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Good things are difficult to believe- it’s true! But not every good deal has to have a bad side. Since the demand for used luxury cars is increasing- the enormous consumer base is asking questions. And it is our responsibility to answer all. So here we are answering a few most frequently asked questions about pre-owned luxury cars dealerships-

Why do people buy from used luxury car dealerships instead of CPO programs? 

Both provide quality vehicles but, a CPO costs much more than a dealership. There are many reasons for the same. The major one is that CPO vehicles carry the brand’s name. And the brand name always costs more. Another thing is dealerships are places where good quality is available at very affordable prices, unlike CPOs and private sellers where you have to compromise either on the quality or the prices. 

Are car dealerships secure and credible? 

Not all car dealerships are credible, and dealing with the wrong one can cost you. The thing with dealerships is that they usually run inspection checks to satisfy their customers. But the question here is- what all parts are they inspecting? If the checklist comprises crucial parts of the vehicle, the dealership is likely credible. Another thing is-are you getting all you need from the dealership? For example, a dealership offering after-sale services and buyback value is a better place to buy from. 

Why do car dealerships sell used luxury cars at higher prices than any private seller? 

If you have explored the market, you’ll know private sellers are selling the same variants at much lower rates than dealerships or CPOs. These sellers are selling their luxury cars very cheap, and people get sceptical as to whether they should purchase from them and save- or go to dealerships? The thing is, at such low rates, you must not expect good quality. Since these cars are not inspected thoroughly- there’s a huge possibility of something being iffy with them. We know these cars are not well-maintained by their owners- which is the primary reason why they are sold at such cheap prices. 

What are the benefits of buying from a dealership? 

There are innumerable benefits of buying from a dealership. Let us mention a few for you here- 

  • You get quality assured vehicles. Dealership cars have passed rigorous inspection checks to reach their lots, which is the main reason why people prefer dealerships. 
  • You get seamless assistance throughout. From documentation to financing and getting you other additional perks- dealerships help you in everything. 
  • Apart from documentation, transportation is also a responsibility of the dealership itself. So you don’t have to worry about anything, and you sit back till you get the keys in your hands and your love is ready to be driven!

Do dealerships provide higher interest rates on financing luxury cars than the market? 

Your interest rate depends absolutely on your credit score. If you have a good credit score, chances are you will get a low-interest rate on your loan. Whereas, if you have a bad score, you will be quoted high from banks and agencies. Another thing that impacts your interest rate is the loan term. If you opt for the loan for five years, your interest will be lower than what it would have been if you had availed of a loan for 7 or 8 years. So all you have to do is make sure you have good credit. And also, reduce your loan term for a better rate. 

What are the parameters on which the dealerships inspect their cars? 

Dealerships inspect the cars in and out. All the primary parts like the engine, the transmission and the exteriors of the car are inspected. Plus, everything is cross-checked with the documents that the seller provides. Different dealerships have different criteria, and mostly all are checked thoroughly to make sure the customer gets the best quality. 

Why can’t we test drive the cars without paying the token price? 

Note that these are luxury cars even though they are second hand-they offer great value and are priced high compared to any regular car. Apart from driving the car, you can cross-check information through vehicle history reports. This ensures that both the dealer and the buyer get what they want and stay secured. 

These are a few most frequently asked questions about used luxury cars that we have answered here. The concerns customers have regarding buying pre-owned luxury cars are understandable. But the fact is not everything that has been put under shade by society’s stereotypes is iffy. Buying used luxury cars is a great and reasonable decision, and instead of new variants, people must shift towards used variants if they find them feasible. 

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