absolutely work for you. 

So that’s all-go and get your car now. Ohh! We are sorry. Looking for a car dealership?

Check out Kings Auto’s website- assurance is you will find what you are looking for there. 

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Breaking the stereotypes- why buying used luxury cars is ideal?


Everything has its own stereotype. A stereotype for a joker is a red nose, for a dancer are heeled boots and for a rich person, it’s luxury. 

These are stereotypical images stuck in the minds of the population at large, but do they have to be true all the time? 

A joker can make you laugh without a nose, a dancer can nail a performance wearing flats and a rich person can choose to live a minimalist lifestyle. So the answer is no, but the image does not change- does it? 

The same goes with used luxury cars- a lot of people have a lot of opinions and while we can not defy them absolutely, a few things are very subjective. 

We are here today to talk about them because we don’t want you to miss on such great deals believing what might just not be the case for all. 

So let’s dive in and break the stereotypical ideologies concerned with used luxury cars

The status symbol- 

It is widely believed by people that buying used variants of anything is demeaning. 

And same goes for cars as well. But the thing is people still don’t frown upon buying used standard cars. Because it is seen as something a person would do to fulfil his/her daily needs on a budget. 

This is not the case with used luxury cars. Clearly, no one buys used luxury cars just to meet their requirements-its the zeal to own and ride the luxury that encourages them. 

Moreover, it is believed that people who buy pre-owned variants are just trying to “have it all” even when they don’t have a pocket for it. 

This idea clearly isn’t something that should be encouraged. 

These pre-owned variants provide great value for money because of their irresistible quality. And buying from a credible place will never look demeaning, contrary to how things might look when you buy from a private dealer. 

Since private deals are iffy and nothing about the car can be assured, it could impact your status because of the bad car’s condition. And might look a little wanna be! 

But mark our words, used variants bought from CPOs or credible dealerships are as good as brand new deals. 

So it’s not about whether you buy a used luxury car, it’s about where you get it from! 

Luxury cars are for the “popular”-

Many people who have the pocket to buy used variants of these luxury cars refrain from doing so, because- (a) they think they can’t afford luxury cars since they aren’t really aware of the concept itself, (b) they have this weird belief that only the “known” can own them. 

In both scenarios, the person is missing out on a lot. 

The truth is just because a famous personality drives a Mercedes doesn’t mean it’s certainly out of your budget. 

These days many luxury car manufacturers sell the used variants of their cars too and they are priced way less than the market prices of new ones. 

Moreover, dealerships also offer some awesome deals and you can easily find one that suits your requirements and your budget. So no, it’s not the 70’s. And yes, you can have good things too!

Someone who has a pocket for a brand new luxury would never go for a used variant-

This is one of the biggest stereotypes about used luxury cars.

Just because someone has the money to buy a new variant doesn’t mean they will go for a new variant. 

Some people choose to go reasonable and make better financial decisions than others. 

Because when you have a good bank balance it is about what you choose. And both the options here are equally worth it. 

Moreover, there are enough examples of celebrities and wealthy businessmen who own used variants of luxury cars. 

Specifically, B Praak and Jaani are two Indian popular personalities who own used luxury cars from our lot. 

The image of “used”- 

Whatever you say or do, the term “used” creates the image of junk in your head. 

You picture nothing but a car with dents and scratches, rusted to wheels. 

But hold on, because the term does not define it. 

What if we call it “pre-owned”? Is it enough fancy for you to create a different image in your head? 

So the point is, don’t assume things before experiencing how it actually works. 

This image that you created might be right for a car purchased privately, but isn’t really the deal with every car.

Cars that are standing in dealership lots will take your breath away in one look. So don’t go with the stereotypically set image and try to have a different perspective. 

Also, researching will do wonders! 

What do you think now? 

Do you still believe in luxury cars being made for the creamy layer or do you see yourself owning one soon enough? 

If you do, then don’t forget to browse King’s Auto’s lot. They have a wide collection of pre-owned luxury cars that’ll lure you into owning them. 

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We bet you didn’t know these facts about luxury cars!


Envied by many, owned by few- luxury cars can easily draw your attention at any point of the day. 

Because luxury keeps evolving, there’s always something new that can leave you awestruck. 

And all those who are intrigued by the many things luxury cars offer- these unique facts about luxury cars will leave you amazed. 

But before we begin, ask yourself- which luxury car do you envy the most?

Because we’ve covered a few and you might as well found your love in this list. 

So if you have your answer, let’s dive in!

A car that is a refrigerator!

The BMW Isetta was a car made by BMW to escape bankruptcy back in the 1950s. 

Known as the “bubble car”- it was a three-wheeled car with the door of a refrigerator. 

Back in 1954 at the Turin Car Show, the BMW got inspired by the car’s design and so they acquired licensing rights from the Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta to manufacture the “bubble car” as the BMW Isetta. 

This microcar was a hit in those days. 

Interestingly, the car had an open roof used as an emergency exit since the car door was at the front. 

Another surprising fact is this car had a carriage on the outside to carry luggage- it was more like a rack though!

The Isetta is one of the vintage luxury cars today!

The Lamborghini logo symbolises “determination”-

This isn’t something new. Many companies globally have logos that symbolise everything from relationships to the company’s origin. 

But this one here is a little different. 

The “golden bull” is the logo of one of the most loved luxury car brands, Lamborghini. 

But have you ever wondered why a bull?

Why not something geometric like a Mercedes?

The founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, started manufacturing trucks in Italy after world war 2. 

The industrialist had a zeal to manufacture used luxury cars and reform the market segment for good. 

His inspiration interestingly came from a Ferrari model that didn’t quite satisfy him-so he manufactured his own satisfaction instead! 

The Lamborghini logo represents the sun sign of Ferruccio i.eTaurus. The bull that represents the Taurus sign is known to be a symbol of determination, stability and strength. 

From Rapp Motorenwerke to BMW- 

BMW as a brand has evolved into one of the preeminent luxury cars manufacturers globally today. 

But manufacturing cars was not what they did in the initial years of the company. 

With changing times, and demands the company evolved and took the hold of a very significant market share globally. 

But what we see today isn’t the reality: the backstory is what will leave you flabbergasted. 

Back in 1913, they were known as Rapp Motorenwerke. The company used to manufacture aircraft engines which they also supplied to Germans during the first world war. 

Today what we know as BMW originated from the Rapp Motorenwerke further taken over by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG in 1922. 

Interestingly, the logos of both Rapp and BMW resemble each other a lot. 

The first-ever Rover was inspired by an American-military tank- 

No brand starts as a brand. 

There is a whole backstory not everyone knows. 

Similarly, the Rover brand was a manufacturing cycles in its initial years.

The transition from two-wheels to four-wheels must have been difficult.

But here’s what caught our eyes. 

The very first Rover was inspired by the US military jeep i.e Willys-Overland. Yeah, you heard it right. 

In the process of preparing a model for farming purposes the brothers’ Spencer and Maurice Wilks, innovated a design fit for military use. 

The seats of Beckham’s Rolls Royce Phantom says- 23!

If you love football and luxury cars too- this will blow your mind!

The famous former footballer and the love of all, David Beckham owns a customised Rolls Royce Phantom.

The cool thing about this car is that David engraved the number 23 on every seat of this car, that is the number on his jersey. Isn’t it amazing? 

It won’t be wrong to say the footballer likes to show off his achievements every now and then. 

One of a kind Lamborghini Huracan that changes colours- 

Our favourite one is finally here. 

All cars come in different colours, and probably the hardest decision to make is the colour itself.

But when it comes to a Lamborghini, oh this car can nail any colour. 

None can ever be a disappointment. 

But do you know there’s a single variant of this car that has been modified to look different from different angles?

Covered with a symmetrical chrome wrap this variant is owned by none other than Chris Brown. 

Because of the modifications, this car reflects hues of different colours like blue, pink, yellow and purple. Which goes seamlessly with the purple headlights!

Isn’t it cool? We love how the car turned out-do you? 

A normal luxury car didn’t do it for prince Abdulaziz- 

We know how much the sheikhs of Saudi like to showcase their royalty. 

And with every other person owning a luxury car these days; maybe the prince wanted to become the centre of attention. 

Late Prince Al Talal bin Abdulaziz gifted himself a diamond-studded Mercedes Benz on his 38th birthday. Because just any luxury car wouldn’t do it for him!

The Willy’s inspired the Mahindra jeep design- 

Back in the time when world-war 2 had ended the Co-founder of Mahindra & Mahindra went to the USA to meet the person who had invented the Jeep at that time. 

The Co-founder got fascinated with the intricately designed Jeeps, and he knew this was something he had to bring to India. 

He was convinced that this car could help the people reach beyond the developed parts of the country. So he won the bidding and started assembling the Jeep in India. 

This is how the much loved Mahindra & Mahindra Jeep was made. 

The everlasting bond of Daniel Craig & Aston Martin- 

Mr Bond can never disappoint us with his charms and even the makers of Aston Martin were smitten by the legend. 

This is why they offered him the invincible experience of riding an Aston Martin for his life. 

Mr Craig can drive whichever car he wants in Aston Martin’s showroom and even test drives it on a race track. Interestingly, this offer can never be revoked. 

However, the actor does not own an Aston Martin presently. 

Isn’t it interesting to know the backstories of these cars? Some of these are inspiring, and some are fun-but all are phenomenal!

Which fact did you like the most? Because we can’t seem to make up our minds and choose the one we love the most since all of these are so great!

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Why should you buy a used Jaguar XJL Portfolio at Kings Auto


We know how difficult it could get to find your best match while buying used luxury cars. And to be honest, if you know what you want it gets a bit easier to find something that satisfies you. But when it comes to cars the most important thing to know before buying are the specifications. 

So if you know what you want, sit tight because we are going to explore every car in Kings Auto’s collection to see which one suits your requirements. 

But for this particular read, we’ll be sticking to the used Jaguar XJL Portfolio in our lot. 

The first impression is the last impression- and your eyes will always tell you if you find something appealing or not. So let us start from the car’s looks and exterior. 

To begin with, the car comes in a bright white colour that goes seamlessly with the silvery finish. The overall look of the car is classy and robust. Moving specifically towards the front of the car- the massive grille is the eye-catcher here. 

The huge grilles are the new trend in the market, and if you see yourself making an entrance in a car with “GDFR” in the background. This is the car you need. 

Coming back to the car’s front look, this variant has an extended hood, which was a good call given the huge grille. The extended hood compliments the grilles and the precisely shaped headlights which altogether looks very regal and classy. Not to mention, the back of the car has a very sharp lifted look. 

So overall the car’s look is amazing and we would rate it 9/10. 

Now let us move to the car’s interior. 

The interior that’ll leave you awestruck! 

Look at the car’s snippet on our website, what else do you need to feel comfortable during your rides.The first thing that needs to be spoken about is the space near the front passenger seats. In this space, you can sit cross-legged, straight-legged, or even lie down with your seatback. There is ample room for the armrest on the side and the seats look really well-cushioned, don’t they? Plus, the interior looks quite aesthetic; the different shades of brown and beige gives it a completely vintage look. 

As you can see in the picture, the windshield of the car is very wide-giving the driver and the co-driver a chance to observe and embrace their trip. In all terms, the interior of the car is astoundingly amazing and can definitely compliment someone who appreciates a slight taste of vintage. 

Now that we love the car’s exterior and the interior, the time has come to dig deep and get our hands really dirty here. We know your eyes feel pleased and every cell in your body right now is convinced to buy the car. But hold on- we have more for you!

We don’t want you to lure yourself into a deal just because you think it looks good and comfortable. The main checkpoints are yet to be passed. The major decisions lie in the specifications and now is the time to discuss that. 

So let’s start with the powertrain, shall we? 

The super strong powertrain- 

This used Jaguar XJL Portfolio comes with an engine putting out 237 bhp @5500 rpm and 340 nm @ 1750 rpm of max power and max torque respectively. 

Moreover, this variant comes with an automatic transmission system and a sports mode for people who like to speed up once in a while. This is a perfect car for those who like to experience a blend of sporty and classy spirits. 

Talking about the car’s hold on the road-with a wheelbase of 3157mm this car will be smooth on bumpy roads and sharp cuts. And to stay comfy on roads of course you need a good boot space. Will 520 litres be enough for you? Yeah, you heard it right. 

While safety on road has become the major concern of consumers in today’s time, it will be unfair to not discuss the safety features this used Jaguar XJL Portfolio comes with. 

Safety prioritised on roads –

To name a few safety features of this car, it comes with a cruise control system, a speed-sensing door lock, a park assist system, a parking sensor and 6 Airbags for both the drivers. 

Want more? This car has an electronically controllable sunroof and ambient mood lighting. Which is a terrific combination of amenities if you like to escape the noise by going on rides to find some alone time. 

So what do you think about this used Jaguar XJl Portfolio? Don’t you worry about the car’s quality, because since it is Kings Auto Assured-we are sure it will blow your mind once you take it for a ride! We at Kings Auto ensure you get the best quality used luxury cars delivered to your doorsteps. 

So if you think this is the car you need then head over to Kings Auto’s website and make it yours. You can also visit our store and take it for a test drive. But if you think, you and this variant don’t go along, worry not! Soon we’ll come with a car you’ll fall in love with without convincing at all. 

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