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Should you buy a new car or a used luxury car?


It’s difficult to choose between a brand new car and used luxury cars and we don’t blame you.

Both these options are quite tempting and have their benefits. 

While buying a new car will give you the feels of owning a new one, used luxury cars can beat those chills with their luxurious features and unmatched comfort. 

So the question remains- which one to go for? 

A never-ending debate and one might never be able to conclude themselves. 

But let’s put an end to this misery of yours today, once and for all. 

We ain’t gonna tell you what to choose, we are just gonna tell you the pros and cons of both and you will be the one making the final decision here. 

So here’s a list of all pros and cons of buying used luxury cars and standard cars- check it out and decide for yourself!

Pros and cons of buying new standard cars


No hassles! 

While talking about the benefits of buying a new car, it is nearly impossible to forget this pro. Buying a used luxury car can be a lot of work if you buy from a private dealer. 

Contrary to which, when you buy a new car all you gotta do is go to your nearest outlet.

Pre-owned luxury cars ask for research and work from your end because you are trying to get a great deal.

You will need to research various things and that will include the variant you want, the budget you have, the car’s condition and a lot more. 

But this isn’t a necessary step, you can skip all of that in one go by stepping into a certified car dealership. 

It’s just like buying a new car from a showroom, but better, because excuse us, you are getting a luxury car!

High mileage-

Standard cars are made to benefit a specific segment of the market, the segment that chooses to bring comfort and fulfil their regular commuting needs on a budget. 

So yes, standard cars give good mileage. You can also get different variants of these standard cars and get them customised for CNG or diesel variants. 

Less maintenance-

Usually, any car asks for good maintenance if you aim to keep it in good shape for longer.

But if we compare it with the maintenance costs of a luxury car, you probably are paying in peanuts. 

Yet it doesn’t mean that you won’t be paying for maintenance or servicing at all. To get good value for your money, make sure to take care of it. 

Otherwise, it can become your worst nightmare. A little tip- don’t take it to the local garage and only get it serviced at factory outlets or authorised service centres. 

Easy financing-

Financing is an important thing as no one keeps a crazy amount of cash at hand. 

And yes if we compare, financing is easier for new cars. The reason is, new cars have good market value and the banks are at zero or no risk by financing the latest variant, as they can always recover the money by selling the vehicle. 

This isn’t the case when you buy Pre-owned luxury cars privately.

As privately sold used luxury cars are worn out models with low market value and financers would be concerned if they can even recover the money by selling the car in case of arrears. 

But not to mention, this isn’t exactly the case when you buy from car dealerships.

 As car dealerships sell luxury cars with good market value and also provide easy on the spot financing options to reduce your hassles.

So, in a nutshell, you will only be facing this issue, if you choose to buy from a private seller. 


A standard car!

The biggest con is you are buying a standard car. 

No matter what you say or do, a luxury car is a luxury car. Period. 

So before settling for a regular car, remember a regular car comes with regular features, regular feels, regular experiences and nothing extravagant. 

You might get a few lux features if you research enough, but then if you are craving lux, why settle for regular? 

A luxury car is a status symbol and is a head-turner. People will envy you and see you as an authority figure when you drive it, so it’s more like an okay-ish deal compared to a luxury one!


A new car is meant to depreciate and it won’t take a year or two to do so. As soon as you drive that beast off the lot, it will depreciate from its previous market value. 

Can’t show it off!

You will feel the pride of owning a new car but you can’t make people envious of this standard car.

 Yes, you have bought a great car and it’s a moment to celebrate, but you can’t show it off as a luxury one- can you?

Might not be the car you dreamt of!

It’s the moment of truth and we will only hear the truth.

If you had the money to own a brand new luxury variant, would you still choose to go for a standard car?

If your answer is no, then you are one of the ambitious visionaries. We all dream to own a luxury car once in our lives and a standard car won’t do what luxury is meant to do. 

High mileage but fewer features-

Yeah, mileage is pretty good and you might be able to get it customised and even reduce further fuel costs.

But this benefit comes with a disadvantage i.e., with less mileage comes basic features. 

Standard cars give good mileage because they lack various luxury features like air ventilated seats and mood lighting.

As luxury cars consume more fuel to provide all those luxurious features, their fuel consumption is much higher compared to a standard car. 

Will only do the needful- 

Many luxury features today have become a necessity for consumers and that is why there are many standard options out there providing luxurious features. But even then a standard car will only do as it is required to do. 

Unlike a luxury variant, standard cars are only beneficial if your objective of buying is to manage day-to-day activities and chores and keep up with your daily life by reducing public commuting hassles. 

So, apart from what the cars offer, one major question is- why do you want to own a car in the first place?

So if your ultimate goal is to commute and get a little comfy while you hustle, getting a standard car seems like a good option. 

Pros and cons of buying Pre-Owned luxury cars


Luxury experience-

The major pro of buying pre-owned luxury cars is that they come with all the most luxurious features and the experience in itself is unmatched. 

Riding in a luxury car is more like travelling in your home- the comfort, the amenities, the exposure is incomparable.

You will feel all the lush and comfort you’ve been dying to experience since forever. 

Status symbol-

It’s true, nothing seems to matter when you get down from a luxury car at a gathering. The best thing is you won’t have to speak of your accomplishments, as your ride will do that for you!

Used luxury cars are indeed a status symbol and they will not only speak of your status but will also leave those colleagues awestruck. 

Not to mention, these luxury cars are made for the elite and only the classiest personalities manage to pull that off effortlessly. 

Your dream car-

We know you once dreamt of owning a luxury car and this is your chance to make that dream come true. 

The truth is that owning a standard car is a requirement these days while buying a luxury car is a dream. And the best thing about this dream is that it can become a reality, at almost the same price at which you would buy a standard car. 

So why not fulfil that dream and take one step closer to the life you imagined yourself living one day? 

Does more than a standard car-

As already mentioned, standard cars can only do so much. 

The main motive of the manufacturers of standard cars is to ease the pain people take in their regular lives, contrary to which the luxury manufacturers aim to give an element of luxury to everything possible.

Thus, they fulfil more than just your commuting needs. Luxury cars have features like air ventilated seats and ambient mood lighting, which is not to help you reach a destination, but to elevate the experience you get while riding a Jaguar instead of a Toyota Yaris. 

Moreover, the manufacturers of luxury cars aim to provide a memorable experience for their customers- to them everything matters equally. And that is why even the smallest things in luxury cars are intricately designed to provide unmatched comfort and soothing drives. 

Awesome performance-

One major doubt you might be having is the car’s performance. A new variant would run effortlessly- but what about a used one? Will it be able to match the performance of a new variant? The answer is yes!

A new car will perform, but unlike standard cars, luxury cars have many luxurious features that help in improving the car’s performance. 

The engines of almost all luxury cars are strong and can easily outperform that of a regular car. These cars are built to feed the speedy-beast inside their customers, that is the reason they are so good on roads!


Because of the strong build of used luxury cars, they live longer than the standard variants. 

Luxury cars are manufactured to provide long-lasting irresistible luxury experiences to their customers. 

This is the reason these cars have better sustenance than any regular car. Also, the condition of regular cars starts deteriorating after a few years, which reduces the level of satisfaction you get from these cars, unlike a luxury car. Although, they do depreciate!


Because you are buying a used variant here you wouldn’t have to incur any major depreciation. As the first owner has already incurred that loss in the first year of purchase.

 However, if you were buying a brand new luxury car, you would have to incur huge depreciation charges, as luxury cars depreciate insanely. 

So here’s another way you can save those big bucks-just avoid buying a new variant. 


A used variant-

Since you are buying a used car, you might not feel as enthusiastic as you would have felt if you had bought a new one. 

But here’s what you can do- go to a car dealership and tell them you want a used luxury car that has covered the minimum distance, and you are good to go. 

Luxury cars have incredible features and believe us, you won’t even remember you are sitting in a used car. 

Apart from all this, it all depends on preferences. If it’s ok for you to ride a used car provided that you get the other things we talked about, we guess you are sorted. 

Requires serious maintenance-

As someone who has bought a luxury car, you need to be responsible for it, and take good care if you want it to last. 

Another thing is, you can’t get it serviced anywhere. You need to entrust your vehicle with an authorised service centre that costs more than what it costs to get a standard car service. 

So make sure you plan a monthly budget and set aside good money for monthly maintenance of your vehicle too. 

More features but low mileage- 

As mentioned previously, luxury cars come with luxury features. 

And these luxury features take fuel to function. 

So yeah, you get several luxury features to experience a luxury ride, but make sure you keep a good after purchase budget and estimate everything beforehand to avoid stressful strokes. 

It was a long list of pros and cons, and we made sure we discussed every bit of it with you so that you make a decision right here, right now. 

Here’s a quick tip to help you out a little- there are no right or wrong decisions, it is all about the things we choose, keeping our needs and resources in mind. So weigh both sides and then make a decision you think suits your requirements the best. 

Also, if you’ve decided to go for used luxury cars, don’t forget to go through Kings Auto’s collection of pre-owned luxury cars. You might find what you are looking for here. 

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Best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars to own in 2021


We all want to own the best, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to own the best-used luxury cars. After all, you are paying for it. And it is graspable that it is not easy for you since the market of second-hand cars is saturated right now. It will take you multiple dips in the ocean to catch the best fish- and the probability of getting your hands on the best available alternatives is low without prior research or knowledge. 

This is why people end up making wrong decisions. There are so many options-some are cheap, some are not- and it gets intimidating to choose the best one. So they give up instead and settle with a standard car. But we don’t want you to do that- we want you to bag the best available deals in the market.

Here we cover the top 5 used luxury cars that you should consider buying without thinking twice. So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Here is the list of the best pre-owned luxury cars to own in 2021. 

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche is known for its unbeatable sports cars. This is a performance inspired model designed to provide extreme comfort and convenience while the riders enjoy the unmatched speed of this car. If you are a speed enthusiast, you’ll love what this model has to offer you- with top advanced engineering- this variant is one of the top used luxury cars in the market at the moment. So if you have a budget of 60-70 lakhs, you can own this beauty and enjoy its comfortable rides for your life.

Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition

Next in line is this beast- Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition is a combination of unrivalled style and extraordinary luxury. Designed to provide comfort, speed, and class to the owner- this variant churns out max power and max torque of 237nm @5500 rpm and @251 nm @ 1250 rpm, respectively. The best thing, you ask? This variant can go from 0-100kmph in 9.1 seconds, and the automatic 9-gear transmission is like the cherry on the cake- giving the car the stability and power it needs to glide smoothly on uneven terrains. All in all, it is a steal in the price it’s been offered to you by Kings Auto. 

BMW 6 Series 630i GT Sport Line

Another one for the “Speed Romeos”. This variant features an engine putting out max power and max torque of 255 bhp @5000 rpm and 400 nm @ 1500 rpm, respectively. Moreover, this is a rear-wheel-drive variant making it one of the best luxury sports cars in this segment. Since it improves traction on uneven and slippery terrains. This is a viable option if you are looking for top luxury cars between 50-60 lakhs. 

Mercedes- AMG E63

Mercedes is a brand that never disappoints anyone with its cars- from sedans to SUVs- they have it all, and that too of supreme quality. But not everyone can pull off a Mercedes; you need to have an eye for class and nobility. The AMG E-63 comes with a 5.5-litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine that churns out 577 hp @5500 rpm and 590 lb-ft @ 200- rpm of max power and max torque, respectively. The best thing about this variant is that it is spacious and an apt purchase for families and people who have a huge group of friends. Need more? This variant comes with electrically adjustable seats and extended thigh support for comfortable long drives- making it one of the best pre-owned luxury cars in the market. 

Mini Cooper Countryman

This subcompact SUV is a luxury car priced originally at 40 lakhs that is available at Kings Auto’s lot for half that price. The interesting thing about this mini is, unlike its name- it is commodious and comfortable. It’s a mini that provides you with the comfort and space of a regular SUV but is also dynamic enough to be driven on different terrains efficiently if you are an explorer. Specifically, this car features a 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder engine that churns out max power and max torque of 181 hp @5500 rpm and 177 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm, respectively. This is a great car if you are looking for something minimal yet extremely functional. 


These are not all the variants but are surely a few best-used luxury cars that you should consider. Good thing is that you can get all these variants under your budget at competitive prices in Kings Auto’s lot. And the better thing is that these cars are certified, and we offer buyback value on our sold cars as well. 

So what are you waiting for? These cars are not going to wait for you forever in our lot. If you want the best, you need to hurry! Your best pre-owned luxury car is a call away from you! 

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Used Mercedes Benz S63 AMG- Performance, Specs, Interior and more


Buying a used luxury cars? Overwhelmed with the variants that are available in the market? It is tedious to find a car that suits your requirements best. Moreover, it shouldn’t only suit your requirements but also your personality. Buying a car isn’t a small thing, you need it to be perfect- a car that reflects your personality as a mirror; a car that turns heads around; a car that gives you lavish feels. And to find all of that in one car is difficult, we agree. But what if we tell you we have a used variant that is just what you want right now. Something that will give you too good to be true experiences while you take it the road. Sounds great, right? Well, it should because today we are going to review the Used Mercedes Benz S63 AMG that is standing in Kings Auto’s lot for you. We bet that by the end of this article, you will be convinced that this is the car that you want to drive home as soon as possible.

So let’s not waste any more time and get into it. 

Specification of Used Mercedes Benz S63-

Mercedes has always stunned the market with its impeccable and state-of-the-art innovations. And the S63 model has done just that through its ultramodern tech. To begin with, the model has a kerb weight of 4806lbs and features a 5.5-litre AMG Biturbo V8 engine under the hood that churns out max power and max torque of 603 bhp @5500 rpm and 900 nm @2750 rpm, respectively. With an automatic multi-clutch technology transmission system, this car can go from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. This car is an absolute steal because this variant offers a fuel economy of 15mpg city estimate and 23 mpg highway estimate. 

The best thing is this variant is a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high-performance tires that ensures a balance of power delivery. Moving on to a few praiseworthy exterior elements of this car, then talking about the headlights and the taillights becomes essential. This beast features exceptional headlights made of 200 mini LED lights and rear LED taillights as well. Moreover, this variant comes with a wheelbase of 2945mm that provides improved steering control and stability on the road. 

 All in all, this car definitely features a few forward-looking and redefined features that’ll provide you with the absolute jim-dandy experience that you are looking for. This is your ideal coupe as it will without a doubt offer over-the-top luxury feels when you drive it. But don’t settle for this variant just now, we have more to bring to your notice about this performance-inspired luxury car. 

Interior features, ambience, comfort and more are offered by Used Mercedes Benz S63

While buying a car a person would have two priorities- performance and comfort. The exterior matters, but after all, which luxury car looks bad? So the question is what all does it provide inside the cabin? Because at the end of the day, you’ll be spending your entire day inside the cabin and not sitting on the hood, right? So let’s enlighten you with a few most luxurious and attractive interior features that this car has to offer to you. 

To begin with, we are blown by the two 12.8 inch huge infotainment screens. They offer a few very practical features- while one screen displays everything that’s going around the car, the other one will display the car’s speed and other essential information. Another feature that we love about this car is the electronically controllable massaging seats. You can literally choose the kind of massage you need while drivng this beast- honestly, we would love to keep our back warm and massaged. It literally takes away the stress, and the best thing is, you don’t get tired while driving. What most used luxury cars are famous for is the storage and space that they offer- because comfort is paramount and a spacious car is a comfortable car, isn’t it? 

This used variant comes with ample storage space near the seats. The rear seats folded down brings forth two storage compartments, one of which can be used to fit a small travel-friendly refrigerator as well. This variant also offers enough legroom and headroom for the passengers and comes with a boot space of 400 litres. In all, a great car with ample space to relish those long drives that you haven’t taken for so long. Moving on to the ambience, first thing first, you wouldn’t feel like you are sitting inside the cabin as this Used Mercedes Benz S63 features a wide windshield and a huge panoramic sunroof that makes it amazingly see-through. 

Moreover, it feels extremely quiet inside the cabin, it’s like sitting inside a closed room, only much more spacious, comfortable, and not away from the world. And while sitting and taking warm massages on the seats, the lighting is the only thing that can elevate your experience at the moment. This is why this used luxury cars that is standing in our lot, provides ambient mood lighting fixed with 300 LEDs that you change as per your colour and mood preferences. What can be more pleasing and calming than what this used Mercedes Benz S63 provides you? 

The overall interior of this car is done with sewed leather upholstery that reflects opulence. Another extremely deluxe feature is the in-built car diffuser, it keeps the car ambience comforting and sweet. Furthermore, with the stereo camera, this car runs smoothly on uneven terrain. We think all of this justifies the price at which we offer this used luxury cars to you, but are you convinced or do you need more insights? 

Even if you do need more insights, we have no issues with it because all that this car can’t be kept from you. We want you to know it all, so let’s go and discover what more this one has to offer to you. 

How does a Used Mercedes Benz S63 look on the outside? 

In short, it looks luxurious and classy. This used variant is available in extraordinary green colour. For starters, this coupe-styled luxury car has an extended hood that goes seamlessly well with its LED headlights. The outsides of this variant showcase true opulence in its purest form. The huge grille of this car gives this car a very lavish finish and keeps the insides including the engine cool on the road. To be honest, words can’t describe the looks of this car, in order to justify what we say and what you picture you need to have a look. So check out the image shown below, and tell us you didn’t fall in love with this beauty. 

Safety features of Mercedes Benz S63 

How can we end a luxury car review without talking about the luxury safety features that it offers? It’s like making pizza without cheese. Most of the people who prefer luxury cars at the moment, choose to do so because of the ultramodern safety features that these cars provide. No one wants to drive unsafely on the road and that is why we think it’s important to discuss a few safety features that this variant has to offer. Firstly, this car comes with 10 airbags that provide extreme safety during a collision or accident on the road- all of the passengers and the driver along with the co-driver are safe while driving in this variant. Furthermore, this variant comes with a 360-degree park assist, cruise control, parking sensors, Overspeed warning system, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring system and a seatbelt warning system too. All of these features will keep you and your family safe from those uncertain accidents that occur on the road, which is why this car is a deal worth it! 

So that’s all that we think you need to know for today about this car. We have covered almost everything that needs to be highlighted here. So have you made up your mind? Do you like what we told you about this used Mercedes Benz S63? We absolutely love this variant because of the features that it provides. Our favourite one is the massaging seats because who doesn’t like massages right? If you loved anything about this car then we think you should check this out once. We have this variant ready to be sold at Kings Auto’s showroom- a brand that merchandises quality assured pre-owned luxury cars. 

So what are you waiting for? Get to the showroom or visit the website and take the first step towards making this one yours today! 

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Pre-Owned luxury cars under 50 lakhs that you can’t say, ‘No’ to!


Used luxury cars in your budget are doable. Believe it or not, we know today if you go to the market to buy a standard car with good safety features, you will easily spend around 30-40 lakhs- that too when you keep your budget tight. A standard SUV can cost you anywhere around 35 lakhs, and unless your only priority is to commute- you would want your car to provide a few elite features too. And getting all that can cross 40 lakhs easily. This is because standard manufacturers today are trying to incorporate better features to attract consumers towards them. And safety concerns of people have grown tremendously lately; people prefer cars with advanced safety features. 

So our question to you is- why buy a standard car for 40 lakhs when you can buy used luxury cars under 50 lakhs with better features, performance, functionality and everything luxury! 

Most people get influenced by the market stereotypes and myths about pre-owned luxury cars- these keep the audience from seeing the truth. And obviously, no one ever wishes to bet money on uncertain things- the scepticism doesn’t let them benefit from used variants. We have talked about these myths and stereotypes here, have a look if you wish to change your perspective towards it

But for now, let us break this to you- used luxury cars under 50 lakhs is possible, and no, you don’t compromise anywhere, whether it’s about quality or options. The market is flooded with such great options because people are not ready to realise how good these variants are- affordable, quality assured and everything a new out-of-the-lot car is!

Now, before presenting you with the irresistible options that you can consider- let us first break to you why these cars are so good and yet affordable because that’s what makes it look iffy- that it isn’t. 

Pre-owned luxury cars are available in the market at 30-40% of their overall market value. That is the first thing that makes it look scammy- but the thing is these cars depreciate faster than any standard car does- implying that they lose 40-50% of their overall market prices by the time they close their 5th year. But something that does not deteriorate at that rate is their quality- sustenance is the core benefit of luxury cars. A luxury car is meant to give you a luxurious and comfortable driving experience for a minimum of 10 years- that does not change even when it depreciates. 

That is our argument. That is why we advocate for used luxury cars. Because we know how much value they have to offer to anyone who buys it. Now about that list of pre-owned luxury cars under 50 lakhs- we have six options for you that we doubt you can say, ‘no’ to! 


First in our list of options is this dynamic and highly-agile car. The Volvo XC90 Inscription is a model that will sway you into owning one. This is a perfect crossover SUV for anyone who likes to spend more time on unknown and undiscovered roads. Specifically, the 2016 variant is known for its restructured design and robust powertrain. 


This variant features a 1969 cc twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine that churns out the max horsepower of 400bhp and max torque of 640 Nm @1750 rpm. Plus, it has an 8-gear automatic transmission system that ensures the car glides smoothly. 


Volvo changed its entire game when it launched its modernised designs in 2016- the manufacturers managed to give it a stylish yet classy look as they moved past their traditional structure to evolve into a more acceptable one. This used Volvo XC90 Inscription has updated huge grilles designed to keep the insides- the engine and the radiator cool by providing enough ventilation to them- the design is versatile as it serves the purpose and adds to the look as well. Moreover, the slim LED headlights are indeed a plus point as they are a perfect addition to the exteriors. 


Leather upholstery, 9-inch large vertically oriented infotainment system, astutely placed headrests and armrests with electrically adjustable front & rear seats are a few features of this car that sets an aesthetic appeal inside the whole cabin. With a seating capacity of four, this car comes with ample boot space of 300 litres. If comfort is paramount for you too- this one is the perfect match for you. 

This is a performance-inspired car designed to deliver comfort, luxury and smooth rides. If we talk about a few miscellaneous features- the car has a wheelbase of 2984mm that provides it improved traction on uneven terrain. Equipped with all advanced safety features like Passenger and Driver Air-Bags, ABS, Brake-Assist, Central Locking; perfect for people who have a big family or a group of friends. 

Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition- 

Yes, you read it right- it’s a Range Rover featured in a list of pre-owned luxury cars under 50 lakhs. And it can become yours with no effort, just give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest. But before you make your call- let us introduce you to this beast that’s standing at Kings Auto’s lot.

Range Rovers are known for their unmatched off-the-road capabilities- to glide smoothly on all terrains is what Range Rover’s do the best. And that’s what all the off-roaders want, isn’t it? It is an ergonomically designed variant that offers superior performance and a distinctive drive experience. A dynamic SUV, for a dynamic personality.


This variant features a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine that churns out max power and max torque of 177 bhp @4000 rpm and 430 nm @1750 rpm, respectively- can go from 0-100kmph in 9.1 as claimed. Furthermore, this used Range Rover Evoque Landmark Edition comes with a 9-gear automatic transmission system that supports a sport mode. The variant is an AWD drivetrain considered best for terrains that have less traction- prevents slippage. 


If there’s another word for robust, then it must be Range Rover. This car is the very definition of luxury, style and dynamism. A glance at this model will give you sporty feels. To begin with, the car has a revamped grille and a bodacious Carpathian roof that’s standing out here as it complements the moraine blue colour quite well. This is a special edition Range Rover which is why it’s a steal under this budget. In all, we’ll rate the looks of this variant 9/10. We just think the front bumper could have been better. 


A car with great performance but no comfort is good for nothing. Comfort is paramount, at least we think it is. Because a car for the wanderlusts is more like a home on wheels- and is home even home if it’s not cosy? We think not. That’s why talking about interiors is important. The cabin looks extremely elite because of the colour compatibility of black and grey. This used variant is ideal for 5 people, the seats can be lowered to experience sporty spirits, and the entire ambience is very serene. Moving onto the space- this used variant comes with a boot space of 574 litres, ample headroom and legroom too. The insides of this variant are designed intricately, so it is practical and comfortable. 

All in all, this variant is a must in your list of used luxury cars under 50 lakhs. 

Mercedes E220D- 

Mercedes is known for its performance-inspired and luxurious designs. Mercedes has been a preeminent luxury cars manufacturer for years now. This used Mercedes E220D is a sedan built to provide an off-the-beat driving experience. If you’ve got an eye for class and style, you’ll fall for this car in seconds; to be honest, the colour of this variant does help! A royal blue Mercedes for the noble. 


This Mercedes E220 D features a 1950cc 4 cylinder inline engine that churns out max power and max torque of 192 bhp @3800 rpm and 400 nm @ 1600 rpm, respectively. This is a rear-wheel-drive variant that comes with a 9-gear automatic transmission system- everything a car needs to provide better fuel economy, performance and traction on terrains- as the name suggests, this variant is indeed the master of all terrains!


Why is it that every time we see a luxury sedan, we perceive it’s a well-suited person who’s driving it? It’s how the brand has positioned itself in the market- it depicts class, style, sophistication and opulence. The E-class manages to uphold that image of Mercedes in the market. Looking at the car the first thing you’ll notice is how ostentatious the front of the car looks- the gigantic grille, and the high performance LED headlights are the two elements that stand out and complement the extended bonnet of this luxury car. 


The cabin of this car is extremely spacious and comfortable. To begin with, the seats of this variant are well-cushioned, the headrests and armrests are positioned astutely, and there is ample headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers. And with a boot space of 540 litres, this car is ideal for a family of 5 people. If you end up with this one, you surely are going to take all those long-due trips you never thought you would. 

To conclude, this is an extremely comfortable luxury sedan for those who like to take their buddies with them everywhere. 

Mercedes C220D- 

Another performance-inspired luxury car- it is dynamic, easy-to-drive, functional and progressive. We vouch for a Mercedes because it’s reliable, luxurious and lasts longer. If a perfect blend of class and performance exists, then it must be named after this variant. A perfect luxury ride for a true travel bug. 


This used Mercedes C220D features a 2143cc four-cylinder inline engine that churns out max power and max torque of 168 bhp @3000 rpm and 400 nm @ 1400 rpm, respectively. It is a rear-wheel-drive variant that features a 7-gear automatic transmission system with a sports mode. To conclude, this is a highly agile luxury car that’s economical and unrivalled. 


In one look, the car gives legendary feels- the colour of this variant makes it look astonishingly well put together. The manufacturers did put efforts to upgrade the car’s overall look by changing a few elements like adding the enhanced LED headlights, and taillights to revamp the front bumper. If you are in the market for a luxury sedan, you must consider this one as an option. 


Mercedes interiors have never disappointed us, and nor will they disappoint us this time. The German luxury car manufacturer has given quite a thought to improvise comfort at its best in this variant. It’s not that other variants don’t have what this one does- but getting better with every launch is what Mercedes does the best. The space, comfort, ambience, and lush-this cabin has it all, and yet it looks so minimalistic. 

So if you are preparing a list of used luxury cars under 50 lakhs that you need to assess in and out to reach your final decision, you must put this variant on that list. 

Audi Q7- 

Only Audi can manage to give chic vibes and uphold its classic standards at the same time. This used Audi Q7 is the car of your dreams.


This dynamic SUV features a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine that churns out max power and max torque of 252 bhp @ 5000 rpm and 273 nm @1600 rpm, respectively. This is an all-wheel-drive variant, that comes with a Tiptronic-8-speed automatic transmission system and an automatic suspensions system- to maintain traction on the road while driving. To sum up, this car has a robust powertrain that pushes the car to its limits. 


The used Audi Q7 has very decent looks. It looks sporty, luxurious, and is a steal if you are looking for a midsize SUV. This variant is available at Kings Auto’s lot in white colour; everything from the car’s grilles to the headlights and the bonnet is designed to look boisterous and sporty. And in all, the car gives very classic vibes. This could be a perfect ride for someone who appreciates vintage painted in the colours of modern times. 


Audis have always been extremely comfortable. This variant is known for being spacious and elegant- this variant comes with reclining seats that provide ample headroom and legroom, ambient mood lighting, and a huge infotainment system. All in all, the interior is awe-inspiring and will give you serene feels on long drives. 

BMW 730 LD-

Last but not least we have a used BMW 730 LD in our lot waiting for you to pick it up. Jokes apart, this car is a steal at this price because a BMW has never been a bad choice no matter what the situation is. So if you’re a little towards the classic side, then you will definitely like this car. 


This used BMW 730 LD comes with an engine that churns out max power and max torque of 258bhp @4000 rpm and 560 nm @1500 rpm, respectively. With an 8-gear automatic transmission system that supports a sports mode, this car will glide smoothly due to its strong traction on the road. 


The overall look of this luxury sedan is very elegant. You’ll look classy and sophisticated stepping out of this variant. This variant comes with an extended bonnet that complements the LED headlights and the grilles on the front. The entire structure of this car is robust and extremely bodacious. 


The cabin looks astonishingly commodious. There’s ample space for the family of four, 

with electronically controllable seats that are placed providing adequate headroom and legroom to the passengers as well as the driver and the co-driver. The seats are well-cushioned, and the huge infotainment is all you’ll need to stay entertained on rides. In all an extremely spacious and comfortable luxury sedan for you to explore. 

Don’t miss this one if you love luxury sedans. 

That sums up our list of used luxury cars under 50 lakhs. Honestly, all of the above-mentioned variants are of supreme quality, waiting at Kings Auto’s lot to be owned by their potential owners. Every single one of them looks so bodacious, and admirable. Trust us and get your hands on one of these beauties, and we promise you will not regret it. Moreover, there’s zero risk because Kings Auto will provide you with a proper vehicle history for your satisfaction, and you can drive your ride before purchase to make sure you adore it as much as we do. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Kings Auto- a brand that merchandises quality assured pre-owned luxury cars at unmatched prices. 

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5 Luxury cars that failed to live up to the market’s expectations


We have all heard about those success stories. But we can’t really overlook the failures, can we? 

It all comes down to innovations and what the market can absorb at a particular time.

Many manufacturers of luxury cars have also failed at bringing the change. And maybe we couldn’t see it as they saw it at that time. 

Maybe, they were just an era early to have launched a few of these variants. 

So let’s dive in and explore the five blunders of the automotive industry of all times. 

The BMW blaster-

The name does justice to this car. It was indeed a “blast”.

No, the car did not blast but it had some very strange features- which might not have been practical in the era it was launched. 

The BMW blaster was outfitted with flamethrowers. 

We asked the same question- why would someone need flamethrowers in a car? 

Unless they also worked as barbeque. We don’t foresee a need to roast cars or people on the road for no reason. 

Interestingly, the car had two LPG flamethrowers on each side of the car below the doors. 

So to put it differently, with the click of a switch- the driver could roast whoever they wanted. Weird right? 

Safety and legality concerns did not let this car stay on the road for long.  

Statistically, only a few hundred of this model were sold in the South African market due to high costs and the criticism that it received. 

As argued by BMW, the renowned manufacturer of luxury cars, the car could not kill but gave the driver enough time to save himself from uncertainty. Which was opposed, and the car was never again spotted.

Toilet on wheels-

This one is equally disturbing for us as this is for you. 

Businesses do attempt at solving people’s problems but, some of them are better unresolved.

Cars normally stink so much that carrying a toilet inside them would drive anyone nuts. 

We don’t know what the makers thought- but we surely can not agree with them!

This was the vision of none other than Cadillac. 

They indeed had a vision.

People stopping every mile at a restroom to get light was obviously not agreeing with them. 

They wanted people to keep travelling and cover long distances in less time. 

But maybe they forgot about the car’s ambience. 

Who would choose to carry shit with themselves while travelling and not you know use a public washroom instead? 

Gross for us too!

Mercedes air-balance-

While some did not give a damn to how it smelled inside the car- Mercedes gave serious thought to it. 

The traditional dispensers were not doing it for Mercedes. So they instead tried to give it a shot themselves. 

Creating something that was specific to their brand and that no other luxury competitor was offering was their aim- clearly, it did not work out as they expected. 

Mercedes launched their scent dispensers in a few of their used luxury cars. Even though the concept was great, it was not something for all. 

Comfort is paramount. And this is why it got rejected- since many people from the Mercedes consumer segment faced issues with scents and fragrances. 

In all, the concept was great but didn’t serve the purpose as it was envisioned initially. 

Points for the idea though!

The Sinclair C5 30- 

Just what we talked about initially. We couldn’t see the purpose as the manufacturers did. 

It is believed that the Sinclair C5 30 was a little too ahead of the time. 

People couldn’t picture themselves in a mini electric car. 

The C5 was a single-seater pedal-assist tricycle designed to promote personal transportation. 

While today people are moving towards it-this phenomenal concept was rejected back in 1985. 

Simply because of the design and since people couldn’t picture themselves as the manufacturers did. 

The design was a little too unenclosed to be on the road indeed. But a modified version might work today.

The curtiss-wright model 2500- 

We all envisioned a world with red lights in space at least once. 

Because the new century always brings better advancements- which we all knew for a reason were “flying cars”. 

And while we all were dreaming about flying a car once in our lives- people out there were working to make that possible.  

The Curtiss-Wright 2500 was the only model that ever came close to being a flying car ever. 

This was a dual-engine model with 300 horsepower- which could easily carry four passengers at a time. 

Without actual wheels, axels or transmission- this car could be driven easily by anyone who could drive a normal car at that time. 

Made specifically for the use of the US military- this variant did not stand up to their expectations. 

Only such blunders can lead us to a successful product after all. But honestly, a few of them need to stay as a blunder. 

We would rather use a public washroom than carry one with us everywhere. 

Luxury cars have always been the light bearer for the industry. Their innovations are followed if they stand out. And a few of the above mentioned are worth experimenting with. 

A flying car is still on the list of many, and a compact electric car will surely see a good demand too- provided positive changes are made to the concept. 

We can only wish for a positive shift. 

But apart from these failures, luxury manufacturers have launched many irresistible cars that we all envy. 

And if you are looking for pre-owned luxury cars- now is the time to take the next step. Check out Kings Auto’s collection on their website and book your love today!

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