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The markets of second-hand luxury cars and luxury cars aren’t distinct. Instead the former is a part of the latter. Hence, it’s easier to get muddled with the facts and lose focus. 

Spending money on luxury cars is a hefty deal, because it takes good research to recognize the right way to go about it. Since you are spending a whole lot of money, it’s only better if you consider everything from the pros and cons of this expenditure. Moreover, except for the pros and cons, there are a few facts that require to be highlighted to reduce ambiguity. 

Thus, here we are enlightening you about a few misinterpreted facts about the market of second-hand luxury cars-


Everything has a shelf life! No matter how expensive it was, nothing can last forever and provide an equal level of satisfaction as it did the very first day. Thus, just the fact that you are opting for a luxury car does not guarantee you everlasting pleasure. Sure, the life of a luxury car is more than that of a standard car but maintenance is the key to slow down the aging process. Many things apart from good servicing impact the car’s life and performance like driving frequencies, driving conditions, and modifications. 

Another thing is, you won’t get the best second-hand luxury cars if you choose to go to private dealers. One in thousands? Sure! But only if you’re lucky enough. 

Only the richest can afford to buy luxury cars

You do need a good bank balance to buy luxury cars but what you don’t need is to buy at market price. This means that you can get your dream car at much cheaper than the market price if you are open to explore and dig a little deeper. If you’re unaware of the concept of used luxury cars you’ll be surprised to know that you can buy the same model you are eyeing at half the market price. Hence you don’t need money oozing out of your pockets, you just need to make a rational decision.

The prices are high because of the brand name and nothing else is exclusive

It’s the brand that sells not the quality, you don’t get anything unique but everything fancy! Certainly brand plays an important role in defining the worth of the products, yet it isn’t everything that is considered while pricing the car. The reason that luxury cars are so expensive is that it takes the best technology in manufacturing them that increases the production costs. Thus, the selling price increases tremendously, though this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. The purpose of luxury cars is to provide you lavish experiences which they fulfill quite well. Also, the concern of price becomes secondary when you try to explore the market of used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR. 

Luxury cars are an investment 

No, they aren’t and they can never be. In fact, no car is ever an investment. Investment is anything that secures your future or provides you with ROI. Thus, buying a luxury car is not an investment as it does not give you any return on your investment. Another thing is maintenance is necessary and your car might ask for money in the future for a seamless experience. Hence, Unless you are buying your luxury car for some commercial purposes, you can’t expect it to bring anything back to you. Even luxury second-hand cars require maintenance, so you can’t consider either of them as an investment. 

Getting your hands on a new model is better than buying used luxury cars 

This is subjective to your preference and is not true in all scenarios. If your preference does not have any price restraints buying a new model sounds about right. But if you’re looking for reasonable and sustainable options, go for luxury second-hand cars. The reason is that buying a new model can cost you a lot more than buying a pre-owned one. Thus, it is only feasible to go for second-hand options and get the same quality at cheaper prices. 

Buying used luxury cars affects your status symbol 

It is a big misconception that those who buy pre-owned cars lack the resources to buy new ones. The fact is many people who like to be experimental with their rides choose to buy pre-owned cars so that they can keep exploring new models without getting barred to a single car. To add to this, many car dealerships offer almost new variants of used luxury cars in Delhi, therefore, it’s nothing but reasonable to explore all of your options. 

Maintenance is a myth- get it serviced at a local garage!

If you are going to go cheap on servicing and maintenance then don’t choose a luxury car in the first place. Getting maintenance done in a local garage will only cut short the life of the car and impact the car’s performance immensely. Hence,  before spending your money, keep an average annual budget for the car’s maintenance so that it doesn’t come to you as a hidden cost later on. 

Luxury cars are human-made

One major reason why luxury cars cost so much money is that many manufacturers take help from bots to meet the demand of the market. This is because robots are much faster. Many manufacturers today take the help of robots to reduce production time, attain accuracy of work and reduce the possibility of mistakes. The robots used in the automobile industry on a major scale are called pick and place robots. 

That’s it. If you’ve stuck with us till now, you now know that buying used luxury cars in Delhi is quite complex.¬†

Everything from choosing to assessing is going to take a toll on you. And not to scare you off, but private dealers are too shady to entrust. Your best shot is to go to a reliable car dealership and if you’re looking for one, don’t forget to check out Kings Auto’s collection of pre-owned cars. We offer a wide range of used luxury cars for sale in Delhi NCR. 

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