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Driving used luxury cars is fun, but have you been on the streets lately? Of Course, you have been. How was it? The pollution is taking a toll on people, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Sure, there are a few responsible citizens- but even the most innocent have done some significant damage. As per Central Pollution Control Board, the capital’s air quality is ‘poor”, implying the residents can face severe respiratory sickness. 

But the thing is, the fact that we all are responsible for it one way or the other does not justify the same. But it’s never too late to do the right thing; even if you begin on the day it’s all going down- it will not go to waste, which is our motivation for putting this piece of information out today. Following these tips will be beneficial for the environment and your health too. So, read on if you want to live a happy and healthy life and also if you wish to breathe fresh air!

Here is a list of things you can do to do good on your part and prevent excessive harmful emissions from the used luxury cars you own. 

Avoid driving when it’s not needed- 

Unless you work from the car, we assume there are times when your vehicle is standing ideal. Either in your garage or your company’s parking lot. So let it stay where it is- don’t take your car out just because you have to get groceries or maybe reach somewhere for lunch. So if it’s not incredibly urgent, you can commute by public transport or walk if it’s possible. The point is, if you are one of those who can’t see themselves commuting through any other means, then you have to change that. 

 Because this habit of yours is impacting you severely in two ways- one, you don’t have a healthy habit of going on short walks, and two, by taking your car everywhere you are contributing to the increasing pollution rates in our country. Moreover, by adapting to walking, you can save a few kilometers, thereby better resale value. 

Do regular maintenance- 

Regular checks are essential; they not only keep your car in good shape but also prevent unnecessary car emissions. For instance, people usually make the mistake of loading their cars with the wrong fuel. And in such scenarios, it’s better if you don’t start the engine. But if you do, then your vehicle usually starts emitting smoke in excess. So please stay a little aware of these things; even the most minor things can help you do better. 

Used luxury cars are highly vulnerable to these mistakes since they have premium parts. So by doing this, you save the environment and save yourself a lot of money. 

Turn the engine off when not in use- 

This one is probably the most straightforward trick in the book- just turn off the engine and try to avoid idling. Honestly, in this economy where the fuel prices keep going high, you should avoid making this mistake. But if you are not aware of this, let us break this to you that keeping the engine on while waiting on the road burns fuel, and switching it off can help you save money and the environment. 

Switch to electric alternatives- 

If you can’t walk or take public transport to nearby places you want to visit- you can switch to an electric two-wheeler. Many people these days like riding these because they have evolved so much from their traditional versions. They have charging ports, GPS assist systems, and everything you need to travel these days. 

So keep an alternative for the days when you don’t have to travel far from home or office. You might enjoy it. 

Get a PUC certificate- 

You probably know this one too, but since it’s an awareness blog, we thought it would be fair to add this point. Get your vehicle a PUC certificate. You can get it assessed on an authorized petrol pump or service center of used luxury cars that run these checks. You have to pay a very nominal fee for the same.¬†

As per Government regulations, you have to run these checks twice a year, i.e., every six months. It is recommended you get yourself a certificate because you can get penalized if you don’t. 

Taking these steps on your part will help you contribute to a healthy environment and your healthy lifestyle. It is not that time-consuming if you think about it; you just have to be a little more responsible and ensure you don’t get negligent when it comes to your car. 

Also, make sure you are responsible regarding other things as well. Reduce the use of plastic and become responsible citizens because we all breathe the same air afterall. 

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