What are the Benefits Of Buying A Second-hand Luxury Car ?

7 Benefits Of Buying A Second-hand Luxury Car


Let’s face it – the overall CARisma of a luxury car makes your eyes feast on the shiny beauty. You long to own that beauty and hunt through car classified pages to get good deals with lucrative financing options. However, at the same time, you feel unsure about the hidden cost and glitches associated.

But do you have any other choice? Yes, buying second-hand luxury cars can be the best bet for you.

You may ask ‘why’. We say ‘why not’! 

After all, buying a used luxury car comes with several benefits. Chief among them: lower price! Buying luxury second-hand cars costs you less, provide the same level of satisfaction as a new car as well as excel in terms of reliability.

Explore more reasons to buy the second-hand luxury cars in brief, below.

Top 7 benefits of buying a pre-owned luxury car

According to the market overview, ‘The Indian used car market was valued at USD 24.24 billion in 2019, and it is expected to register a CAGR of 15.12% during the forecast period (2020-2025)’.

Surely, owning a brand new luxury may seem appealing but buying a pre-owned luxury car comes with less financial obligations.

Read on to know the top 7 luxurious benefits of buying second-hand luxury cars, how it is a wise-decision made and understand why new isn’t always better.

1. Buying Second-hand Luxury Cars Saves You Money

If you spend your days and night dreaming of owning a BMW, Porsche or any other luxury vehicle but feel financially constrained, luxury second-hand cars are a great option. 

Buying a used luxury car from the trusted and renowned dealer, such as Kings Auto, simply means you would have to pay a lot less than the original value of the car (depending on the year of manufacture and kilometres covered). This saves you some serious money and is perhaps the most compelling of the best reasons to buy a used luxury car.

2. Lower Depreciation Rates

The moment you race off a brand new car, it depreciates and loses its original value. This feature gives an upper hand to the buyer when compared to a new car as the second-hand luxury car depreciates at a slower rate. 

If you choose to buy a second-hand luxury car, it would have already suffered its maximum depreciation by then and hence, will not lose much value in the upcoming years. 

3. Luxury second-hand Cars Has Low Insurance Rates

The insurance of the car is calculated as per the market value. Since the value of a pre-owned luxury car has already experienced a significant depreciation over the years, its insurance rates tend to be less expensive.  

4. Quality Checks 

Let’s be honest – people take care of their luxury cars more than themselves. When you buy a luxury second-hand car, you can be assured of its overall condition. Kings Auto is a luxury car based showroom where our experts perform rigorous quality checks (based on 90 checkup points) before handing over the luxury to a buyer. 

5. Advanced Safety Features

Seat belts, blind-spot monitors, airbags, backup cameras, smart cruise control, even keyless entry, push-button start and more – a luxury car is laced with the newest and greatest technology features.

In many cases, a low maintenance luxury car will come equipped with better safety features than a brand new car having the same price tag. Therefore, when you buy a used luxury car, you are more likely to find newer features to flaunt and enjoy.

6. Adrenaline Rush

People who are passionate about driving luxury cars can accomplish their passion by owning a pre-owned car and that also at a much lesser price.

7. Premium Experience & Better Performance

No matter how refined today’s engines might be, the used luxury car will provide a deluxe performance and make your driving experience a premium one – that mainstream automakers aren’t able to usually match. 

Comprising high-line features, buying a second-hand luxury car gives you a feeling unparalleled and an experience that is crafted to perfection.

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