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Used luxury cars may be affordable compared to new luxury cars, yet the expenditure is not less. 

That is why it is important to cross-check every single thing if you want to get a good deal. 

Even though there are a few proven ways you can use to get a good deal, many times things are concealed voluntarily and that is the reason we want you to know all before you seal the deal. 

To get the value for your money, you need to be sure about every part of the car. And one major part you can never ignore in this process is the car’s engine. 

The quality of the car can be faked even when you’ve checked everything from the vehicle history report to its insurance history. 

So we suggest you do a little digging of your own while purchasing used luxury cars from a private dealer as private deals are iffy. 

But since you need to be digging in the right way to find what you’re looking for, we’re here to guide you through it. 

Thus, here are a number of ways you can spot a bad engine on the first look without the help of a professional. 

Difficulty in running at a stable pace-

If you’ve taken this car on a test drive and had experienced difficulty in keeping it at a stable pace, it could be because of less power production by the car’s engine. 

Now, this could be because of many reasons, but it is recommended you don’t ignore it. 

A few causes of loss of power are obstructed air filters and failed fuel pumps. Although these are not major red flags, this could become an unavoidable problem in future. 

Excessive noises-

There are different kinds of noises, and experts say that all portray distinct problems. 

Even though it’s normal for cars to start making noises when their servicing schedule is near or even because of low oil levels, consistent unbearable noises can be a big red flag. 

One reason could be worn-out bearings, if the car’s bearings are in a poor condition they can cause the engine to seize up completely. 

Another major red flag you shouldn’t ignore is “a bang sound”. Such backfires quickly damage a car and this could even mean that there is a problem with the car’s catalytic converter. 

These issues could mean that the owner hasn’t really taken good care of the car, and maintenance has not been done properly. 

Thus, buying a car with any of such problems is not really recommended. 

Excessive fuel consumption-

Although it’s not a child’s play to change the odometer’s readings, it is possible, and that is why it is important to calculate the car’s mileage yourself.

 You don’t have to take it to a mechanic to do that, just divide the number of kilometres driven by the litres of fuel utilized and you should have your answer. 

If you think the mileage of the car is low it could mean that there is a problem with proper fuel combustion 

Excessive fuel consumption could be because of aggressive driving habits too. This is a clear red flag and indicates that the car hasn’t been kept properly. 

Although, this could also be because of other factors like low tire pressure.

The car stops randomly while driving- 

There can be many reasons for this problem. And not all would necessarily mean that the car’s engine is faulty. 

There could be issues with the car’s electrical system or just an overheated engine due to less coolant. 

But another potential reason for this that shouldn’t be ignored, is a faulty fuel pump system. This can raise real issues in the long run. 

Look out for fake parts- 

We’ve been telling you this for a long time now- private deals are iffy!

One major reason that private dealings have very little credibility is that there is a huge probability that the car owner had compromised on the maintenance somewhere.

 And one major factor that contributes to this compromise is replacing worn out parts with fake parts. 

Now you might not spot any replaced parts at first sight, but if you dig a little deep and try to keep an eye for these changes- you might as well catch a few.

Look out for extensive modifications- 

Extensive modifications are never appreciated, and the reason is that modifications include replacing or adding parts in the vehicle. 

With no credibility of these additions whatsoever, it becomes a liability of the person who buys it second hand. 

As the car tends to age, these additions wear out or even damage other parts, leaving behind huge repair costs and decreased engine performance. 

Servicing done from unauthorized service centres- 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the engine is bad but the chances are pretty good. 

Local mechanics keep less knowledge of premium and luxury cars, if the previous owner entrusted them with their vehicle, you don’t want to buy it and increase your headache. 

Moreover, there is zero accountability of these unauthorised service centres, there are good chances that the mechanic had replaced a few parts with local parts to deal with something temporarily. 

But the thing is these temporary repairs kill the car’s life. 

Oil leaks- 

Engine oil leaks can never be good and you should be able to spot a leak easily if you look below the car. 

Whenever a car’s engine starts leaking, it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with the engine’s gasket. A broken gasket is probably the reason this car is leaking too much. 

Burnt oil smell!

A burnt oil smell indicates an excessive oil leak. The oil is probably dripping on the heated parts of the car because of which you are smelling burnt oil. 

Whatever the reason may be, these leaks are not good and can further deteriorate the engine’s condition.

Excessive smoke-

One thing you should be concerned about is excessive smoke from the engine as this could be because of a poor engine block. 

An engine block is an important part of the car and it is a structure that holds many important parts like the cylinder together. 

Thus any mishappening with the engine block can lead to serious damage. Also, repairing this part could cost a lot of money. 

With this, it’s a wrap! We know it’s difficult to find that one perfect car when there are so many options lined up. But buying used luxury cars is only worth it when you buy them after proper inspections. 

As you could end up paying high repairing costs for the cheap deals you make and it won’t look like an affordable deal for a long time. 

It’s only a matter of time till you start cursing the dealer and the garage is where your car spends most of the time. 

If you take care of these pointers, chances are you will get your hands on a good model. But you will have to inspect several pre-owned luxury cars to find that one reliable fit you’ve been looking for. 

But if you wish to cut short this time and get your dream car with the least effort- go for a certified car dealership!

Buying from a car dealership comes with innumerable benefits, plus, you wouldn’t have to work your fingers to the bone to find a good quality car. 

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