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Maintaining second-hand luxury cars isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. 

Luxury cars ask for good maintenance and servicing costs and it is the dream of luxury car owners to save a few bucks on their annual maintenance budget. 

But saving and going cheap are two different things. To save, you take good care of your car and make the right decisions to avoid future occurrences where you might have to pay hidden costs. 

Whereas when you go cheap, you sit still, cross-legged! 

So, it’s all about how you choose to go about it. The latter will look tempting but will deteriorate your car’s condition tremendously which will further bring up huge hidden costs. 

When you spend on your car at the initial stages, it will save you tons of money throughout its life. 

That’s why we’ve curated a list of measures you can take to save maintenance costs on second-hand luxury cars.


How often do you take your luxury car to a fancy car wash? Twice? Thrice a month? 

Maybe even more. It’s a luxury car right, you want its charm to woo people when you take it on the road. 

For second-hand luxury cars, the average estimated cost per wash is 2500-3000 INR. 

Meaning thereby that your car’s monthly washes are costing you around 8-15 K which is 1,80,000 INR annually. This is a huge chunk of money that you can save annually. 

While there are separate packages for luxury cars at car washes, the procedure includes more or less the same- shampooing, cleaning, drying, vacuuming, etc. 

What you should do is get someone to clean the car at home and take it to a professional car wash once a month. 

There are so many tools available online that give you the finish of a professional car wash and yet 

cost you way less than that. 


While minor fixes aren’t alarming, it’s not recommended you keep ignoring them unless they become a whole different problem. 

You can probably ignore a hole in your leather seat. But what you shouldn’t ignore is an issue with the headlight or maybe the AC condenser. 

Say you ignored a recurring issue with your condenser. Now, if you own an Audi or a BMW, it’ll cost you around 1.5 lac to get that condenser replaced. 

Which might have worked if you just took some time out before it stopped working entirely. 

Ignoring minor issues can put a big dent in your wallet. So get things fixed in time!


The internals of the car can get worn out quite easily. 

To ensure they don’t, use every possible additional you can to avoid expenditure on upgrading the interior like the leather seats. 

You can get car seats and cushion covers, car mats, sun shades, etc. like this the original setting of the car stays put. 

And all you have got to do is replace or remove the accessories and woylaa!! A brand new car is all set to be driven. 

Doing this is not only cost-effective but also a great way to preserve the car if you wish to resell it in the future.


Now an extended warranty can seem like a tough choice to make. 

Some say it’s useless and some say it’s not. And it depends on your requirements. 

For how long do you wish to keep the car in good shape? 

If you see yourself driving the car in the coming years, then we suggest you get an extended warranty for your car. 

The answer to your “Why” is simple. You’ll save money. 

Extended warranties are offered by car manufacturers or third parties and these warranties cover different maintenance expenses subject to your package. 

Many extended warranties cover the vehicle’s powertrain system. This includes AC repairs, Electrical repairs, Engine rebuild/replacement, transmission rebuild, and more. 

Extended warranty also covers different parts of your vehicle and comes with additional perks like roadside assistance, gas delivery, and tow services. 

Without an extended warranty, getting your powertrain fixed can cost you in lacs. 


Extended warranties do not cover external damages like dents, accidental damages, or regular wear-and-tear losses. 

To be fair, used luxury cars are all about maintenance and looks. And who likes a dented luxury car anyways? 

Getting a comprehensive insurance plan from a recognized bank or third party is going to help you cover damages and costs which extended warranties do not cover. 


Getting your luxury ride serviced through local mechanics or garages isn’t good.

Local mechanics don’t take exclusive accountability for the changes they make. Neither do they value quality. 

Luxury second-hand cars ask for quality service and maintenance. Give your vehicle in the hands of professional mechanics and service centers to ensure that the changes are going to benefit you in the long term. 

Also, local mechanics keep less or no knowledge of luxury vehicles. Thus, if anything goes wrong, you might end up paying even more. 


While purchasing luxury second-hand cars, you are most likely to be provided with an owner manual or verbal briefs about the car’s maintenance. Put that to use!

Don’t just let that manual sit at your table- it has everything that you need to know about the car and its functionality. 

Having extensive knowledge about the car and its parts can help you in the up-keep of the car. 

Hence it is recommended that you keep exploring your car’s requirements to fulfill them seamlessly. 

That’s all you need to know to reduce your annual maintenance budget. In all, refraining from spending money on servicing isn’t a viable option. But spending money rationally and smartly will definitely do you good! 

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