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Everything has its own stereotype. A stereotype for a joker is a red nose, for a dancer are heeled boots and for a rich person, it’s luxury. 

These are stereotypical images stuck in the minds of the population at large, but do they have to be true all the time? 

A joker can make you laugh without a nose, a dancer can nail a performance wearing flats and a rich person can choose to live a minimalist lifestyle. So the answer is no, but the image does not change- does it? 

The same goes with used luxury cars- a lot of people have a lot of opinions and while we can not defy them absolutely, a few things are very subjective. 

We are here today to talk about them because we don’t want you to miss on such great deals believing what might just not be the case for all. 

So let’s dive in and break the stereotypical ideologies concerned with used luxury cars

The status symbol- 

It is widely believed by people that buying used variants of anything is demeaning. 

And same goes for cars as well. But the thing is people still don’t frown upon buying used standard cars. Because it is seen as something a person would do to fulfil his/her daily needs on a budget. 

This is not the case with used luxury cars. Clearly, no one buys used luxury cars just to meet their requirements-its the zeal to own and ride the luxury that encourages them. 

Moreover, it is believed that people who buy pre-owned variants are just trying to “have it all” even when they don’t have a pocket for it. 

This idea clearly isn’t something that should be encouraged. 

These pre-owned variants provide great value for money because of their irresistible quality. And buying from a credible place will never look demeaning, contrary to how things might look when you buy from a private dealer. 

Since private deals are iffy and nothing about the car can be assured, it could impact your status because of the bad car’s condition. And might look a little wanna be! 

But mark our words, used variants bought from CPOs or credible dealerships are as good as brand new deals. 

So it’s not about whether you buy a used luxury car, it’s about where you get it from! 

Luxury cars are for the “popular”-

Many people who have the pocket to buy used variants of these luxury cars refrain from doing so, because- (a) they think they can’t afford luxury cars since they aren’t really aware of the concept itself, (b) they have this weird belief that only the “known” can own them. 

In both scenarios, the person is missing out on a lot. 

The truth is just because a famous personality drives a Mercedes doesn’t mean it’s certainly out of your budget. 

These days many luxury car manufacturers sell the used variants of their cars too and they are priced way less than the market prices of new ones. 

Moreover, dealerships also offer some awesome deals and you can easily find one that suits your requirements and your budget. So no, it’s not the 70’s. And yes, you can have good things too!

Someone who has a pocket for a brand new luxury would never go for a used variant-

This is one of the biggest stereotypes about used luxury cars.

Just because someone has the money to buy a new variant doesn’t mean they will go for a new variant. 

Some people choose to go reasonable and make better financial decisions than others. 

Because when you have a good bank balance it is about what you choose. And both the options here are equally worth it. 

Moreover, there are enough examples of celebrities and wealthy businessmen who own used variants of luxury cars. 

Specifically, B Praak and Jaani are two Indian popular personalities who own used luxury cars from our lot. 

The image of “used”- 

Whatever you say or do, the term “used” creates the image of junk in your head. 

You picture nothing but a car with dents and scratches, rusted to wheels. 

But hold on, because the term does not define it. 

What if we call it “pre-owned”? Is it enough fancy for you to create a different image in your head? 

So the point is, don’t assume things before experiencing how it actually works. 

This image that you created might be right for a car purchased privately, but isn’t really the deal with every car.

Cars that are standing in dealership lots will take your breath away in one look. So don’t go with the stereotypically set image and try to have a different perspective. 

Also, researching will do wonders! 

What do you think now? 

Do you still believe in luxury cars being made for the creamy layer or do you see yourself owning one soon enough? 

If you do, then don’t forget to browse King’s Auto’s lot. They have a wide collection of pre-owned luxury cars that’ll lure you into owning them. 

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