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Isn’t BMW the luxury car we all once thought we’d buy? A car that gave us chills when

We hardly knew the names of 4 luxury car manufacturers. Especially in India, BMWs have a different consumer base. People fancy these used luxury cars because of their impeccable designs and unmatched technology. 

This is why we have decided to list down all the reasons one should own a BMW. 

  • Reflection of your personality- 

BMW has been in the market for over 100 years. They know consumers are attracted to customizations; anything that personifies them draws them towards it. Because who doesn’t like individual thoughtful touches? Things that are tailor-made for you; details designed to connect with your true self. We believe it all comes down to “belongingness.”  

This is why BMW has started customizing cars as per their customer’s requirements. They run a specific program named BMW Individual, aimed at selling exclusive models to their customers; that mirrors their individuality and provides them with a sense of distinctness. 

So when you buy a new variant, you flaunt a car that’s been tailor-made to suit your taste. And for those who can’t afford to buy new variants, buying customized pre-owned luxury cars is a viable option for you. Hard to find but, if you keep your alert mode on- you can bag a deal for sure. 

  • Unrivalled engineering- 

Experience builds trust and reliability, and BMW has been in this industry for long enough to gain faith and authority in the market. The luxury car manufacturers have been building engines for a century- the company that started as a manufacturer of aircraft engines today has taken over a significant market share of the automobile industry globally. 

Some of its innovations have set a benchmark in the industry. Interestingly, you can find BMW engines in other used luxury cars as well. Since BMW engines are highly reliable, supercars like Rolls Royce Phantom are powered by BMW tailored engines. Moreover, the BMW’s engine framework is the one that has been followed by a few as a reliable base for building everlasting economical engines. 

  • Upgraded and strengthened safety- 

Who doesn’t know about the safety features that BMW offers to its customers? Used luxury cars are indeed known for their safety and convenience. 

Their technology is advanced, and with every new model, the company aims at strengthening its safety. 

You can find all upgraded safety features in BMW cars like driver and passenger airbags with head and side airbags, cornering brake control, dynamic stability control, crash sensors, cruise control, and more. 

To be precise, BMW is known for its “BMW assist” feature that tracks down your vehicle and assists in getting you the help you need at that moment- whether it is activating your SOS or alerting emergency services. 

This is why BMW cars are reliable, and people trust driving BMWs because the company is known for providing innovative safety features. This is why this brand is people’s first preference when they step into a used luxury cars dealership. 

  • Limitless luxury- 

Buying a luxury car means that you want to feel elite while driving it- and there’s nothing better than a BMW because it sets luxury apart from its competitors. This is because they customize cars for their customers, be it color, interior, or adding unique touches in your car’s inlays. They do it all, and it feels magnificent. 

  • Economical cars-

Used Luxury cars are less economical compared to standard models.  

But compared to other luxury cars in the market, BMWs have better fuel efficiency, and a healthy driving style also enhances overall performance. 

Some of the most fuel-efficient models of BMW are BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series models. They provide you with a mileage of 36 highway miles per gallon. Mercedes GLA/GLb SUVs give a maximum return of 34 highway MPG. 

So yes, BMW cars are more economical and a great buy in the luxury car segment. 

  • Performance and driving experience- 

The best-performing models of BMW so far are BMW X1, X2, and i3. And as far as the driving experience is concerned, BMW has always been an advocate of promoting comfortable and safe driving. Moreover, their cars are ergonomically designed-that provide the passengers an incomparable driving experience due to functionality. 

Another thing worth mentioning here is that BMW provides variation in their cars-they create cars that suit different tastes, styles, and requirements. An example of this is BMW’s wheel drives- you get RWD, FWD, and AWD models depending on your preference. If you are looking for all-wheel-drive variants, you should go for X3, X5, and X6 SUV versions. 

These are all the reasons why your preference must be to own a BMW; what is better than a car that is economical, performance-inspired, leisurely, progressive, and easy-to-drive. 

So getting your hands on a BMW might be just what you wanted but, since it’s a bit on the pricey side, we recommend you go for a pre-owned version. You can get a pre-owned variant at really cheap prices compared to a new one. But the good thing is that the quality isn’t compromised. 

Kings Auto is a credible used luxury cars dealership where you can find your dream BMW at competitive market prices. They currently have BMW 520 D, BMW 7 Series 730Ld DPE Signature, X6 M Sport, and 6 Series 630 iGT Sports Line variant in their lot. And one of these used luxury cars can be yours in a call, so book yours today before it gets too late. 

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